Shadows of Brimstone: Scourge Rat’s Nest (Small Scenics)

Shadows of Brimstone Scourge Rat's Nest

Another slightly crappy Shadows of Brimstone model again today. One that’s both Neglected and Terrain and is also so uninspiring that it’s missed several challenges of each type at this point before I drove myself to complete it and just bloody get rid of it from my painting desk the other week. Truth be told, I didn’t even know what it was – I’d assumed it was some sort of beaver Dam for some reason – and painted it as such. It wasn’t until literally moments before typing this sentence that the resuls of 5 minutes googling told me what it actually is. A Rat’s Nest.

How could I be such a dumbarse? Well, because the Kickstarter was run back in 2013 with a projected ship date of August 2014. They finally delivered Wave One in 2016, with Wave 2 in 2017, and most of the stuff (especially Wave 1) was delivered via a box of unlabelled baggied sprues in a box. Truth be told, I still don’t know if I got everything as inventorying that mess was never going to take less than a full day of stressful cross-checking with online lists and guesswork as to what the fuck things actually were/are.

Shadows of Brimstone Scourge Rat's Nest

In an attempt to make it alook a little better, I initially based it on a 60mm flat round (aka old-school Titan base) and glued some offcut plastic tabs to it, to essentially sharpen up the super-soft details. Now that you know they’re there, they really stand out as offcuts. But they didn’t before I told you – which is kinda the point. Anyway, it looks ok. Good enough for a rough tabletop look, anyway. I might add some moss to it, but truth be told I don’t really want to waste my moss tufts on this thing, so…

Most importantly. It’s done and off the painting desk! Hurrah!!

24 thoughts on “Shadows of Brimstone: Scourge Rat’s Nest (Small Scenics)

  1. Yeah, you definitely put a lot more effort into that one than the original sculptor did. Pity the poor rat who has to live in there! Well done for making a go of it though, you’ve managed a fine result from uninspiring materials.

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    • Right now, skaven and ratskins aside, I’ve not got a whole lot of pity for rats. We had the exterminator in today to take care of the little bastards in my roof cavity… Timing, eh? I didn’t even plan it that way.

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  2. True to your word! I can honestly say I have never, ever, seen a better painted model of a rats’ nest! That’s the honest truth! Only small-minded people would point out that I have never, ever, seen another model of a rats’ nest, so we won’t listen to them! Well done with tarting this up nicely and getting it finished – it looks spot on! 🙂

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    • From what I can tell from my limited life’s experiences, a rat’s nest looks like pretty much whatever that particularly dark and tight space usually looks like, but with more gnawed wood, and shit pellets everywhere!
      I, uh, skipped that level of realism for this model, though…

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  3. Somehow you have managed to polish a turd. The off cuts were pretty inspired and until you said I didn’t realise. But as others have said, it is pretty piss poor (paraphrasing there) to sell something as meh!

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  4. Phew, you’re right: It is a terrible sculpt! In hindsight, I wonder if some added texture (sand, cork chaff, some of GW’s various crackle and sand paints) could have made it look a bit more interesting, but that’s neither here or there now — if nothing else, you did the best with the material you had 😉

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    • Oh, adding to it in the ways that you suggest would definately have made it better, and in no way did I do my best with what I had – both of those are kinda the point. This is the epitome of a “good enough” model! 🙂
      You know how long it can take to paint something, so with an uncountable number of good models here to paint, and a limit to time, there really wasn’t any compelling reason to put more effort into this than what I did. I’d even go so far as to say I gave this thing more than it deserved by gluing it to the 60mm base and adding the offcuts.
      Plenty of better models to put that effort into!


  5. Kind of reminds me of Yoda’s hut on Dagobah… if Yoda lived in a bad neighborhood. That sculpt is really bad and you did a great job instilling life in it. I’m flabbergasted that there are no details sculpted into the wood. That is such an easy thing for them to do to make it look better and they didn’t bother obviously. Good job getting this one finished. It would be so easy to push this one off.

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    • It could work for that – though we’d have to drop a scale to 25mm or 20mm or so. 🙂
      It feels like it was either a “training” piece, or a “good enough – just send it” piece. Or both. Ah well, I’m not going to care about it any further – after all, they clearly didn’t! 😉

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