June Painting Round-Up

What’s that you say? Late? Uh…

So anyway, the issue was that when I took the group photos a couple of weeks ago, I started getting them ready, so I could assemble the post – and noticed that a couple of the June-It models had managed to sneak their way into the new photos, even though they were painted in May. Bastards! Natually, this meant that I needed to retake all of the photos, except everything was put away, and of course, time.

I did intend to get them all out this morning and retake those photos, but now we’ve got an additional previously-unscheduled session of Imperial Assault starting within an hour, as time has once again gotten away from us – everything takes longer than planned. Still, there are a lot of posts I want to get through this month. I’ve got a few more Jewel-models with their varnish drying, and a couple of others that need the photos to be done still – so time to get back to this and get it done, and then more new models tomorrow and afterwards (for a few days, at least!)

So it’s Photoshop-deletion for those photos. Originally taken on the 10th which is late enough from the beginning of the new month when I like to take them (ideally by the first weekend of the month). The close-up of the middle group was an unfocused, blurry mess. I really need to sort out a camera that can take decent group shots. Maybe my new phone or tablet can do the trick? We’ll see shortly…

I didn’t have the time to go Full Stalin on them.

The numbers game is as follows: in June I finished 71 models plus 40 hedges, for a total of 111 completed pieces.

January 2018’s completed models. (58 of 59 shown)

February 2018’s completed models. (54 Models!)

March provided me with another 50 models done.

April’s 31 models completed.

…and 38 models for May.

Now, let’s see how good I am at the Mathematicaliticologies.

I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T!

Jan: 59

Feb: 54

Mar: 50

Apr: 31

May: 38

June: 111

So that’s 343 completed models for the year to date, as of the end of June. Sure, a good chunk of 50-odd of those are scatter terrain at varying levels of simplicity – bombs, crates, barrels and of course that mass of hedges, the fact is they’re still things that went from naked plastic to fully painted and ready for the table.

42 thoughts on “June Painting Round-Up

  1. The word Lazy springs to mind. If you stopped eating, sleeping and working you’d get so much more done and with more practice you’d get better too! I’m joking of course. A seriously impressive array mate, quite how you get so much done I’ll never know.

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      • I’m sure once I get all of these unfinished/neglected models started years ago done, the pace will drop dramatically. Then again, having a figurative *and* literal Tabula Rasa to paint anything would be a bloody dream!

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      • Well, I have to say I’m impressed at your model collecting discipline. I’ve become a bit better about not buying models and letting them sit gathering dust for a few years, but I really do think I need to reduce/get rid of my pile of plastic by either working more on my backlog or selling stuff I know I’ll never use. Still, not being as bad about it as I used to be is progress, I guess. 🙂

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      • I have pretty much no *collecting* discipline anymore. I’ve got boxes of Custodes, Knights, Nurgle, Deepkin, Blood Bowl teamd and Necromunda Gangs and Shadespire warbands, and new terrain, and …it really does go on and on.
        I’m just making myself finish painting much more of the started stuff before I reward myself by lettign myself paint cool new stuff like Custodes or Stormcast, or…


  2. Thats phenomenal. Well done, i think my total models thia year come to less than you’ve painted in a single month! Hopefully my progress is a more “Slow and steady wins the race”.

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    • Thanks mate. I managed very few figures a year for very many years between my mid-20’s and the last couple of years. Then I realised a couple of years ago that my years are both limited and counting down all too quickly, so if I want to get these things painted I need to really pull out my finger and get cracking!

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      • Oh really? Nothing too serious and/or now resolved i hope. Ive only just got to know you and hate to think your positive influence on the world would come to an end any time soon. I guess even though i wont be around some day to appreciate my hard work, it would be nice to to know i’d left something nice or interesting for my kids, grandkids, friends or what ever person on ebay ends up with all my nonsense. Not a load of unfinished models that end up in a bin to avoid the chore of dealing with them.

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      • Ah, that was around the time a little after I had started following your site. I used to confuse you and Alec by for awhile, and remembered there was mention of some tragedy, but hadn’t read it. Not sure if it was just the holiday keeping me from reading lots of posts or if something else was up at home. Anyways reading through it now, and glad you re-posted that. I’ll comment on the post, for when you feel up to returning to it.

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    • Thanks, AB. Not nearly as many getting done this month (I’ll be pushing to get 30 at this stage)since it’s a month more about single models and heros and even minor characters. Also with shitty weather it makes mass production of scatter terrain (always a sure-fire way to bulk up those numbers) much, much harder.


  3. Hell man, you are a machine, without mortality. You will produce figures well after the Fall of Man. What’s impressive is that the work is so damn good on top of the sheer volume. Hope you get all of them into games!

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    • Thank you Mark. Funny, it’s been awhile since I had regular games so I’ve gotten pretty full-on into painting over the past few months. Ihad 2 gaming days in a row last weekend, but it honestly felt weird not being able to spend that time painting!

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  4. 1-1-1? I’d be happy to get 1 done. If I got 11 done in a month, I’d probably have a coronary!

    Excellent work on getting all of that lot painted and finished. June was a good month!

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    • I’ve said this before, but you have to remember I’m counting anything that goes from unfinished or even “not good enough, anymore” to something I’m happy with by my standards today. This means that aside from the scatter terrain, there’s a bunch of models that were near-finished (many of the Nazgul), stuff I’d been working on for awhile (the toads) and also relatively simple models to paint (Royal Guards, Conan Guys, barrels, gates).
      If you were in a similar situation – which does include being able to leave a whole lot of stuff out that you slowly work onn, bit by bit, without worrying about toddler attacks, you’d probably have months when you got 2 teams/gangs done plus a bunch of other random stuff. Plus, you know, knocking out some mass production scatter terrain on the warm weekends when sprays dry fast.

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      • Yea everything of mine is start to finish, except when I “Return to the Planet of the Dwarves” for part 2 of that movie. But I’m still slow regardless. This reminds me of a question, with your output you must have a really good idea about overall quality and duration of painting materials. How often have you had to replace a brush?

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      • Workhorse “detail” brushes usually last a couple of months, but I also use cheaper ones for that role. I tend to do almost everything with 000 brushes (and the occasional flat brush), though. I just use the older, rougher ones for laying down larger areas of paint. I’ve got a W&NS7 that I exclusively use for eyes, teeth, tattoos, etc that I’ve been using for a few years now without needing to replace.

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      • Wow yea, you do go through them. I sometimes wonder if I would go through them faster, if my output was more. Mainly I’m just worried when I’m going to have to replace my W&NS7. I have a size 1 that I use for just about everything. If I need something a little larger, I’ll go to the 0 or I grab one of the bigger synthetic brushes if it’s just some wash or something along those lines. I guess with my output, they will still last me at least 5 times as long. Ok, another common debate…brushes stored with tips up, sideways, tips down, in IRO’s kid’s crayola box?

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      • Well, the moment that a workhorse 000 loses it’s fine point and can’t be recovered via The Masters Brush Soap, it gets demoted to secondary uses – eventually becoming a drybrush/PVA applicator brush.
        In theory I keep my brushes point up in a mug. In practice that’s where all but the brushes I’m using NOW (today, yesterday) go, and then every so often I clean them up – including the aforementioned 000 drybrushes. My W&N, workhorse detail brush and the 2-2 others that are just past detail work tend to be laid out/dropped in a group on the left corner of the painting mess. I mean painting desk. Because I’m a leftie. I keep them there for easy reach, easy selection and almost instant change-o when needed.

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      • I’ve stored mine tips up in a smoky colored tumbler glass, for as long as I can remember. I use the same tumbler as my water pot. Someday I should get something bigger for water, but habits die hard. Still haven’t used brush cleaner, other than liquid soap after each session. I should though, as I have a small tub of it.

        Our son is a southpaw too, hates it.

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      • My own brushes are mostly tips up (sounds like “tits up” – which means badly) in a Top Gear coffee mug while my “constant use” brushes are in a line handy for my left hand near the edge of the table. Water is just an old tumbler-type glass.
        Your son should be proud to be a leftie, though. Aside from *me*, there are so many great people in history that share the trait…

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      • Lots of great lefties and gingers as well!

        My W&NS7 mini brush is finally starting to lose point. Funny that you responded to this, because I just thought about it again as I noticed the brush isn’t holding up as well. I’ve had it for a year, but I’ve been painting around 2 hours a night, and sometimes 4 hours on a weekend day. Not religiously, but close. I guess at that rate, it’s finally going to show some wear.

        I really like their miniature line of brushes, and just picked up a size 0 to do more fine detail.

        I also tried the brush cleaner, but it didn’t seem to help the size 1 brush. I can get it to a point, but it starts to fade pretty quick as I’m painting.


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