Small Scenics: More Little Boxes …from Mantic’s Mars Attacks (Scenic September ’19)

Mantic Mars Attacks Crates Boxes

Two years ago, I managed to paint all of the boxes from my Mantic Mars Attacks urban scenery. Great stuff, job done.

Then earlier this year, I found quite a few baggies more of the stuff. What could I do but seperate them into some tubs and …entirely forget about them for quite a few months? At least in September, I managed to get them done and out of the way. So following on from both that post two years ago and yesterday’s Incredibly Interesting Traffic Pylons, we have 20 small piles of boxes. To quote myself from two years ago:

They’re a little on the small side, and while they’ll work well as meeples for barricades in games of Zombicide, they feel a little like those annoying foot-high “walls” that videogames use to keep our otherwise athletic heroes from straying outside of the designated play area… They might work better stacks on top of other items to create useful cover, but even as is they make for decent ground clutter.

Sadly, I didn’t manage to get any of the larger pieces of terrain I’d hoped to complete. Looks like Terrain’s getting shoehorned into one of the next couple of months challenges again – gotta motivate myself to get that shiznit done!

13 thoughts on “Small Scenics: More Little Boxes …from Mantic’s Mars Attacks (Scenic September ’19)

    • They could work on top of other stuff for cover. Nice thing about these is that there;s so many of them and they’re so junk-level than if I’m making a larger terrain piece down the road I can just grab one or a few of these and glue them onto the new piece to add a bit of extra detail/height.

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  1. I completely agree that these would be great on a zombicide board. I also think having them scattered around the edges of an urban setting would make that space look lived in without obstructing your gaming area. As with the traffic cones, I would imagine painting these became a bit tedious at some point so hats off to you for getting so many done. That feeling of completion is usually the best reward you can get with these kinds of projects.

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    • These were tedious, but luckily light on effort/fast enough that they were more annoying in an “I guess, I should wash/drybrush/etc those things now” way when I’d rather be doing something else. Notsomuch the usual feeling of satisfaction on completion being nice in this case as it’s cousin, “now I can get rid of these from my desk”. 😉

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  2. Piled all up like that, looks like a postal worker’s nightmare! Or, come to think of it, the way the Bakery lead used to leave the walk-in when I was stocking frozen foods for Safeway.

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