Small Scenics: Secret Weapon Miniatures’ Imperial Generator

Secret Weapon Miniatures' Imperial Generator

What we have here today is another piece of terrain that I’ve had sitting around for years that I spotted and decided to just get fucking painted and done. An Imperial Generator from Secret Weapon Miniatures, I didn’t get this piece as part of the 2-pack, nor with the console. Instead, I got it as part of a couple of “Bag O Crap” bundles I purchased back in December of 2013. What was wrong with it? Well, a big chunk of one of the ends was simply not there. Which was the main reason I never got around to fixing or painting it. I’d added some acrylic putty to it years ago, bit it didn’t really fill much when the moisture dried, and then it sat forgotten in that plastic tub where the other recently-posted resin scenery sat.

So when I saw it, I got it out, mixed up some greenstuff, “fixed” it, let it dry, cut it back (you can see in the pic it’s still not perfect” and then had to decide whether to paint it off-white, red, green or something else. I went with a nice generic grey, with copper for the coils and gubbins. Got it painted nice and clean, aadded some Nihilakh Oxide, then dirtied the shit out of it with Vallejo Wash, and it was pretty much done, bar the spray varnish. Done!

Small Scenics: Secret Weapon Miniatures’ Traffic Pylons #2

Secret Weapon Miniatures' Traffic Pylons

Seventeen years ago, back in September of 2019 I painted the first batch of “Traffic Pylons” from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I picked up 50 of the things on sale at a local retailer in however many little baggies of them, and then set to painting half of them. They weren’t hard to paint, but in such numbers they’re pretty tedious and so my original plan of getting to the other half got a little sooner than now got sidetracked initially by my hiatus, and then by not really wanting to do them.

This second batch then had been sitting in a chinese food container-style disposable plastic tub since last year, and sitting on top of a pile of my modelling supplies and such I kept seeing them, so resolved to getting them onto an upcoming Tray. Since official Tray business is kinda suspended right now, I’m allowing myself to work on terrain as well as D&D board game models, because Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge, and also because terrain can be a bit rougher and doesn’t need that fine freehand and careful highlighting and shading like regular models do, so it fits in pretty well for allowing me to keep getting stuff done right now.

Secret Weapon Miniatures' Traffic Pylons

The only difference between this batch and the first batch is I changed the “orange” to a slightly different shade, a little darker and a little more muted. I just wanted that slight variation that you tend to see between two sets of “identical” mass-produced products that have come from different batches that then often tend to have a small but uniform difference between the two.

…and now I have 50 Traffic Pylons for my modern+ games. Hopefully this coming summer I can get my urban Tablescapes painted…