Year’s End WIPs Part 3: LPS Lil’ BUB Completed

It’s been awhile since I last posted. The mad frenzy that is the end of the year at work was the thing that it is, though even more intense with me finishing up 2 weeks early, so my life for the past couple of weeks has been a cycle of go-to-work, come home, crash out and sleep for 3 hours, get up at 11 or 12, work for 2-4 hours, sleep until 6:30am, get up, go-to-work… repeat. Pretty much no time for gaming, videogaming, TV, hobby or anything else and mostly just extra sleep on the weekends.

Now it’s over, and I’m on leave. The downside is that I still have several things to do for work, for others, and for the December project. I’ve basically just slept in chunks since Friday and cleaned up around the house a little bit. I did smaller 3 pieces of work for work tonight, leaving me with 3 larger pieces of work to do for work. Probably tomorrow and Tuesday.

I managed to finish one of the three gifts in time. The Calavera/Sugar Skull can be done by the middle of next week and still “work”, and similarly – I can get Jinx done in the next 2 weeks and still be able to give it, due to a small change in circumstances.

Anyway, I did manage to get one of the pieces completed, and the young lady who was the recipient was very happy with it. 🙂

Littlest Pet Shop Custom Lil BUB

Lil’ Lil’ BUB. aka LPS BUB.

Littlest Pet Shop Custom Lil BUB

Rear view of LPS BUB

Littlest Pet Shop Custom Lil BUB, Leonard the Cat

The Real BUB.

Year’s End WIPs Part 2

A small update. At this point, work is crazytown with extra things that need to be done out of hours, and so aside from the odd bit of painting at work in 20-min lunchtime chunks, I’ve done bugger all on actual models. I’ve used what little time I’ve been able to paint in to work on the gift models, which I now have only 11 days left to get finished…

The 1:6 skull. I’m very happy indeed with how well the bone turned out. It’s going to feel odd indeed “defacing” it with the flowers and patterning of a Sugar Skull/Calavera. Probably because it’s so far out of my usual “comfort” zone. Usually something like the bone here would be a finished point. I need to get onto some of the decoration today.

Lil’ BUB also continues. I should be able to get a decent amount of her tabby banding done today. I want to clean up the torso and legs a bit more first…

No movement on Jinx – I’m still waiting on advice on the right kind of cleaning agent/surfactant to get the awful mould release off so I can get it painted. In a week. :/