Monster March Painting Challenge!

Another of the community’s painting challenges out there is something called Monster March. It, rather unsurprisingly deals with the painting of Monsters during – get this – the month of March!

I asked Swordmaster, who is running the challenge if it would be okay if instead of starting from scratch I could try to finish off a pair of models I’ve already started. He kindly said that it would be fine, and so I selected two (Neglected!) models that have been sitting around here, part-painted for literally years. Quite a few in one case!

The Dracoliche comes from the Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Boardgame, though I’ve also puttied up a wargaming base for it to slot into. It’s been part-painted for quite a few years. The second model is Reaper’s Colossal Skeleton from the Bones line of models, specifically their first Kickstarter. I’m hopeful that Monster March can Motivate Me to get both of these damned things done and out of my way. I’ve also got another Monster who I started Months ago that I’d like to get completed as well, but we’ll see…

February Painting Round-Up

The last of what has seemed to be a ton of wrap-up and round-up posts for February, it’s my monthly round-up for February 2018.

February 2018’s completed models. (54 Models!)

January’s count came to a total of 59 (there was a missing Plaguebearer!) so with a total of 54 models completed, February has almost been as productive in number terms, but I’ve got a couple of larger models in there as well. Still, it’s worth remembering that I’m totalling figures completed, not start-to-finish – though with 36 models start-to-finish, I’m way better than par there!

January 2018’s completed models. (58 of 59 shown)

You know, it might be a bit of fun to have previous months’ layout underneath just-finished month as a visual guide.

113 models in two months? Holy shit! This is clearly my best output ever.


Community Painting Challenge: Neglected February Round-Up

Yeah, I know we’re solidly into March now. The fact is that I wanted to give people a chance to photograph their models and also finish off showing my own models for this challenge before doing the round-up. So we’re here. Now.


Krautscientist from Khorne’s Eternal Hunt completed his converted model of Interrogator Chastity of the Ordo Hereticus.

Alex from Leadbaloony finished this Necron-with-no-name, hiding out on the Imperial fringes.

Just Needs Varnish has completed a trio of 20mm Japanese Type 89 Medium Tanks.

Mikeland82 from Starship Vorenus completed three sets of models this month – finishing a repaint of an old-school/oldhammer Emperor’s Hammer Space Marine Rhino APC that had been outstanding for some time.

Mikeland82 also completed this trio of Primaris Space Marine Reivers. (Space Marines can’t spell, apparently!)

Finally (firstly, actually) Mikeland82 completed this rather wonderful female Soviet Sniper, hitting both the Neglected model challenge as well as the Fembruary Challenge.

Wargamer Eric would be quick to tell us that “I AM THE LAW!” Or his figure would, at least, with a Dredd-inspired Forgeworld Imperial Enforcer.

Steinberg Shed Space finished a model that’s pretty familiar to me recently, the 2nd release of the Great Unclean One of Nurgle.

Argentbadger has painted Hannah, Chief Freikorps Archivist for Malifaux.

Ann from Ann’s Immaterium completed a Chaos Cultist that had been bugging her for some time.

Ann also painted up Sebelex: Devourer of the Dead who had been languishing for a year or more to join her Plaguebearers.

Backtothehammer completed a ton of Wood Elf Spearmen/Crimson Guard (shields coming soon!)

Lastly, there’s my own good self, with the sampler of stuff I talked about briefly in yesterday’s post.

I found February’s challenge to be personally useful in that it got me to finish off a bunch of figures that had been annoyingly unfinished for quite some time. I’m glad to see that what might have been a personal challenge helped to motivate so many other people in our little hobby community to get more of those annoying neglected models that almost all of us have sitting around to the point of completion. I think I’ve got everyone here. If I’ve somehow missed you, send me a hoy in the comments below, and I’ll edit you in!

Now, there’s only one more February post to go – my own personal tally/total – and then I can start on March’s posts.

On the 15th of March.



Neglected Model February ’18: Personal Wrap-Up

My Neglected Models February round-up.

I was originally going to combine this post in with the round-up for all of the participants, but then I wanted to give another day just in case I’ve missed someone – and also, frankly because I’ve finished quite a few models that were neglected, and so I’m doing my own wrap-up since it was a main focus of my own painting this month, with quite a few models completed who would otherwise have continued sitting around for many months to come.

Mentor Legion Space Marine models variously started between 1998-2000. Finished this February.

I was pretty happy with what I got done overall, especially since I spent the first half or more of the month painting Plaguebearers and then spent a lot of time working up some of my female models for Fembruary. Luckily all of the Female models also fit neatly into the Neglected Models Challenge as well. There was another Mentor Legion Marine who didn’t get finished, though I expect he’ll be completed within the next few days now.

A pair of Grendel-Escher. I have another four I had hoped to update and complete, but I ran out of time.

There were five other female models I wanted to finish for both the Neglected Model Challenge and Fembruary – four were additional Escher, and the other was that Dark Elf Sorceress. The other Escher got re-shelved, while the Sorceress got a fair bit done. Perhaps I’ll get her finished in March.

Conan Kickstarter Sabretooth Tiger, Dwarf Queen Helgar Longplaits, Female Khorne Bloodreaver, Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaur Whirlwind

The Fantasy contingent of February’s Neglected Models Challenge.

While it was great to see so many other people participate (collective round-up tomorrow!) On a personal level, it was a really worthwhile month for me. It motivated me to finally finish off that Chaos Dwarf Warmachine that has been in pieces for a few years now, that Tiger was stuck for over a year. Helgar had sat on my bench for a couple of years at least, the Bloodreaver had been put away into a container, the Escher had been re-shelved after my initial spurt of enthusiasm when Necro’17 was about to release and of course the Mentor Legion were an unfinished project from basically 2 decades ago.

Mentor Legion #7 – Jump Pack Librarian Scipio Aemillianus

Mentor Legion Space Marine Assault Librarian

So here’s an Illegal Model. I expect that the Games Workshop Staatssicherheitsdienst will be around presently to assist me with my re-education. More specifically, we have a Space Marine Librarian with Lightning Claws and a Jump Pack. A simple kitbash by my good self from the 3rd edition 40k era, when such things were ferpectly legal. Of course, as I’ve already blogged, none of my Mentor Legion of the day (my 3e New Edition, New Army) actually got completed due to a horrible experience with custom decals. Since discovering the wonders of 3D printing for Chapter Icons and a local source of pretty good printable decal paper that plays well with my Laserjet, I’m on the Custom Decal Train and I can finally finish off some of these old projects.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Assault Librarian

This Space Marine Librarian is known as Scipio Aemillianus (I was saving Africanus for the Captain), and as an Assault Librarian led my Mentor Legion force in their batttles during 3rd edition. Usually attached to one of the two 7-man Assault Squads, he regularly wreaked a furious vengeance on The Emperor’s foes.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Assault Librarian

Another kitbash/conversion from the all-metal days, his base is one of the metal Librarians (Power Axe, I think) with metal Lightning Claw arms from a Terminator grafted on, as well as the metal Jump Pack. The skull-rings on his Jump Pack were an interesting decal I found on an old Epic sheet, as is the skull and crossed axes on one of the vents. The Librarian symbols on his tabard are freehanded, as is the skull on his other vent.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Assault Librarian

I had to use a smaller Mentor decal than I would have liked on his shoulder, since I had the scroll there, and didn’t want to “cut off” the beak. I noticed the ding on the paint on his left greave and have since fixed that up. If I were painting the figure from scratch today, I’d have had less red on him and probably replaced some of it with silvered and copper metallics, but again, I’m trying to finish figures that I’m otherwise happy with. Maybe I’ll go back, but not anytime too soon. He’s a force leader, so he’s allowed to be a little more blingy.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Assault Librarian Chaplain

Here’s a 2-shot of the pair of Characters so far completed for this army, and Scipio Aemillianus here is the last of my “Neglected February” models to share. I’ll do a personal round-up tomorrow, and then the day after, I’ll do one including all the people who have participated in the challenge.

So far (in my draft post) I’ve got Krautscientist, Alex, Justneedsvarnish, Mikeland82, Wargamer Eric, Ann, Steinberg Shed Space, Argentbadger and Back to the Hammer. If I’ve missed you, please add a comment below with a link to your Neglected model post so I can be sure to get everyone in. Because I feel like I’ve missed a person or two, despite combing through my reader and notifications…

Mentor Legion #6 – Tactical Squad III-2

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marines Mentors

Here’s the next pair of models that go with Tactical Squad III. The Sergeant and the Corporal. The sergeant is the metal model that originally came with (from memory) either a boxed tactical or Devastator squad in early 3rd edition. I’m thinking it was probably a Dev squad since they came with metal arms and backpacks for their heavy weapons, so a metal model for the Sergeant makes more sense, while a Tactical Squad of the time could very easily be all-plastic.

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marines Mentors

His offsider here is one of the “robed marines” which were the first incarnation of the Robed models pushed out for Dark Angels – again in 3rd edition, based on the plastics of the time with sculpted details simply added on top before casting in metal. I originally envisioned this guy as the Sergeant for Tactical Squad I, which at the time would have been the veterans. They had a slightly higher statline, but not much else – they certainly didn’t have the gear of modern Vanguard or Sternguard. Obviously this guy doesn’t fit into either of these categories, so I changed his squad designation marking from I to III, repainted his helm from white to green, and now he’ll work fine as a 2ic for the standard tactical squad.

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marines Mentors

Even today, I’m quite happy with the freehand pattern I added to his robe. It keeps it from being too plain,

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marines Mentors

On some of the older models with metal shoulders, the 3d-printed icons can be a little big.  Still works well, though but it does illustrate the variation, shrinkage and warpage that you get with metal models at times.

Mentor Legion Tactical Space Marines Mentors

III Squad slowly takes shape…


Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #10: The Army So Far (End Feb ’08)

So this is the state of the army now, two months into 2018. Four packs of Plaguebearers, two Beasts of Nurgle, 1 Daemon Prince of Nurgle (represented by the original GUO), 1 Great Unclean One and Mamon the Transfigured. I’m not even going to worry about “proper” points at this stage, but it comes to a Power Level of 54 for 8th edition 40k, so we’re getting towards a decent sized force – though a ton of those points come from the Great Unclean One.