Dark Angels: 2 Section, 3rd Squad (Tactical), 2nd Octavius Crusade Company.

Here we have the newly-raised second 2 Section of 3rd Squad. Having previously been a seven-man squad, it necessitated the addition of three more models to being the unit up to legal 8th Edition. The first of these is the Corporal. I know that officially Corporals aren’t a thing in 40k, but then, Lieutenants were missing for 20-odd years before magically reappearing a month or so ago! The Corporals in my marine forces are the guys who run the other combat squads – usually the fire support bit. I’m giving the Dark Angels Corporals a metal should pad with a simple, embossed chapter badge, and black pauldrons.

Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Warhammer 40k

This corporal is one of the three new builds for this squad – MkIV legs and helm, MkVIII torso, MkVII arms, a DA Backpack and a Tigrus pattern bolt gun. I wanted to give him a look of being a bit special with the archaic armour and weapon, yet tie him to his Sergeant via the MkVIII torso with its distinctive gorget.

Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Warhammer 40k

The Heavy Bolter trooper is one of my originals from this unit and one of the older models available in this form factor, the metal-plastic hybrids. So his arms and backpack are (heavy) metal on 3rd edition plastic legs and torso. Having washers underneath the bases of models like this is very necessary for their stability. He has the shouty “sergeant” head from the 3rd edition sprue as I felt it looked cinematically appropriate for a nutter advancing while firing a hip-carried heavy machinegun

Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition

These three marines include the other pair of models added to the squad. The central model is one of the originals. The two flanking him here are 2nd edition Tactical marines. Since the rest of the squad is old-school and minimally-blinged, what better models to use in it than 2e Tactical marines. I have given them more modern arms and bolters – because frankly outside of a specific use, the chunky arms and bolters from those days just don’t work for me these days and those older base models look just fine with them.

Dark Angels Tactical Squad, Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition

Here we have 2 Section of 3rd Squad. Prepared to hunker down and give their brethren supporting fire so they can advance, or join them in the forward advance as needed.

Finally, the entire squad with both sections combined. Rebased, reinforced and ready for battle in Warhammer 40k 8th Edition. To find action on the table very soon if all goes to plan…

9 thoughts on “Dark Angels: 2 Section, 3rd Squad (Tactical), 2nd Octavius Crusade Company.

    • I don’t dislike the design per se. Its just that width as you say and then making them fit modern arms without looking terribly awkward! Quite happy with them on the older models when they’re part of the sculpt, though. 🙂

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    • Cheers Alex. Two more squads from the transition days (and finally a nice day for spraying right now!) and then I can look at some more modern Dark Angels. Or the Dark Vengrance ones to start with, at least…

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    • Thanks mate. While I’m not usually one for creating “narrative” backstories for my characters, whom I only sometimes name – I do like to think about the “mechanical” side of narrative details – how things work in terms of organisation and structure so that it makes sense (in the context of space knights wearing brightly coloured armour with heraldic designs on them and using swords in a space-gunfight!

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