Small Scenics: Secret Weapon Miniatures’ Scrap Yard(?) Corner Piece.

Back in December 2013 I picked up a couple of the “Bag O Crap” sets occasionally offered by Justin at Secret Weapon Miniatures. These are generally models who have failed his stringent QC process, and are sold off in these bags every so often. What you’ll get is a mystery! So I got a bunch of bases that I’ve stil not used – some with obvious bubbles and miscast issues, and others that I can see absolutely no issies with. I also got a few nicer large pieces of terrain. A destroyed tank turret, a flipped truck, a Star Wars-ish generator, and this (no link, it doesn’t appear to be listed on SWM’s site anymore!) The turret and truck are painted, the Generator is in a box somewhere. I thought I’d posted the painted turret and truck sometime, but apparently not? I’ll find them and post a pic sometime in the future.

Despite being a nice piece in a lot of ways, it’s got some seriously severe print lines, obviously from the master model’s original print before it went to resin casting. This gave it a really grainy texture which made it a pain to paint – along with all of the detail present. The result was that it got worked on here and there, now and then, over the course of the 5 1/2 years I’ve had it until a week or so ago when I had one of those “fuck it – get this thing out of here” moments and knuckled down and completed it over a couple of sessions.

Let’s see what happens next…

As with quite a few other pieces, I did not enjoy the painting process of this one at all, but I’m happy with the finished product. It’s got a lot of versatility in how it can be used, it’s large, and it looks good. And most importantly, it’s bloody done!

29 thoughts on “Small Scenics: Secret Weapon Miniatures’ Scrap Yard(?) Corner Piece.

    • Thanks Alex – it was the print lines moreso than the details that made it so painful. Next in this kind of vein will be the rest of those Ork scrap pieces from Speed Freeks – the walls!

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  1. Yeah, that looks like it must have been a real chore – but well done for sticking it out, you’ve produced a fine looking piece despite that. Probably a good thing it’s not available anymore, I’d have been very tempted to get myself one and then would have been gnashing my teeth and cursing the whole time I was painting it 😀

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  2. Well, I think you have managed to knock it out of the park with this piece! The use of different colours really makes it look like a pile of different objects vs. just some monolithic structure, but it’s still rusty and dirty enough to look plausible — I feel remembered of your – equally fantastically painted – GW Ork junk heaps from earlier this year (I think). Fantastic work! 🙂

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    • Thank you, KS. I do like to give different and distinct colours to bits on terrain like this for that very reason. I’ve got the rest of that Orky stuff pretty much ready to go now, but there’s a good chance I won’t get to working on it properly until the weather improves. Just something about big lots of terrain feels summery to me. Maybe it’s the need to do so much spraying…?


  3. Sensational and worth every ounce of pain inflicted on you! 🙂 This would be such a fun piece to use in a post-apocalypse game like Walking Dead or even Fallout. Wouldn’t look shabby in Necromunda or 40k either. Your terrain output this week is seriously impressive, mate!

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