Small Scenics: Secret Weapon Miniatures’ Traffic Pylons #1 (Scenic September ’19)

Secret Weapon Miniatures' Traffic Pylons

Well, like the best laid grand plans I had hoped to get some larger, more impressive terrain completed in September, but unfortunately life events and shitty weather conspired to prevent it. I did, however, continue on the Scatter Terrain train, and so I managed to complete the first of what will no doubt be two batches of “Traffic Pylons” from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Basically, I was buying some other stuff from a local retailer, and saw that these were cheap, so I got several bags. Turns out that each bag had 10 of the pylons in it, so I didn’t manage to get them all done. The 25 shown here are the ones done so far, and are about half of the ones I picked up. I’ll paint the others in a month or two. Or work on them slowly when tired after work.

The good news here was that they are/were simple enough to paint, and so during the perios where I was feeling under the weather, or tired, I was still able to plug away at a few of these at a time. Once they were painted, it was gloss varnish, satin varnish, paint wash to grime them up, and then matte varnish. As scatter terrain, and especially being resin they need to be pretty durable, so with that in mind, three coats of varnish isn’t overkill.

So yeah. Not impressive in any way on their own, but they’ll add a lot of that little extra layer of detail to any urban locale in a modern, post-modern, or even many sci-fi tabletops. I do have my Secret Weapon tiles that I’ll be making another pass at once the weather gets consistently better and I have a bit more time from work to work on such things, so let’s all cross our fingers and toes…

19 thoughts on “Small Scenics: Secret Weapon Miniatures’ Traffic Pylons #1 (Scenic September ’19)

    • Thanks Mark. I was supposed to have a rest in the last week, but pretty much every day had some sort of annoying committment, so back to work for the final quarter on Monday, though I have banked a coupl of extra days off in the next 3 weeks, so looking forward to those. Posts are still a WIP, but started now at least!

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  2. These look great and will be something you’ll really appreciate having with any urban terrain. Should be a nice little “spice” you can add to some of your squad shots too. I painted some traffic cones up for Mantic’s Walking Dead game a few years ago before I decided to focus on LOTR and I would say that traffic cones are not as easy to paint well as someone might think and I think you really nailed what well-used ones look like too. These might be a nice little addition a zombicide board as well 🙂

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