September 2020 – Personal Painting Round-Up

A quick one here. Still no round-up for Jewel of July-August – sorry about that! For those wondering WTF is up, the simplest way to describe the delays and my apearances and disappearances to my blog (and yours!) is to simply state that 2020 happened in July, and has continued to happen again every time it feels like it might be relenting. So without further ado, here’s my model painting round-up for September.

Once again, it’s dominated by scenery and board game models. There’s a couple of good reasons for both of those – the tail end of Dave’s Scenery challenge keeps on rolling. We’ve been actually playing boardgames as opposed to miniatures wargames – and of course both are a little more forgiving when it comes to your concentration and focus not being at 100%.

I’ve still been painting a bit during my recent hiatus, and my output so far for October isn’t a far cry from the September stuff you’re seeing here – more board game models, more terrain pieces. Oh, and one metal “D&D” model from Reaper or Ral Partha or whoever it was that produced the thing. I’ll let this post sit for a day or two, then I’ll probably be doing dual-post days so I don’t end up a half-month behind in my posts when November hits. I am trying to finish a single model for Dreadtober, and I’ve gotten a bit done on it, even. Wish me luck for finishing!

56 models completed in September, which is decent as far as numbers go, even though 21 of those are those super-simple LNoE zombies. I finished 7 more of them in October so far with a firther 7 to go, but I’m prety much out of steam for those, so I’ll have to force myself. Still, 56 models added to the 305 up to the end of August gives me 361, so I guess 365+ completed is a given at this stage (especially since I’ve finished twenty-something more so far in October that I’ll be showing shortly).

That’s it for today. More posts soon!

Marvel Crisis Protocol Terrain: Dumpsters and Street Lights

Marvel Crisis Protocol Terrain: Dumpsters and Street Lights

Continuing with the recent themes of dumpsters and large, square metal boxes, today I’m showing the first four bits of terrain from Marvel Crisis Protocol that I’ve painted. These also wrap up my September posts with the Round-up to follow very shortly. I’d managed to resist the game, but a series of articles by Justin over at The Solo Meeple as he painted his way through his collection slowly turned me over a few months from indifference to very interested – and then when I looked around online it turned out that pretty much all of the feedback for the game was quote positive through different review channels that I follow on YouTube, forums like Dakka and Reddit, and now they have an impending release of The Punisher and several of the X-Men

It also tied in with the thoughts of using some Zombie models to play something like Last Days, and then a box magically appeared in my house, fileld with Marvel Goodies! What else could I do but put all of the hero and villain models to one side and start assembling the terrain pieces…?

The mentality there is “saving” the best for last… With a complete lack of heroes to stand alongside, we once again have a Hasslefree model that absolutely is not of Simon Pegg to provide us with some size reference, alongside one of those Mantic bins…