WAAAAGH! Pt.20: RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) (Orktober ’19)

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) Kev Adams Rogue Trader Orks

A few months ago – back at the end of May to be precise, Wudugast posted up some shots of his 40k Ork army for Army April, and ruminated about potentially completing another 25 boyz this year for a total of 100. Seeing this, I saw a chance to help motivate both him – and rather importantly – myself to get 25 Orks painted each and offered to do it as a mutual challenge. Since then, Wudugast has completed and shown another 10 Boyz, as well as a Mek and his Grot, while I on the other hand have completed ….nothing to date. So with Orktober being a thing, as well as regular old October pointing out how close the end of the year is, I found it time to remove my fist from my backside and get some Orks bloody well finished!

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) Kev Adams Rogue Trader Orks

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) Kev Adams Rogue Trader Orks

Luckily I had at least gotten some models started. 20 old-school, Rogue Trader Orks, to be precise. The ones I’ve got here are some trooper models from the very first Space Ork boxed set (and the second 40k box set ever) RTB02 Space Ork Raiders. I’m not sure if I have a full set of the boxed set due to the many repeated sculpts (13 troopers), though I do have all of the individual models. Being that I’m going old-school with these models, I thought a nods both to the original boxes and the Rogue Trader book was in order, as well as later narratives found in the various wars for Armageddon with some of the scavenged gear being worn.

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) Kev Adams Rogue Trader Orks

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) Kev Adams Rogue Trader Orks

As with my other Orks, I’ve retained the variety of desert camo clothing being worn, in the pseudo-Blood Axe way I’m putting this force together. Mismatched camo, of couse, as it represents whatever they’ve managed to scavenge off the battlefields and trade from others. Most likely from enterprising Grots rather than directly from da humies.

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) Kev Adams Rogue Trader Orks

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) Kev Adams Rogue Trader Orks

These Orks were completed in three batches, and if I’d been posting regularly over the last couple of weeks, they’d have most likely have been in three seperate posts as I completed them. As it happens, they all fit into the one post perfectly, as they’re all models from the same boxed set. There are a few more on the way, but they sit still-unfinished on the paint desk as I type this shortly before posting this up, so they’ll likely be along in the next week – along with a few more that aren’t from the RTB02 box for variety. With these eight though, I’m at least started on my Ork Challenge Pledge. At almost the end of October. Only 17 more to go…

Mechanovember ’19: Monthly Hobby Challenge

Pandora’s Bits Box’ Imperial Knight

Even while the blog goes through a dry period and the round-up posts start looking a tad Neglected, the challenges continue… following on from last November, we once again have something that’s a bit specific, but still hopefully something that’s still flexible enough to fit in with people’s existing projects (and half-painted/abandoned models). As a bit of a small Mea Culpa for the lack of round-up posts lately, I’ve made sure to showcase some of the work of each participant from last November’s Mechanical November ’18 challenge.

Mark Morin’s French Renault 35s and SOMUA S-35s

The idea for this month’s theme is to paint mechanical models. Now, this might seem restricting, but the way I see it, the theme can be applied pretty broadly. Tanks and indeed, any kind of vehicles work, including Steam Tanks that Dwarfs or Renaissance humans might use. All manner of Droids and Robots, obviously.

Mantic BattleZones Bunker

Lots of terrain pieces work – particularly some of the new-ish stuff from Games Workshop (Sector Mechanicus) but then also a lot of other terrain works well also – Mantic’s Industrial Battlezones for instance and of course no end of resin options from a hundred different companies.

Even smaller stuff like some of the Sci-fi scatter terrain that’s out there can be shoehorned in there.

Dave Kay’s Ape-X

Cyborgs, including non-human cyborgs are as perfect fit.

Buck Surdu’s Soviet KV-1 and KV-2 tanks.

Did I mention tanks? Pretty sure I did!

Argentbadger’s Barathrum Warjack

Walkers of all types, obviously are appropriate. Star Wars, AT-43, DUST, Konflikt ’47, Martian walkers.. you get the idea – as well as the obvious 40k stuff.

mcmattila’s Ork Deff Dreadnought

Didn’t get your Dreadtober piece finished (or started?) No problem, finish it in November and post it up for this month’s challenge!

Tarmor’s Chaos Androids/Necrons from Space Crusade

Some armies are obviously better served than others here. Necrons and Adeptus Mechanicus being a pair of standouts – but I’m happy to consider power armour of whatever kind to be mechanical…


Thomas’ Thousand Sons Forgefiend

…and of course many of those Powered Armoured Armies have bigger and nastier and downright weird mechanical stuff attached to them…

Faust’s Custom-built BloodBowl Dwarf Deathroller

Some things that don’t immediately come to mind as mechanical are absolutely that. (Including some of the weird stuff that comes from games like Blood Bowl or Malifaux). Most fantasy war machines fit the bill and even moreso for historical ones – after all, what is a trebuchet, if not a mechanical device? And yes, chariots are welcome!

Just Needs Varnish’s Marmon Harrington CTLS light tank & Nissan 80 truck

And follopwing on from that – naturally normal cars and trucks – both unmodified…

Maenoferren22’s Dark Future Cars

…or of the Mad Max/Car Wars/Dark Future/Gaslands variety fit in here as well.

Pete S /SP’s A-10 Warthog/Thunderbolt.

Aircraft? Well, yeah, obviously. As a group, we don’t seem to paint up a whole lot of them, but they certainly fit the bill for Mechanovember!

Krautscientist’s Truescale Deathwatch Castigator, Lamentor and Carcharodon Astartes.

And of course.. power armour of whatever stripe.

So have a look at your painting desk, your shelf of shame or even the grey hordes and see what you wanted to get done anyway that you could fit in here.

This challenge starts on the 1st of November and as always, runs until the end of the month. if you finish the model at 11:58pm on the final evening, that’s fine – just get it varnished and photographed in a few days and I’ll include it in the community round-up. I always give a few days grace period.

There’s also no special criteria as to who can or cannot participate. If you’d like to participate, then you can. Simples. Just link your post/models back to this post or leave a comment below with a link so I can find your stuff during the round-up time.

That’s pretty much it. If you might be interested, you’ve got a few days for thinking about it before the challenge starts – though if you’re keen there’s also no reason you can’t be working on your models. Because it’s only about completing models in November! 😉

Aeronautica Imperialis: Ork Ground Assets (Orctober ’19)

Aeronautica Imperialis Ork Ground Assets

And here’s the other half of the AI Ground Assets box, to go alongside (against!) the Imperials from a week or so ago. These ones didn’t get hit by the Contrast paints, instead they had a much more traditional method of painting.

Aeronautica Imperialis Ork Ground Assets

Pretty simple really, spray black, spray dark metal, drybrush lighter metal, black wash, brown wash, rust wash. Pick out some bits in different metals and the odd greenish wash where applicable. Then pick out panels in bone, highlight them by streaking over with an off-white, carefully applied(!) rust wash to stain the white panels, then a streaky drybrush of silver. Done!

Aeronautica Imperialis Ork Ground Assets

I went with the white/bone rather than a red or different colour as it fits in more with the desert-y schemes I’ve used for my Orks to date, and a bit of a dual Rynn’s World/Armageddon connection that I plan to expand on further with my models.

Aeronautica Imperialis Ork Ground Assets

As far as me completing a new box set of new figures, I should point out that there’s still two sets of tokens (14 in total, I think) that are lagged out at the moment, and I think I’ve even lost one. So no fear on me completyely completing an entire new kit/box too quickly! 😉

Once I (find and) complete them, I’ll do the full box set group shot. Otherwise they might just end up in the monthly round-up. When I get to it, that is.. I still haven’t done my own for the last couple of months..

Never look a gift goblin… (Orctober ’19, Neglected October ’19)

Plastic WHFB Night Goblin

Just a single model today once again. Because I lost a few days of significant paint time to computer reconstruction on top of the usual committments, I wasn’t able to do my usual and finish a bunch of figures through the week/on the weekend to set up a few days worth of posts by the Sunday a week ago. And then I completely lost my blogging mojo for awhile as per usual, my opportunity to have a quiet, restful day where I mostly paint without anyone or anything bothering me was once again not possible last weekend. I sure bitch a lot here lately, don’t I?

Plastic WHFB Night Goblin

Anyway, speaking of Other People, someone in my family who I haven’t seen for awhile asked me to paint a miniature for her some time back. More specifically, they asked me to paint “one of your little models, a monster – but cute”. Well, that left few choices really, and so I went with a Night Goblin that I had already assembled. As per usual, it took me some time to get much done on it, and as is so often the case, the month’s challenge gave me the little push I needed to spot the figure, slap some paint on it and go “sod it, now it’s done”.

Since the model isn’t for any form of tabletop, I mounted it on a slightly-scenic resin base, and didn’t worry about the typical Night Goblin scheme, instead opting for red with yellow flames. As it turns out, it’s quite similar to the goblin on the Ravening Hordes army list cover for WHFB 6th Edition. My thoiught was simply to be a bit more colourful, as befits a display-oriented model. Anyway, the model is a goblinoid, it’s done, and now I’ve finally finished an actual greenskin for Orctober!

(though still not technically, an actual Orc…)

Aeronautica Imperialis: Imperial Ground Assets (Orc-Slayer-Tober ’19) (Contrast Paint Experiment #13)

Aeronautica Imperialis: Imperial Ground Assets

Wait. Wut? Models that were released this year? Models that were released only weeks ago? What happened to this blog? Oh wait, it’s okay. They’re super simple. Yes folks, this is the Imperial half of the Ground assets box that was released recently fort Aeronautica Imperialis. A game that has extremely fond memories for many people in it’s previous incanation as a Forge World product that was recently re-released by GW-Proper. Now, I’ve been pretty good at holding to my 28-32mm only policy, with the only exceptions being Flames of War that I bought into many years ago, and Gaslands, which only requires a visit to the Hot Wheels/Matchbox aisle in the local department store. Oh, and X-Wing, though those are pre-paints, so they don’t count.

Aeronautica Imperialis: Imperial Ground Assets

Still, I was determined to skip this one, as I did Adeptus Titanicus last year – since I don’t need a new scale with models that don’t cross over into anything else. It was Altsain, of the blog A Tabletop Wargamer’s Diary who convinced me indirectly, as he managed to paint up the aircraft super easily, and talked about how well the game is suited and set up for scenario and campaign play, with a relatively few models, as opposed to an endlessly huge points-based bring-and-battle. So with that, I ordered a bunch of stuff online, and as fate would have it, my Ground Assets arrived before the core set, and so I started working on them.

Aeronautica Imperialis: Imperial Ground Assets

Once again I took inspiration from Altsain, by pretty much ripping off his paint scheme for the Imperial Forces. I did fine that his method of washing with Athonian Camoshade didn’t work so well for me, possibly because of my spray undercoats, and so I instead took the opportunity to bust out the Contrast Paints again. I found that an all-over of Militarium Green gave a nice effect, and then followed up with some Vallejo Model Air Metallic “Rust” (really a brown, dark copper shade of metal) for the trimmings where hje had used a brighter copper, a bit of iron primer, some washes and then a final drybrush of Vallejo Bonewhite. Then some translucent yellow as well as gemstone red and blue for lights across the models. It has shown me how well the Contrast Paints can work on smaller scale models, how much easier this colour was to use over the usual premade wash solution, and it can also be seen that they give quite a stark look to the shading and highlighting, especially following a lighter drybrush to further pick out the details. With a light green rather than a bone colour, they’d have remained much richer and a little warmer.

Aeronautica Imperialis: Imperial Ground Assets

Mine do look a lot more “dry” and muted compared to Altsain’s – who has ended up with much richer colours that are more akin to my usual, but I’m still happy with how mine ended up, especially as an evening-and-following-afternoon paint project. Oh, and some might wonder how these bloody things count as Orc-Slayers? Well, the Rynn’s World Campaigh that the game is based around is entirely Imperium vs Orks, so these models have literally been designed and produced specifically to battle nothing but Orks for at least several months before Another Challenger Appears. So ….yeah.

Also, forgive any typos. I’ve corrected seemingly dozens of them so far, but I’m sure some slipped through. My computer finally gave up the ghost a few days ago, and now I’m getting used to a new keyboard as I do the new-machine-new-install-everything-dance-thing taking up most of my time for the next few days on the replacement. So not as much painting as I’d hoped this weekend…

Realm of Chaos – The Death Guard #2: Poxwalkers #4-6 (Zomtober ’19) (Contrast Paint Experiment #12.1)

Nurgle Poxwalkers

Here’s the other three of my initial six Poxwalkers. I completed these last night and so now these will be going up as the next part of my Zomtober 2019 pledge. Technically, the challenge asks participants to finish a model per week and get them posted up each Sunday. I’ve instead batched them in two sets of three, and so now with six, I feel I’ve participated nicely even if I don’t manage to get any more of these suckers completed.

Nurgle Poxwalkers

These six have been done in the overall yellow-brown-ochre flesh scheme. The next batch of Poxwalkers I do will also be in the same overall look, and then once I get to the first set of duplicates, I’ll start to go down a different skin tone route, probably a little greenish.

Nurgle Poxwalkers

And below, you can see the next few. There appear to still be some missing parts from my Poxwalkers from the Dark Imperium set, so there’s not quite the full set of them below. Not sure if I’ll actually manage to get any more models done in time for Zomtober – as much as I’d like to have a few more done for each week, I still haven’t finished a single goblinoid for my own Orctober Painting Challenge, nor the Dreadtober painting challenge!

WHFB Dwarf Lord with 2-Handed Axe (Colin Dixon, 2001) (Neglected Orc-Slayer-Tober ’19)

WHFB Dwarf Lord with 2-Handed Axe, Colin Dixon? 2000's

Here’s a long-Neglected model that the completion of the three Dwarf crewmen the other day springboarded me to finally completing. I bought this one when it came out, back in 2000-something. (I can’t find it in the catalogues, and can’t be arsed scouring through my old White Dwarf magazines).. It’s a model that looked good in the White Dwarf, but was not fun at all to paint. There’s a lot of busy detail on the thing, and especially so while painting – so it did what so many other models have done. It sat in a box/tub/etc for over a decade, started but unloved and unfinished.

WHFB Dwarf Lord with 2-Handed Axe, Colin Dixon? 2000's

So nothing fancy here. I was motivated to paint a dwarf or two after completing the aforementioned crew, and so I used that to complete this model. Opening up Orctober to Slayers-of-Orcs also gave me a bit of extra motivation in some ways, but I mean, it was well Neglected regardless. So it was going to count on completion regardless. Not a bad model once done. Gluing that axe onto it makes a big difference, I’ll certainly say! Most importantly – done, done and onto the next one!