Reaper Bones 77631: Vorvorlaka

Reaper Bones 77631: Vorvorlaka

The other pair of Bones models that I painted alongside the two Death Shrouds from yesterday were this pair of gargoyles. Well, I thought they were Gargoyles, anyway until writing the text for this post! Turns out, this model is something called Vorvorlaka, and is, in fact, a Vampire. I guess I can see that, in that mostrous and bestial form of vampire we sometimes see. Still, these models hardly scream “hero”-type model to me, so they’ll just be used as a pair of gargoyles in whatever RPG or boardgame or minatures game that calls for a couple of them. I also achieved the slight variation in pose by… I didn’t do anything – they’re bendy PVC models!

Reaper Bones 77631: Vorvorlaka

As with the Death Shrouds, these were sprayed with Shellac primer to let paint actually adhere to them, and in this case I went over that shellac with Reaper’s own Brown Liner, and mostly painted them using Reaper’s HD paint line, which seems to play well enough with Bones material. I added a bit of flesh and purple to the wings in thin glazes as well as some very thinned green to the torsos – to add that touch of visual interest over everything just being in shades of grey. Most importantly, once again – done, done and onto the next one.

Next models will be much more interesting.



Reaper Bones 77028: Mortar, Gargoyle (kinda)

Reaper Bones 77028: Mortar, Gargoyle

I’m always torn when painting and posting up these Reaper models. Should I include them in the D&D series or not? I mean, they’re clearly designed specifically to be used in D&D (and other derivitive fantasy RPG games), but they’re not licenced, and speaking for myself at least – a lot of them end up drafted into my Warhammer-ish and Kings of War armies, rather than having any plans to be used in D&D roleplaying or even D&D Adventure System board games – especially generic stuff like undead. It’s a little easier when they’re clearly “not-” models for D&D’s more unique creatures.

This particular gargamel model is even more of a quandry – this particular Bob Ridolfi sculpt is these days available in Bones plastic as 77028: Mortar, Gargoyle or (totally) Metal as, erm. “03223: Gargoyle“. The model we have here, though was actually one from Reaper’s (apparently discontinued) Legendary Encounter series of prepainted Bones models.

Reaper Bones 77028: Mortar, Gargoyle

I’ve had this thing sitting around for years, and it was only a couple of weeks ago when rooting around in a tub of models looking for something else that I fished it out as an “easy win” and then proceeded to base it on a 30mm base, then repaint it. The funny(!) thing is that as a prepainted model from the LE line, it suffered from precicely zero of the fucking endless stickiness and tackiness problems of its Bones brethren that make them such a nightmare to work with.

So, in the end it was a pretty quick and easy model to get painted. I again used a little thinned green and purple inks to play with the plain grey and give it some interest. I should probably work out if it’ll go in with my Dark Elves or my Undead, and then add the approriate flowers for that force. I’ll do that later.