Painting December: Day of the Talos

I spent a bit of time today on the Talos. Touched up the black primer from last night, then went over it with Vallejo German Red Brown Primer. Next I found I was base coating it, and a bit later I was drybrushing the metallic layers, painting the slate and finally the dirt. So it’s (almost) finished.

I mean, I could call it finished. Spray varnish it, and then add some flock or tufts for colour on the base and it’d be quite a decent model.

So now I’m at the point of working out what more to do with/to/for it. And that’s where feedback is always welcome – even if I don’t use all of it.

Couldn’t resist a scale shot – he’s a BIG boy.

Now – as Cash mentioned in the comments when I was looking to work out which models I’d do for December, this figure wasn’t a stretch of my skills by any means. The assembly was a bit trying, so I could say I learned a little there on the use of my Dremel, which I was given as a birthday gift from Marouda several years ago but have barely used. But the figure… well, he’s just carefully drybrushed in layers. It’s a big, rough-cast bronze statue. Drybrushing is the perfect technique. Sure it was careful, and there are spot highlights, but drybrushing is drybrushing. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Now, though – I need to work out what to do to properly finish him.

I’m planning on giving him glowing bluish eyes, as I did with the Brass Bull. That much is easy.

The harder question is verdigris. And if so, what type and how much?

I think this is the “official” artwork for the Talos. They’ve applied the verdigris very sparingly – as almost a light spot wash.

There’s the dark (angels?) green wash that GW used to use on everything before they came out with a verdigris paint wash. Not especially realistic, but it looks good.

There’s also realistic, but that often doesn’t look so good. When it’s heavy, you end up with the Statue of Liberty’s distinct look. I’m after bright metal underneath, rather than dull.


Painting December: More Assembly

I’ve only been doing hobby stuff intermittently in the last few days. A little more paint on Bel’akor, and a photo so it makes a bit more sense. Going for a flesh tone on his “inner/lower body” and black on the outer. Still early days here, and I suspect it’ll continue to look a bit rough, or crap until more of it’s done.

I needed to Dremel through the slate. It was not particularly easy or fun.

Still, I eventually got the job done.

Today I spent a bit of time basing and completing assembly on the Talos. After a few days working out which way to go with the base, we decided to go with the big round Mierce one instead of a 100x50mm movement tray. The movement tray is “better” for wargaming, but the Talos is going to spend more time just as a painted model than rampaging the table, so I’m going for form over function. Which has let me start to get on with it last night and get it finished today.

Had to heat-treat the right leg with a hairdryer to remove a bit of tension.

Now sand for the base, primer, and then I can finally paint!