Conan Kickstarter’s “Vanir Valkyrie” (aka Not-Red Sonja)

Conan Kickstarter. Vanir Valkyrie, Red Sonja

Today I have another model from the Conan Kickstarter. Well, the first one, not the current one that’s in the midst of a Pledge Manager clusterfuck. This model is of a character called “Valkyrie”, which implies the Arnie film version of Valeria, except, well the art seems to imply otherwise.

Because, you know, Valkyrie.

Kickstarter Text: A feisty warrior who is in NO WAY RELATED TO ANY CHARACTER YOU MAY KNOW is a character that can be used as both a Hero and an overlord minion!

However, Paolo Parente’s box artwork, seems to indicate someone else. Someone a bit more specific. I’d make a dumb joke about how I’m not sure who, but I already kinda gave it away with the heading. Not that you’d much help to guess who based on the art.

Conan Kickstarter. Vanir Valkyrie, Red Sonja

Like oh-so-many of my models, she was started a decent little while ago. Realistically, it would have been right after I finished the last roughly-human-sized Conan model, since I have a habit of starting a new model that relates to a thing right after finishing one. Which just means I end up with tons of half-painted models, hence my whole Neglected Model drive for the moment. I didn’t realise what was wrong with her leg until I was attempting to complete her a few days ago, when I figured out that she was missing a scabbard for a dagger on her thigh. So, basically, I got a dodgy model and didn’t notice until now. Not much I could do about that, so I went looking in my old bits boxes and found a 1/35 modern military sheathed combat knife and glued it on there, and then painted it up appropriately.

Conan Kickstarter. Vanir Valkyrie, Red Sonja

This model was pretty disappointing in terms of details – it’s basically only a half-steb above the original Bones models in terms of soft, chewing-gum detail. I mean, it’s fine as a boardgame piece, but it’s not what I’d consider a high quality miniature. Look at that awful fur and how soft the cloak is – not to mention her soft-looking NERF cosplay sword! Yeah, this wasn’t a model I wanted to spend extra time getting realistic looking fur. I just wanted to get her done and outta here. I also went with Contrast for the backs of her loincloths. Got them done, and good enough for this model.

Conan Kickstarter. Vanir Valkyrie, Red Sonja

Speaking of cosplay, I went against the box art for her front loincloth and combat bikini top, going with gold instead of fur. If you’re doing the chanmail bikini thing, you may as well go all the way, right? Anyway, she’s done and if I ever get around to playing Conan, she’ll see some tabletop time. Or if we ever need a fantasy chainmail bikini chick for anything else, I guess…

A Mystery Dwarf Slayer…


Dwarf Slayer

I’ve had this particular metal model for quite a few years. Picked up amongst a baggie of second-hand plastic dwarf models back in the day, it’s a slightly confounding model that I’ve never quite been able to place. On the surface it looks like any other Citadel Dwarf Slayer, right? Thge thing is, it’s base tab was blank. Doesn’t mean all that much by itself, though most of us from the metal age would know how that’s quite unusual to not even see a “GW1995” or whatever on the tab. Oh, and I haven’t been able to place him in any of the series of Slayer models that I’ve looked at.

Dwarf Slayer

From the back he looks reasonably normal as well. Pretty standard “flat” pose, typical of the 90’s and 2000’s metal production. Typical “roided-up, muscular baby” GW dwarf proportions.

Dwarf Slayer

The side view is where it’s much more interesting. Look at the details of the mohawk and also the earring. That’s not usual sculpted hair. It looks to me like the model was made for a much simpler 2-part mold as the whole thing has been designed to remove the undercuts that you get with a silicone mold. Maybe a hard mould? Is the model a prototype of some sort? A recast? Metal recast of a plastic model? (of this quality? Seems an …odd choice) Or from one of the many third parties that make not-models of various types for not-Warhammer?

If you know from whence this model came, dear reader, please do let me know in the comments. It’d be good to put a final lid on this model. He took this long to finish painting for a reason, and it’s because the odd (lack of) details on him were rather uninspiring, so thanks to “The Tray” for being the thing to finally motivate me to get him done and out of here!

Vikings, Sjaután!

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Saga, VIK043 Viking Berserker Champions, VIK042 Viking Ulfheadnar Wolf Skin Berserkers
Wow. A year now since I last completed any of my Viking models. These two are both from Wargames Foundry, who appears to have redesigned their Viking pages to take advantage of SAGA since I last looked at them. The big lad is “Big Lud Headsplitter” from their VIK043 Viking Berserker Champions set, while his rotund offsider is “Hvitserk the Bold” from their VIK042 Viking Ulfheadnar Wolf Skin Berserkers set. Most of the rest of both packs are already painted and have been shown before in previous Viking entries here, excepting the two banner bearers from VIK043, neither of which actually came with banner poles or heads, so they ended up low on my priority list, but are both on the current tray as well, so hopefully to be completed soonish. Unlike the rest of my Berserkers, I’ve painted the “Big Lud” model as an older warrior who has accumulated some visible wealth in the many campaigns he’s been a part of, and so has more exensive red-dyed clothing as well as brass/bronze weapon accoutrements.
Wargames Foundry Vikings, Saga, VIK043 Viking Berserker Champions, VIK042 Viking Ulfheadnar Wolf Skin Berserkers
A minor disappointment that’s nonetheless worth pointing out from the Foundry Viking range – a lot of the models shown on their pages appear to come with rather cool looking shields with embossed designs. When I placed my rather decent order with them a few years ago for a number of packs across their Viking range, I got a few shields like the one that Hvitserk is holding in these pictures, with either two or three segments, but exactly none of the ones with the embossed designs. Just worth pointing out to help avoid the same disappointment that I had when my order arrived.
Wargames Foundry Vikings, Saga, VIK043 Viking Berserker Champions, VIK042 Viking Ulfheadnar Wolf Skin Berserkers
After the next two, that will only leave one more of my started Vikings to complete, not counting the single model I’m using for a …special purpose. Of course, there are a fair few more in a completely unstarted state not even counting the plastics, so I’ll have to make the decision in future trays on whether to forge on with finishing uncompleted/neglected models or whether I try to slip a few more unpainted metal Vikings into the production line…

C27 Beastmen: Hogman (“Autumn” July-Aug 1985)

C27 Beastmen: Hogman (Sept 1985), Oldhammer

Today we’re looking at a really bloody ye olde model here. A C27 Beastman from 1985. “Hogman is his name, and …well, for the past many years, being an old broken piece of junk in a box has been his game. The model had been painted once, probably close to 30 years ago, and even then not to the best of my ability since it’s a rather wonky sculpt, and since then the spear blade had broken off and it was basically just a nothing model.

C27 Beastmen: Hogman (Sept 1985) , Oldhammer

So naturally Marouda saw it and picked it out to be a model for me to paint. First thing was to repair the speartip, with a donation from an OOP plastic skeleton, and then to repaint as needed, so he got a new cloak, new claws, new leather straps and touched-up flesh. The crudely-sculpted fur is a bit of a lost cause, and the feet are also very crudely sculpted – not much more than impressions in some blobs. Funny how the head is clearly so much better than any other part of the model. I suppose the cloak is competently done. Still, I guess we have to allow for the fact that the model is just a few months shy of 35 years old. Wow.

Now that’s some Oldhammer.

Age of Sigmar: Malign Sorcery – Endless Spells: Quicksilver Swords (Contrast Paint Experiment #19)

Age of Sigmar, Malign Sorcery, Endless Spells, Quicksilver Swords, Contrast Paint

As part of “The Tray” I finished off another of the Endless Spells that have been hanging around part-painted for ages now. This one being the Quicksilver Swords. (Probably) No relation to Pietro Maximoff or Surfwear. A pretty complex model as a simple single piece cast from a simple concept, it’s a pretty good model, really. It’s on a 40mm base (I forgot – again – to take a shot alongside a model for scale reference) but it’s a pretty decently sized piece. I’ll have to do some Endless Spell group shots when I have a few more of them done…

Age of Sigmar, Malign Sorcery, Endless Spells, Quicksilver Swords, Contrast Paint

Since I didn’t think much of the almost-white yellow ectoplasm-smoke-whatever in the official art, I instead opted for purple to add a bit of colour and a nice compliment to the gold of the swords’ hilts and pommels. I know I just showed off those purple leeches from reaper using a similar purple Contrast tone, but these were started months apart, and the purple Contrast parts were done ages ago as part of that. These sword had, well, the entirety of the swords to paint to get them finished, along with the base. So here we are. Basically, the colour of the ethereal mystic stuff is Contrast Magos Purple once again spot-diluted with Contrast Medium.

That’s it for today! Enjoy!

Reaper Bones 4: Dreadmere Expansion – 44031: Giant Leeches (Contrast Paint Experiments #18)

Reaper Bones 4: Dreadmere Expansion - 44031 Giant Leeches

Another quick one here – this pair of Sea-Wormy things – Apparently they’re Giant Leeches – thanks to maledrakh for that! (and no thanks to Reaper’s shitty minis tagging) – came from the Dreadmere Expansion of Reaper’s 4th Bones Kickstarter. They’re …okay models, and a decent size (sorry, forgot to take a scale reference shot, but those bases are 25mm). Detail is a little soft, and there are visible mold lines which I did the best I could without putting in more effort than the models deserve. I couldn’t find the “proper” names of these anywhere on the KS pages, nor on Reaper’s site, so I went with “say what you see”.

Reaper Bones 4: Dreadmere Expansion - 44031 Giant Leeches

For painting I went with a thinned down Contrast Volpus Pink with the usual Contrast Medium added in over what was either Wraithbone or AK Interactive WHite Spray (that part of the job was months ago). Even after the Contrast, it still looked a bit dull, so I drybrushed over it with some Vallejo Model Colour Ivory. Like a lot of the random stuff that comes out of Bones, I have no specific use for these, though I’m sure I can drop them into a bunch of different games as appropriate.

Similarly, as a pair of low-detail Bones models with no specific use, I could have done a lot better with them but went for the quick and easy win combined with learning a little more about how the Contrasts will work on different types of models and different sizes and shapes. These look fine as far as a simple Tabletop quality job, which is good enough for me. I’ve got plenty of more important models to put proper time and care into, after all! 😉

A New Beginning – Cleaned up the Painting Desk and “The Tray” Makes an Appearance!

I haven’t done any painting this week since I’ve been cleaning up and reorganising the desk. Yeah, this is cleaned up. It’s like, a million times better now. No exaggeration. There’s a lot more space for me to work, I can leave larger pieces on actual desk, and Marouda can even help me with basecoats or do some actual painting of her own if she likes/I can convince her to. She’s not exactly shit, either, so I don’t quite understand why she’s always so hesitant to do more painting. Hopefully the new, cleared up space is more enticing. (seriously, stuff was just piled atop of more piles of stuff and my actual painting space was about 5 inches deep and 12 inches wide at the edge of one side – pretty much where you see the blotting paper.

There’s also a new part of the plan in this pic “The Tray”. I’ve watched Dave Kay over at Scent of a Gamer (go check it out if you’re not familiar with his blog) develop and use his “The Tray” concept for a little over 2 years now, and so while I was clearing the desk, I asked Marouda to brave the post-apocalyptic landscape outside, armed only with a respirator, a crowbar, and a small chainsaw and pick me up a Tray and some more plastic tubs (for mini storage) from Big W on her Supermarket run so I could put this into action.

I’ll be keeping the “before” pics kinda vague (if I even show them at all) since I like to get some surprises into the stuff I post, and I probably won’t do after ones at all – the main purpose of the tray for me will be to give me a hard limit on what I allow myself to paint, with a bit of variety there but needing to finish it all before moving to other models (in the form of the next tray…) With that in mind, this one is mostly filled with “easy wins”, so hopefully it won’t take too long to work my way through…