Realm of Chaos – Be’Lakor the Dark Master: The First Daemon Prince – Diabolical December ’18

Be'Lakor the Dark Master: The First Daemon Prince

Finally, Be’Lakor, the Dark Master is complete. I originally started this figure just over three years ago, as part of the original Painting December, which was a personal challenge that became the genesis for our monthly painting challenges. It’s been a rather epic battle to get up the motivation to complete him, due to all the tons of little fiddly bits, and basically, negative inertia towards the model. This is why the challenges exist. To motivate me to get models like this one completed. I based him on the rolled-edge 50mm round base, as a regular 60mm base seemed much too large, while the regular 50mm base seemed a bit.. I dunno. Boring? I didn’t have any official GW 50mm bases at the time (that I could find), so I only had those alternative ones that are a mm or two shorter. I also mounted him up on some cork to increase his height and make him look a little more imposing.

Be'Lakor the Dark Master: The First Daemon Prince

Be'Lakor the Dark Master: The First Daemon Prince

Be'Lakor the Dark Master: The First Daemon Prince

Be'Lakor the Dark Master: The First Daemon Prince

His colour scheme is different to the “official” GW one. It was inspired by a google search I did when trying to figure out how to paint him. It may have been inspired by Noridicus‘ paint scheme, over at Heresy-Online, but given that he talks about how he’s also seen this sort of scheme used, it might have been one of the models that inspired him that also inspired me. I dunno. I know that Nordicus’ model looks great, and I think my rendition also looks pretty good as well.

Be'Lakor the Dark Master: The First Daemon Prince

Finally, I thought a scale shot would be in order, as without it many of these larger models seem to be much smaller than they actually are – so here he is alongside those two bastions of model scale, a Space Marine and a Primaris Space Marine! So, in the end it took three years to get him painted. I’m not sure that it’s been worth the wait, but I’m very definitely happy to have gotten him completed finally!

…now there’s one model left from that original Painting December trio. The Marauder Giant, an otherwise wonderful model with a stupid patchwork tunic. There’s no way he’ll be completed for Dauntess/Diabolical December, but perhaps as a centrepiece model for January?

Dreadtober 2017 Update!


Yep, I’ve been pretty quiet on the Dreadtober front. Basically, I joined a little bit late and already had a pile of other models on my plate that I was trying to get finished, and they were ahead in the queue. On top of that, I picked up Shadow of War, because despite the Shadow of Microtransactions hanging over the game, I really enjoyed Shadow of Mordor, even completing it (again) in the final days before SoW’s release. I’ve since spent a good 40+ hours in SoW, which has largely come from the same weekend and after-work times that painting comes from.

So I’ve been doing a little here and there, but last weekend, I noticed that the month was nearly up, and I was in no danger of finishing any of the three models I’d aspired to complete. So… time to get stuck in. Luckily the gloss of Shadow of Mordor had started to come off by that point, and I’ve started hitting the grind wall (please buy an xp boost for this full-price, single-player game!) So it’s not been terribly hard to redirect myself to painting in my time. The focus of most of my attention has been the Iron Warriors Dread, which believe it or not has had a pretty severe overhaul over it’s original paint since the start of the month. Since the scheme is mostly identical, it’s hard to see, but the current model has more tonal qualities in the metal while remaining, well, Iron, and also stuff like weathering, scuffs, heat discolouration, rust and rivets. In fact, all that’s left on it is to complete that Lascannon arm and then some final tweaks on things like lenses.

I pried the Loyalist dread off it’s old “diorama” base, as dead chaos marine just isn’t the look I want on my base for it. It’v every possible that this fallen Word Bearer (probably) will also be pried off the base in turn and turned into something else. An objective marker, perhaps?

How dead is he? How long has he been there? I guess it depends on how undead he was at the point when he had his hat knocked off his head!

So here’s the new base. Yeah, I know – so far, so standard – but this way he’ll fit in with the rest of his chapter, that I also need to get started on upgrading to 32mm bases and finishing in the near future.

The rear view shows where the red cabling has all been replaced by dark copper. What was I thinking? I think I know, actually …it was probably leftover 40k 2nd edition influence! Anyway, it looks much better now.

Plasma cannon hasn’t had much done to it yet. Just some highlighting and shading on the fuel tank’s metal brackets. Back in the day, this was the only way to get a Plasma Cannon (Heavy Plasma Gun) on a Dread – convert the bloody thing yourself! Out of metal components.

As with the legs, the Sarcophagus has had all the red cabling replaced with copper. I also completely redid all of the white, cleaning it up from the unfortunate yellowed effect that it had picked up while in storage for a decade or more. I also managed to drop it on the floor(!), shattering a big chunk of paint off the power plant on the rear, but luckily not breaking the tiles. Old-school Metal Dreads are Very Heavy Metal.

A bit of work on the arm remains to be done. I’m not entirely sure what to do with the shoulder. Chapter badge? Aquila? Something else? I wonder if I can dig up a chapter number for this one?

Then there’s old Bellingham Be’Lekor. Nothing’s been done with this guy – but let’s be blunt – we’re getting to the wire of the time limit for Dreadtober, and if I have to make hard choices, it’s the Daemon Prince that’s getting bumped – not the actual Dreadnoughts! Maybe finishing him can be a stretch goal part of P̶a̶i̶n̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶D̶e̶c̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶P̶a̶i̶n̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶J̶a̶n̶u̶a̶r̶y̶ Painting Decembuary?

Azazel joins Dreadtober 2017!


So Dreadtober is a thing that has been around some of the 40k Blogs for a few years. Well, this is the third one, and a couple of the blogs I follow have mentioned it recently as they worked through Spartember, so I did some looking up to see how it works and if I can play as well. I found the online home of “Dreadtober 2017” (though I assume it’ll also serve the same purpose next year and so on) and contacted them to find out if finally getting stuff finished fit their criteria for participation, since I have a pair of Dreads that have been unfinished since 3rd Edition and 4th/5th. And now that the dumpster fire of 6th/7th edition 40k has been taken out behind the shed and put out our misery, there’s a reason to get back onto my 40k collection again – including this pair of Albatrosses.

The green-and-white dread was built as part of my fresh-start-for-3rd ed marine army. A lot is done, but it still very much needs highlighting, shading and work on the details and suchlike.

The Iron Warriors Forge World Dread was purchased second-hand about 10 or so years ago now (whenever it was that 4th was transitioning into 5th), and was painted pretty much as you see it now – reasonable tabletop quality but not up to scratch for what I want. I’ve rebased it and built/added the left arm with the drill-powerfist, as the original was a very roughly scratchbuilt thunder hammer. I’ve also magnetised both arms. (and plan to add a Plasma Cannon option.)

For good measure, I also asked if Be’Lakor would qualify, as they have people doing Daemons and such as well. I started him as a stretch goal for 2015’s Painting December project, and never finished him. So, you know. Motivation.

Anyway, the reply I got was in the affirmative so I now have a bit more motivation to get these suckers done. I’m waiting on some 3D-printed Icons for the green-and-white dread that will be integral to completing it beyond the touch-ups and completion of various bit that the model sorely needs. I may decide to rebase it as well. I’m not sure.

Of course, even with these three larger guys to finish off, I’ll continue to blunder my way through completing more Iron Warriors, Minotaurs, Orks, ##### #######, ##########, ############, Dark Angels, and any other Odd Angry Shot that I decide to paint and/or finish off. The important thing is that I now have even more motivation to finish these three off, so they might even get done. Finally.

Not sure if I’ll do a theme for November, but I do plan to resurrect “Painting December” this year, though. I might even see if anyone else wants to get on board, but that’s a post for later!

Painting December: Base-ic Choices (Part 1?)

See what I did there?

With the Talos down, I’ve been doing a bit of work on the Marauder Giant today. My order of bases came in as well from Firestorm, so it’s time to work out how to base Be’lakor. A couple of things first – I don’t much care about having a square base for this guy. If/when I use him in KoW or any game that requires Square bases, I own spare bases and blu-tac, so that’s sorted. His “official” base is 50mm, and so while I do lean slightly that way, again, I’m going for aesthetics over slavishly following GW’s official basing scheme.

I’ve included the 40mm shots just for completeness, since he doesn’t actually look that bad on them, though quite cramped. I’m also considering using lipped/WarmaHordes style bases, since they look quite nice, and are especially display-friendly. I’m not going to beat myself up about not all of my bases being 100% consistent. I’ve got hundreds of painted models, after all.

Oh yeah, Be’lakor is still very WIP at this stage..

40mm Round

40mm Lipped

50mm Round

50mm Lipped

60mm Round

I’m not sure if I own any 60mm lipped rounds, but if I decide to go for the 60mm size, I’ll definitely tear this place apart looking for them. Really though, I think the 50mm bases are the top contenders for me, as it’s a nice balance between size and Be’lakor filling it out. Still, the 60mm shot was taken for a lark and he does look much better on it than I’d expected.


Depending on how the weather is and how the weekend goes, I might have a similar quest for the Marauder Giant, and I’m currently struggling to work out how to paint his clothing, so I’ll probably ask about that as well in the next day or so.




Painting December: More Assembly

I’ve only been doing hobby stuff intermittently in the last few days. A little more paint on Bel’akor, and a photo so it makes a bit more sense. Going for a flesh tone on his “inner/lower body” and black on the outer. Still early days here, and I suspect it’ll continue to look a bit rough, or crap until more of it’s done.

I needed to Dremel through the slate. It was not particularly easy or fun.

Still, I eventually got the job done.

Today I spent a bit of time basing and completing assembly on the Talos. After a few days working out which way to go with the base, we decided to go with the big round Mierce one instead of a 100x50mm movement tray. The movement tray is “better” for wargaming, but the Talos is going to spend more time just as a painted model than rampaging the table, so I’m going for form over function. Which has let me start to get on with it last night and get it finished today.

Had to heat-treat the right leg with a hairdryer to remove a bit of tension.

Now sand for the base, primer, and then I can finally paint!

Painting December: Assembly


I spent too long yesterday cleaning up the Talos. I had to Dremel out the space under his right shoulder where his arm is supposed to fit since it was just about filled with resin. Thank fuck I have a dremel or it would have been even more of a nightmare. Some pretty bad mould slip on various parts of the model as well. So much for “premium resin”, but I think I managed to cover up the worst of it before assembly. He’s certainly a big boy, though. I need to decide whether to use the huge pie-plate base that he came with as a display base (and make a secondary square base for that to sit on for KoW. I could also fit him on a unit movement tray 105x55mm easily, which is a lot more “wargamery” but I’m not sure. A smaller round would be ideal, but with his wide, “Colossus of Rhodes” stance he ain’t fitting on any smaller round base.

The Marauder Giant was a much more pleasant assembly, though. The parts went together like a dream, and I think the only part that will need pinning is the wrist joint, since all of the other parts have nice integral plugs. I reckon superglue and greenstuff might be all it needs. What a well-designed kit, especially in metal, and doubly so for the era it was released in. I’ve started on his legs, and have painted his sandal straps in red, in a homage to GW’s “red period” that the figure came from, though I’m not sure if I should keep them or go with a duller brown instead. I’m also not sure how to paint his tunic. One thing’s for sure is that it won’t be a patchwork like the box art. If he’s managed to have paned/slashed sleevelets on his shoulder, I figure he could afford/threaten whoever tailored his outfit to do it from a single kind of cloth. Something heraldic, perhaps? He’s certainly not a completely feral giant, and definitely not chaotic. He also needs a base, since whatever he came with is lost to the ages, and I think it was a 40mm square, given his vintage. Maybe a slightly smaller Mierce round base if I can scrounge one up? With a secondary square aka the Talos?

Be’lakor looks like shit in the photos so far, I’m aware. I’m going for a fleshy underside/black back look – inspired by a photo on the internet – instead of the all-black box art or more typical “demonz = red”. One drawback is that it’s probably going to look awful until the finishing touches are done on it. He’s sitting on a lipped 50mm WM base for the time being. The plan is to mount him on a 50mm round, and then blu-tac that onto a 50mm square for actual wargaming when needed. Though that lipped base is starting to grow on me…

Painting December: Beginnings

So, due to work being a nightmare as noted, I haven’t had time to update on this at all.

The initial three models I’ve chosen are:
Be’lakor the Dark Master (Citadel)
Marauder Giant (Marauder)
Talos (Mierce)

My original plan was to have the desk cleaned up, and everything assembled and ready for painting as of December 4th. Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. As of late last night, I managed to clean off the desk, though not reorganise it properly. I had Be’lakor assembled and primed black. The Talos is a plastic zip-lock baggie full of resin and the Giant is partly-assembled, and in its original box.

I’ve just started to slop the first bits of paint onto Be’lakor, and I’ll have to get cracking on assembly for the others.




I’ve got some other odds and ends that I finished earlier in the year and just before work blew up, so I’ll post those shortly. As well as continued WIP on the Sugar Skull and Jinx. And of course, WIP on these guys.