Nârik Dreygur: Iron Warrior

Nârik Dreygur, Narik Dreygur, Iron Warriors

Today we have the Narik Dreygur Iron Warriors model from Forge World. Nominally for 30k/HH, Narik, the “Gravewalker” was a renowned Iron Warriors commander during the Horus Heresy who eventually turned from the Traitors and became a loyalist and close confidant to the Salamanders – specifically, Cassian Dracos, the “Iron Dragon”. While my grand plan for my Iron Warriors force does include creating a decent element that will be 30k/40k compatible, I’m also realistic to know that my chances of ever playing 30k aren’t huge, so the main focus will be the 40k aspects.

Nârik Dreygur, Narik Dreygur, Iron Warriors

With that in mind, I’ve painted him following the same scheme as my 40k Iron Warriors. They’re pretty much the same between 30 and 40k, but perhaps a little more in terms of Hazard striping and in some cases copper/brass trim. I considered going brass with his right shoulder, but felt it looked good in iron – and would probably look less good if I changed it, so it remained. My 40k IW retain the heraldry of the IV Legion, so Dreygur’s power fist seemed an appropriate place to stamp that firm.

Nârik Dreygur, Narik Dreygur, Iron Warriors

I gave him a not-Iron Warriors shoulder pad from Puppetswar, in Poland. They have some amazingly great designs, but when I ordered from them they were slow as molasses and the casting quality was nightmarishly bad to the point where they ended up having to replace most of my order – but only after I kicked up a huge public stink with the photos to the extent that they stopped posting on Dakka for a couple of years. I’ve not ordered from them since, so I don’t know if their casting quality and QA have improved, and I’m not that desperate to try again. I know they do occasionally send out freebies for review, and those models would obviously be lovely, cherry-picked casts.

Nârik Dreygur, Narik Dreygur, Iron Warriors

The backpack under his feet is painted in the dark green of my Dark Angels. I considered Minotaurs, but I felt that the brass of their armour would be too much metallic to add to the model, and not distinct enough from either Dreygur or his base, while their traditional foes, the Imperial Fists wouldn’t work well since I plan to eventually have only 1-2 squads of them, as opposed to the scores of Dark Angels I’ll eventually have painted up.

While Dreygur is a named character in 30k, in my 40k force he’ll be used as an Exalted Champion, to run up alongside assaulters to help inflict those important close combat wounds (rerolling 1s to wound!) I might well keep the moniker of Nârik Dreygur, as I’m sure the IW would appreciate that kind of dark irony.

Review: Urbanmatz’ 6’x4′ Snow Territory Game Mat.

Just going to reblog this post, despite it being from January this year, it’s a pretty detailed review with lots of pics, and it took me forever to restore the over 30 photos from the Photobucketpocalypse just now. I’m sure some of the newer readers would enjoy it.

Azazel's Bitz Box.

Warning, Pic HEAVY! – Also, most pics can be clicked for larger versions.

Recently, at the end of 2016 I placed an order for three gaming mats from Urbanmatz, based in the Czech Republic. There was a delay on one of the mats I ordered, as it was out of stock for a few weeks, though Martin was kind enough to offer me a freebie Snow Territory mat, which he explained had some yellowed stain marks on it. I gladly accepted the offer, and am reviewing the mat now, with the noted discolouration noted and allowed for. I recently reviewed their 6’x3′ Space Mat along with the Fantasy Flight 3’x’3′ X-Wing Starfield Mat.

Urbanmatz' 6'x4' Snow Territory Game Mat.

Once again, the Urbanmatz mat is on neoprene (mouse pad material) and is quite nice. I wasn’t sure what to expect when it was offered, and while I was secretly hoping for a 6×4, was…

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From the Painting Desk #14 – Lots of DVDA

Yep, a WIP post. I haven’t done many of these in the last couple of years, but motivation is key! After a couple of months worth of scratching off mould lines at work, I’ve finally gotten a chunk of the Dark Vengeance models ready to start painting – specifically a whole bunch of Dark Angel tactical marines. While I’ve been ill over the last week, I spent what time I could doing simple hobby-related work. Clipping off tabs, filing off feet, gluing washers underneath bases, gluing figures (and slate chunks) to bases. With some less-cold weather finally here yesterday I was able to take a spray can to the based figures.

Round One was naturally the black primer, followed today by D̶a̶r̶k̶ ̶A̶n̶g̶e̶l̶s̶ ̶C̶a̶l̶i̶b̶a̶n̶ Brunswick Green spray paint from Bunnings. I’ve left the heavy weapon guys and Sergeants to the side for now, as I’ll want to vary them a lot more. So it’s just the more generic Dark Angel Marines being worked on for now.

So now the basic guys are all sprayed, and I’m going through the fun of individually sanding their bases while being careful not to get any on their feet or the slate shards on their bases. Tedious, but I know it’ll work out in the end. The current plan is to fully paint all of them, and simply leave off the squad designation number decal from their tactical arrow. Once I work out Sergeants and Heavies (and vary the specialists as I go) I’ll start forming them into actual squads. Which will be a doddle if all that’s left is simply applying a decal and varnish.

Lots more DV DA to go after that. There are still (at least) 5 sets of Deathwing Terminators from DV as well as all of the DA Ravenwing Bikes. I’m going to be busy for awhile…

Something arrived in my mailbox a few days ago… a letter from France!

A little morsel wrapped up. What could it be?

A beautifully-sculpted Rackham Goblin! Kindly sent to me by Carlo, who has been turning out some great looking goblins over the past few months. Thank you my friend! Very much appreciated, and I will certainly get him painted to join my small tribe of greenskins!


Azazel joins Dreadtober 2017!


So Dreadtober is a thing that has been around some of the 40k Blogs for a few years. Well, this is the third one, and a couple of the blogs I follow have mentioned it recently as they worked through Spartember, so I did some looking up to see how it works and if I can play as well. I found the online home of “Dreadtober 2017” (though I assume it’ll also serve the same purpose next year and so on) and contacted them to find out if finally getting stuff finished fit their criteria for participation, since I have a pair of Dreads that have been unfinished since 3rd Edition and 4th/5th. And now that the dumpster fire of 6th/7th edition 40k has been taken out behind the shed and put out our misery, there’s a reason to get back onto my 40k collection again – including this pair of Albatrosses.

The green-and-white dread was built as part of my fresh-start-for-3rd ed marine army. A lot is done, but it still very much needs highlighting, shading and work on the details and suchlike.

The Iron Warriors Forge World Dread was purchased second-hand about 10 or so years ago now (whenever it was that 4th was transitioning into 5th), and was painted pretty much as you see it now – reasonable tabletop quality but not up to scratch for what I want. I’ve rebased it and built/added the left arm with the drill-powerfist, as the original was a very roughly scratchbuilt thunder hammer. I’ve also magnetised both arms. (and plan to add a Plasma Cannon option.)

For good measure, I also asked if Be’Lakor would qualify, as they have people doing Daemons and such as well. I started him as a stretch goal for 2015’s Painting December project, and never finished him. So, you know. Motivation.

Anyway, the reply I got was in the affirmative so I now have a bit more motivation to get these suckers done. I’m waiting on some 3D-printed Icons for the green-and-white dread that will be integral to completing it beyond the touch-ups and completion of various bit that the model sorely needs. I may decide to rebase it as well. I’m not sure.

Of course, even with these three larger guys to finish off, I’ll continue to blunder my way through completing more Iron Warriors, Minotaurs, Orks, ##### #######, ##########, ############, Dark Angels, and any other Odd Angry Shot that I decide to paint and/or finish off. The important thing is that I now have even more motivation to finish these three off, so they might even get done. Finally.

Not sure if I’ll do a theme for November, but I do plan to resurrect “Painting December” this year, though. I might even see if anyone else wants to get on board, but that’s a post for later!

Orktober 2017 #1: Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Ork (440206 – Oct 1988)

Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Ork (440206 - Oct 1988)

This Ork hails from the second proper wave of Space Orks back in the Rogue Trader days, when they were just transitioning from the RT codes into the “serial numbers” to designate each model. White Dwarf 106 back in October ’88. Today being the 1st of October, 2017 it’s effectively taken 30 years for this guy to get painted!

OK, I’m cheating. I didn’t get him in October ’88. It would have been sometime in ’89, but still

I’ve gone for very much an old-school style palette on him, though probably less bright and garish than some of them. Clothing and armour are otherwise again in earthy tones that still fit with the overall “desert warrior” feel (even though his trousers are in a woodland camo variant)

Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Ork (440206 - Oct 1988)

The weapon being worn (but not rusty!) metals and his stahlhelm in bare metal as well. No “WAAAAGH” title for this post, since this guy is a figure I pulled out of my stash to paint for enjoyment rather than one from the still-being resurrected Ork force. So he’ll still be part of the army, but I’m not sure where he fits in yet.

Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Ork (440206 - Oct 1988)

As with most Orks of the day, rather than boots, he’s got puttees wrapped around his feet from his toes almost to his knees. This was Kev Adams’ style on the fantasy orcs that he sculpted in those days, and something that directly carried over to almost all of the original Ork line.

Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Ork (440206 - Oct 1988)

I’ll hopefully have some more figures up shortly. Unfortunately I’ve still been a bit ill and so more dopey and confused than normal, so I’ve not had much energy for painting, blogging or replying to others’ posts. I photographed a couple of other old-school Orks at the same time as this guy, but the photos were way too blurry to use, so I’ve got to take them again, and that put me off posting anything for about a week since I still needed to crop this guy and the third one and didn’t have the energy/mental constitution for it. Pretty pathetic, eh? I’ve still been looking at people’s stuff though, so if you got a like without much in the way of comments recently, that’s why.

Dark Angels Asmodai, Interrogator-Chaplain (2nd Edition)

Dark Angels Asmodai, Interrogator-Chaplain (2nd Edition), Jes Goodwin

Another model that was part-painted for many years. Jes Goodwin’s original sculpt of Asmodai. Once again, the revival of Warhammer 40k has really resurrected my interest in the game and its models, and Asmodai is the latest of my old, half-painted and forgotten marine models that has been taken out of his foam-filled sarcophagus, rebased and then finished.

Dark Angels Asmodai, Interrogator-Chaplain (2nd Edition), Jes Goodwin

I can’t say enough positive things about this sculpt. I’ve always been a huge fan of Jes’ character model sculpts, and this one really captures all three key elements of Asmodai perfectly – Space Marine, Chaplain, and Dark Angel.

Dark Angels Asmodai, Interrogator-Chaplain (2nd Edition), Jes Goodwin

As I’ve noted before, I was never especially taken with the early (2e) change from green to bone-coloured robes for those in the Dark Angels/Deathwing. The green robed figures in their iconography really captured the DA feel much more for me, and so I decided to just go with the green on Asmodai, giving him a bone-coloured robe hem on a whim as I thought it would look good. I painted his mask with bone, though I have seen some nice work with iron/silver over the years, but still – Chaplain. His pistol holster colours reference the 2nd Octavius Crusade Company, which is the designation of my personal DA army.

Dark Angels Asmodai, Interrogator-Chaplain (2nd Edition), Jes Goodwin

Obviously under the green robes, I’ve given him the traditional black armour of an Astartes Chaplain and picked out his more ornate armoured elements in iron and a dark copper, which I continued to his wargear. I added a 3D-printed Dark Angels icon to his right shoulder which I got from Pop Goes The Monkey on Shapeways. Seems that GW is busily C&Ding his designs down at the moment, both the ones that are reasonably GW-owned as well as ones that are much more dubious as far as claims go (at least in terms of GW “owning” them). It’s pretty Chapterhouse in many ways, but I doubt that PGTM will be able to fight them in the same was, as CH lucked into a quality Pro Bono legal defence. Bascially, if you want any of their stuff, go buy it now before it disappears!

Dark Angels Asmodai, Interrogator-Chaplain (2nd Edition), Jes Goodwin

Rather than going for plain iron or the metallic blue/silver that I like to use for power weapons, the Palette of his Crozius somewhat echoes that used on traditional Dark Angels iconography, though using metallic shades of those colours for the winged watcher. Now I really need to get a Company Master finished for these guys so I can then get onto the more interesting heroes and spend some time slogging through the DV tactical marines…

WAAAAGH! Pt.4: GorkaMorka Slaver a.k.a. Ork Runtherd (1998)

Citadel GorkaMorka Slaver, 40k Ork Runtherd, Brian Nelson (1998)

A bit of a slow week this last couple of weeks for posts as I had exhausted my backlog of recently-painted-but-unshown models, and to be blunt had a bit of the old blogging-burnout. I’ll slowly catch up on people’s posts and keep on painting here to get more new models finished. Still, I do have something today – one of the models I’d planned to complete a couple of weekends ago but only managed to do during the week. This guy is from the GorkaMorka range, which was a side game of GW’s (now known as “Specialist Games”) and the sort-of successor and replacement for Necromunda in their release schedule. GM never took off like Necromunda did, and my group never actually played it at all, which I felt was a shame, since it looked like a fair bit of fun. I did, however pick up a ton of GM kits, which I guess might start to be assembled and painted now that I’m resurrecting the Orks.

Citadel GorkaMorka Slaver, 40k Ork Runtherd, Brian Nelson (1998)

Palette-wise, I kept him fairly simple and muted. A robe that started as off-white before being dirtied up quite a bit, some leather gubbins and the old Pilot’s cap all in browns finished him off.

Of course, Bruce Spence’s iconic character of the Gyro Captain is a visible inspiration for this figure’s look – not to mention several other Orks through the years. Of course, Mad Max 2 has been a huge influence over much of popular culture in general and 40k in particular – and especially so for Orks. I mean Just Look Anywhere.

Citadel GorkaMorka Slaver, 40k Ork Runtherd, Brian Nelson (1998)

Ork Slavers are generally also called Runtherds, and have been so since the RT days. One thing that is for sure is this figure was called “Ork Slaver” for it’s GM release. So this means there’s something missing here!

Citadel GorkaMorka Slaver, 40k Ork Runtherd, Brian Nelson (1998)

Now at this stage I don’t have any runts ready for this guy to herd …yet. But rest assured, when they get sorted out, this guy will make an appropriate reappearance here on the blog.

Citadel GorkaMorka Slaver, 40k Ork Runtherd, Brian Nelson (1998)

He’s comin’ ta getcha!