Vikings, Nítján! – Shieldmaiden Hearthguard with Swords #Fembruary 2021 (Bad Squiddo Games)

Bad Squiddo Games Shieldmaiden Hearthguard with Swords

And now, finally, I’m posting up my models for Alex’ #Fembruary 2021 challenge over on Leadbaloony. I had (and have) a lot of female models that I’d like to get painted for this month’s challlenge across a variety of genres and manufacturers. As it’s turned out, February hasn’t been the best month for painting, but I have at least manages to finish a small selection of models (eight) so far, with a few more to (hopefully) come by the time February concludes. As it happens, these models also fall within the timeframe of Dave Stone’s Paint What You Got Challenge. So I’m getting a two-fer on them.

Bad Squiddo Games Shieldmaiden Hearthguard with Swords

These ladies are from Bad Squiddo Games‘ range of female miniatures. Specifically, these four are the Shieldmaiden Hearthguard with Swords, which I picked up from the Kickstarter campaign run some time ago. I got a few figures from the campaign both because they looked pretty cool and to add some (likely, historically accurate) diversity to my slow-burn Viking raiding party project. Painting was prety straightforward, with only the shields offering any challenge or particular interest. I do like the wood-grain texture on the Bad Squiddo shields as it adds a bit of additional interest to them. I’ve also thrown in a little Easter-egg nod to friends of the blog Mikko and Mark Morin. 😉

27 thoughts on “Vikings, Nítján! – Shieldmaiden Hearthguard with Swords #Fembruary 2021 (Bad Squiddo Games)

    • Thanks Pete, though these particular scupts are nothing special in hand. I’ve got some others I’m trying to finish before February ends that are a bit more interesting. Just a bit, though!
      (and not tomorrow’s post!)

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  1. Very nice mate. I really like the idea of Bad Squiddo games, but I have to say the actual quality of the models hasn’t been enough to make me buy any yet (though I am seriously tempted by the Bofors gun – not that I have any use for it, but when has that ever stopped a wargamer!). They do look nice with a high quality paint-job such as yourself is capable of giving them though.

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    • Yeah, the truth is that these Shieldmaidens are not great figures. In my opinion they’re very simple lower-mid-tier historicals, but they do manage to paint up well in some cases – I was largely sold by their “studio” paintjobs in the KS, and between that and them being a difficult niche with limited options and wanting to support a smaller company I went in. In my case there’s really nothing too special on the paint of the models themselves – the shields are where it’s at, which is handy as they attract the eye and make the models look better than they actually are!

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  2. Lovely work mate, I know you don’t rate the sculpts that highly but I think they are perfectly charming little ladies, beautifully painted, the shields are simply stunning! for me they are some of the nicest figures I’ve seen for a while.

    Cheers Roger.

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    • Thanks Roger. They’re mid-tier fine. Just that on direct comparisons to the Foundry Vikings I have they don’t fare all that well. A shame I didn’t get up to my Foundry Valkyries, but I wanted to get these R&F Vikings done first. At least the others are mostly prepped at this point, though…


  3. I don’t know what it is but whenever you paint up Vikings, you get me wanting to do the same, mate and I don’t even like the Vikings all that much! They’re interesting but they’re nowhere near the top of my historical periods I would like to game in. These look great, especially those shields which are one of the most visually appealing things about the Vikings. Its always good to see what’s on your hobby desk and hopefully next month allows you to paint and post more too 🙂

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    • Haha thank mate – you could always strike out on your own and do a warband of techno-viking raiders for Fallout! Kitbash them from a mix of viking figures any any other modern-post-apoc-type plastics. It’s just weird enough to fit in with all of the rest of the madness across the Wastelands. Like a Minnesotan version of Caesar’s Legion. 😀

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  4. Nice looking minis, I wouldn’t mind a few of those myself. The shield work is sweet and I also really like how the red skirt with yellow tassels came out.


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