June Painting Round-Up

What’s that you say? Late? Uh…

So anyway, the issue was that when I took the group photos a couple of weeks ago, I started getting them ready, so I could assemble the post – and noticed that a couple of the June-It models had managed to sneak their way into the new photos, even though they were painted in May. Bastards! Natually, this meant that I needed to retake all of the photos, except everything was put away, and of course, time.

I did intend to get them all out this morning and retake those photos, but now we’ve got an additional previously-unscheduled session of Imperial Assault starting within an hour, as time has once again gotten away from us – everything takes longer than planned. Still, there are a lot of posts I want to get through this month. I’ve got a few more Jewel-models with their varnish drying, and a couple of others that need the photos to be done still – so time to get back to this and get it done, and then more new models tomorrow and afterwards (for a few days, at least!)

So it’s Photoshop-deletion for those photos. Originally taken on the 10th which is late enough from the beginning of the new month when I like to take them (ideally by the first weekend of the month). The close-up of the middle group was an unfocused, blurry mess. I really need to sort out a camera that can take decent group shots. Maybe my new phone or tablet can do the trick? We’ll see shortly…

I didn’t have the time to go Full Stalin on them.

The numbers game is as follows: in June I finished 71 models plus 40 hedges, for a total of 111 completed pieces.

January 2018’s completed models. (58 of 59 shown)

February 2018’s completed models. (54 Models!)

March provided me with another 50 models done.

April’s 31 models completed.

…and 38 models for May.

Now, let’s see how good I am at the Mathematicaliticologies.

I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T!

Jan: 59

Feb: 54

Mar: 50

Apr: 31

May: 38

June: 111

So that’s 343 completed models for the year to date, as of the end of June. Sure, a good chunk of 50-odd of those are scatter terrain at varying levels of simplicity – bombs, crates, barrels and of course that mass of hedges, the fact is they’re still things that went from naked plastic to fully painted and ready for the table.