Dark Angels: 2 Section, 4th Squad (Tactical), 2nd Octavius Crusade Company.

Recently over a couple of posts I shared the 3rd Squad (Tactical) of what I am calling the 2nd Octavius Crusade Company – which is my Dark Angels army that I am rebuilding for the latest edition of Warhammer 40k. Today I’m sharing 2 Section of the 4th Squad (Tactical). The (Veteran) Sergeant of 1 Section is still a WIP on my desk – once completed, I’ll also post up 1 Section and the whole-squad pic.

The Corporal of this squad was originally a regular Sergeant. Back at the time I first started building these models, one would pay extra for a Veteran Sergeant who had an extra attack and was able to take additional wargear. In the current rules, Marine Squads just come with what would once have been called a Vet Sgt as standard, so I’m re-designating my non-Vet Sgt to a Corporal who will act as a section leader, and have also built a pair of Corporals for 3rd (already seen) and 7th (coming soon) Squads. When built, I gave him an Auspex scanner, which was purely decorative for awhile, then had rules, and now is back to being decorative. Shrug. I did bother to give it some detail, though.

The heavy weapon of 2 Section is a Missile Launcher, once again it comes from the 1993 Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition starter box set.

The other troopers in this section are all 2nd Edition Marines armed with 3rd edition Bolters and 3rd edition …arms. Two of the three were painted in my recent push to get this squad up to 10 men.

Finally, the section image. I’ve spent all day working on the sergeant to complete the other section and therefore the entire squad. One of the most fiddly figures I’ve painted in a long time, but I’ll complain about him more when I’m showing it – hopefully in a week or so since it’ll be dependant on the weather being nice enough for another coat of spray varnish and then having time to cure – and then the basing, and then the photography…