Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18: Part 6 – The Final Round-Up!

So here we are. Wrapping up the second time this challenge has been a thing, and the first time I’ve invited others to participate if they so wish. There was triumph, tragedy, we laughed, we cried, there were tears, and fears. And possibly someone listened to Tears for Fears at some point. I’d hoped to complete the 1996 Great Unclean One as well as one (or two) Forge World Nurgle Daemon Princes, and maybe a Herald of Nurgle, maybe the Original Great Unclean One, and possibly even finish Be’lakor and the Marauder Giant that still languish on my desk and shelf, unfinished from the previous Painting December of 2015. HA!

I did get the ’96 GUO finished, and Mamon, Daemon Prince and the Original GUO are both close enough that they will be complete very shortly. Probably later today for the original GUO, in fact – and hopefully by tomorrow night for Mamon. (I’m typing this on Saturday.)

Wudugast from Convert or Die completed his Skaven Screaming Bell.


The 28th Scribe completed Grymdraig from Mierce Miniatures. A nice subtle use of brass and verdigris on the torso add interest and detail to the completed model.


Alex from Leadbaloony converted and painted a personalised version of Arkhan the Black, using a combination of Grenadier’s old-school Death Dragon, and old Citadel Skeleton Cavalry model, and a few spectral undead models for the basing.


Dave Kay from Scent of a Gamer completed Goremaw, a huge model from Reaper’s Bones line. I’ve been working on getting my own Goremaw assembled after seeing his completed one!


Archer from Dakka completed his Necron Monolith.  He’s gone for a sandstone-and-metal look which has come up really very nicely. More photos are buried at the bottom of his gigantic post.


TinPot Revolutionary completed Venerable-Brother Dracorus of the Iron Eagles Space Marine Chapter.  Sharp, neat highlights combined with a muted, military colour scheme makes the extra details really pop.


Joshinjapan from Dakka completed what I last time called an inspirational job on Great Cthulhu from Reaper Bones. Somuch so, that I’ve been looking for the same paints that he used locally (with little luck, so far).


Zergsmasher, also from Dakka, smashed out a great Mortarion. All those fiddly details!


Last finished model to show, but very much not least is Imperial Rebel Ork’s fantastic Ogre/Ogor Mournfang Stonehorn and rider.


There were a few non-completions – both shared online and not, but hopefully those figures will now be well on their way to being done. And there’s no reason they can’t be used as content for any future painting challenges, either here or elsewhere if it comes to it. Anything that helps motivate us to get more stuff done is a good thing, after all.


Ian Sturrock is close to completion on his Bones Frost Giants. Having been interrupted by a house move, he just needs to find everything (because packing) to drive them to final completion.


Ann from Ann’s Imperium‘s work on Foetid Bloat-Drone “Becky the Bloater” appears to have stalled out at the end of January. I’ve heard that Becky might make a reappearance as part of Leadballoony Alex’s Fembruary Challenge.


Thomas of High Times on the Eastern Fringe was working on a Khorne Lord of Skulls. He appears to have been distracted by the schemes of Tzeentch, however. Hopefully one day Khorne’s big mechanical champion shall arise!

Mentor Legion #2 – Tactical Squad II-1

The Mentor Legion was always a Space Marine Chapter I was fond of, ever since I first saw them back in White Dwarf 98 during the late 1980’s. When Warhammer 40k 3rd edition rolled a good decade later, in 1998, I decided to start a new army for the new edition (before that was used as a marketing catchphrase) and the Mentor Legion were the ones I chose.

I never managed to completely finish any of the models, though. I had five squads partway painted (2 Tactical, 2 Assault, 1 Scout), as well as a Dreadnought, Razorback (converted from a Predator), Librarian and Chaplain. There were a bunch of models that were all but finished – just needing their chapter badge. Being more interested in the original Mentor Legion with their Owl-head icon than the retconned “Mentors” with red, raptor head icon I tried to make my own Icons via my scanner and photoshop, but the printer paper I purchased from a hobby store did not work as advertised, and the designs ran horribly. I still used the models in games with my regular opponents of the day, but that was the end of trying to finish them properly for over a decade.

Skip forward to mid-late 2017, and I found that 3D-printed icons were now a thing on Shapeways. One designer agreed to make original Mentor Legion owl-head icons, but then took months and created the new raptor-head icons. Obviously only half-remembering and half-paying attention. Another designer I found later was willing to create them, having them ready within a couple of weeks, which has led to me finally being able to complete these figures. First up was the Dreadnought, which after so many false starts, I completed as part of Dreadtober.

Also as part of completing that Dreadnought, I finally got to trying the decal sheets I purchased in 2015 or 2016, after advice from . I’ve now got nice-quality, printed chapter icon decals for my Mentor Legion, for those times when the 3D-printed icons aren’t suitable. Next up was getting some of the infantry done, so I picked out the most close-to-complete models I had from the selection I had, removed ones with metal legs that would require a bunch of cutting to mount on 32mm bases, and set to rebasing them.

This left me with 6 Marines from Tactical Squad II and 3 marines from Tactical Squad III. Naturally, 2/3 of the photos of Squad III were blurry, so I need to retake them, and they’ll be in a separate post. Just as well, I guess. Squad II (they used to have a name) was the first one I started on, and gave them all MKVI Corvus armour (but MKVII pauldrons, since it was 3rd edition – plastics were limited in the extreme, and I wanted to use the space for squad markings and chapter icons anyway!)

When I got to starting subsequent squads, I quickly realised that my initial dream of an all MKVI force (inspired by the illustrations in WD98) was probably not feasable, so they’re in the usual mix of armour types. I’ll manage to finish this squad in type, though. I was not pleased last year when I realised that the original green paints I used had been discontinued without close approximations, but I found very close matches in P3 and Vallejo, so I’m still good once my old hex-pots finish up or dry out.

This brings us to the end of Squad II. For now at least. The Mention Legion plan is to slowly go through all of the old figures, rebase and finish them off – complete with Chapter Icons, before expanding the force with some newer reinforcements. I’m not to touch any new models until the last of the old guard is brought up to modern standards and completed, so probably a few months at best, then! Also – these six don’t count towards February’s neglected mini challenges, since they were completed in January.

Yep, I’ve got a backlog to post up!

Orc1 Warrior Orc/Orc Champion (Kev Adams, 1987-88 or thereabouts) Part 1.

The earliest I can find this particular orc is in the 1988 “blue” catalogue listed as an Orc Champion, though he’s an alternate sculpt of “Mannik” from the ORC1 Warrior Orc range, found in the 1987 Citadel Journal, so it’s likely he was originally part of that range, given his dodgy facial sculpt. The catalogues get pretty ropey from 1987 and back. Anyway, he’s a duplicate of a figure I painted myself way back in the period between ’88-90 who I found and reburbished recently, with a small touch-up and a new base. The plan was to complete the pair and post them together, but I lost the original shield from the original Orc, so until I find it and remount it, this guy stands alone.

I’ve gone for much the same colour scheme as I did with my other older orcs (that came later, circa 4th edition WHFB), and painted both the red of and the the skull on his stomach guard as a reference to those figures. The highlight of this figure though, is his shield. The freehand orc-face design was originally painted way back in my early days – I think I originally planned for it to go on a war machine – but when I saw it sitting around after all these years, I decided to get it onto a figure, and this guy fit the bill perfectly. All I really did besides the rim was add the upper level highlights.

With his not-especially-interesting front, and cool looking shield on his back, this guy is a shoo-in to be in the rear rank of any force on aesthetic value alone. 😉

Celestial Lions Space Marine Tactical Squad

Assault on Black Reach Space Marines, Celestial Lions

I started painting this Tactical Squad of Celestial Lions on Christmas Day, and was originally on track to finish them before the end of 2017, but then it didn’t work out that way as I ended up busy with a bunch of other things. Still, I managed to complete the squad towards the end of January.

Assault on Black Reach Space Marines, Celestial Lions

The main reason it took so long was actually this pair – the Sergeant and Missile Launcher guy. Compared to the rest of the squad which I was able to pretty much batch paint, these two ended up being much more slowly painted individuals, due to the amount of individual fiddly bits between the pair of them. I also decided to paint the Sergeant’s right Pauldron with Imperial Fists livery – as a heirloom item from their primogenitors. In slightly battered condition.

Assault on Black Reach Space Marines, Celestial Lions

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed by now that these guys lack a squad badge on their tactical arrow. This is by design. My cunning plan is to paint another Lions Tactical squad worth of figures at some stage in the not-too-distant future, and then mix the two sets of figures together.

Assault on Black Reach Space Marines, Celestial Lions

The next 10 marines will be made of a mixture of 2nd Ed metals, multipose plastics, and maybe some FW resin/Calth plastics to give a variety of poses and armour types. I’m using 3-d printed icons throughout.

Assault on Black Reach Space Marines, Celestial Lions

When the two sets of figures are mixed together, it will remove a lot of the repetitive redundancy that they have at the moment, all being monopose push-fit figures from the Assault on Black Reach starter set. (40k 5th Edition starter, 2008). At that point I’ll either organise them into numbered squads or decide to paint a third set of 10 tacticals and really mix things up once they’re completed.

Assault on Black Reach Space Marines, Primaris Lieutenants, Celestial Lions

Here’s the completed squad alongside the two Primaris Lieutentants from Dark Imperium (40k 8th Edition starter, 2017). I’ll have to do some character models and probably a Dreadnought and vehicle – which will then place them firmly in “small playable faction” territory. I’ve got some other marines I want to finish off before I start to do that, though…

Fembruary Painting Challenge

Alex over at Leadballoony has come up with another February painting challenge. That being Fembruary. Because Femme.

Rather than paraphasing Alex, I’ll just quote him here verbatim:

Now, challenge time… It is an increasingly congested market at the moment – it’s a challenge keeping up with all the challenges! But… I am issuing the call to all WIPsters and hipsters, painters of hammers old and new, Inq28ers, collectors and gamers. Dear reader, no doubt you have heard of Orctober, Deadcember, Slaanuary, and all the various themed months of the year… I would like to propose that we add Fembruary to the list – a time of year for us to collectively challenge the male domination of our collections, and commit to painting some female miniatures for a change… Sisters of Battle and/or Silence, Witch Elves, Sorceresses, Inquisitrixes, Escher gangers, Daemonettes and Shield Maidens – whatever female minis you have on the to-do list, I challenge you to bump them to number one in the queue for the month and get some paint on ‘em… Let’s do something cool ok? Ok???  Ok.

I’ve decided that this year (for the time being at least), I’ll participate in as many painting challenges as I can so long as they also intersect with my own painting goals for the year and are potentially doable in the timeframe. I’ve got enough backlog that I might be able to pull it off. We’ll see.

This slightly awful photo shows my entries. 3 Escher that have been rebased for the current era, and need to have some other bits and pieces updated. 3 more Escher that have also been rebased, but were never completed, and (if I have time) a Dark Elf Sorceress (who had her silly-looking OTT staff topper replaced by a skull).

The next few days will probably have daily posts. I’ve got a bit of other Jan stuff to post up that I haven’t had time to do and then a personal January wrap-up, a Decem-buary group final wrap-up, and a (theoretical) entry for something called Squaduary.

Oh, and Ann! Becky’s a girl, right? 😉

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #3: Trish Morrison’s Great Unclean One (1996-8) Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18: Part 5

Trish Morrison's Great Unclean One of Nurgle (1996-8)

This post is doing double-duty. I’d mocked up a draft post for a couple of WIP shots from the same series I took last week, but I’ve been working on the Great Unclean one pretty constantly whenever I have some hobby time, so the model’s been changing apace from the shots I was going to post about.

Trish Morrison's Great Unclean One of Nurgle (1996-8)

I had also planned to post a more general Painting Decembuary update this weekend, but there’s only been one update from the participants regarding it in past week, a rather lovely dreadnought from Tinpotrevolutionary, (go check it out!) so given that, I’m making this post about my own model, and hold off until late next week for the wrap-up Decembuary post.

Trish Morrison's Great Unclean One of Nurgle (1996-8)

So the double duty is for my own Nurgle Daemon army build, and my own entry to Decembuary. You’ll notice the odd years up above. The model has 1996 carved into one foot, yet the model doesn’t show up until the 1998 Citadel catalogue, so my best guess is that it came out in late 1997. I could check old White Dwarves for the exact year/month, but ain’t nobody got time for dat right now.

Trish Morrison's Great Unclean One of Nurgle (1996-8)

The model is fucking busy. There are SO many little buboes, maggots, rot-worms, rents in the skin, pustules and whatnot, and I was determined to do a job on it that I’d be satisfied with – unlike my fast job on the original GUO that’s always bothered me a little (he’s getting renovated now with a new base). This meant no “wash and done” since I knew it’d just bother me later on.

Trish Morrison's Great Unclean One of Nurgle (1996-8)

Given that I really didn’t get much done in December at all because of what happened, I really thought I’d fail to get anything finished this year – let alone this guy, plus my overly-optimistic “stretch goals” of Mamon, maybe Cor’Bax, then onto completing Be’Lakor and maybe even the Marauder Giant. But yeah. Under the circumstances, I managed to finish this guy, and I’m happy with that.

Trish Morrison's Great Unclean One of Nurgle (1996-8)

Mounting him raised up on some slate has given his Flail of Skulls the effect of being sort-of swung behind him, off the ground. Anyone familiar with the original model will also notice that his tongue has been swapped out. I hated the original head-on-a-tongue sculpt – not conceptually, but the execution – so I replaced it entirely with a metal tentacle from the original Chaos Spawn model from the 1990s’. I bought a few of them just for the bits, back in the day.

Yeah. This guy was a lot of work, but I’m quite pleased with the final result.

Trish Morrison's Great Unclean One of Nurgle (1996-8)

Happy, but not satisfied. Therefore I’ve also restarted work on Mamon, and I’m hoping to have him completed before the end of the month. It’ll be close, either way. I also seem to have misplaced all of my Nurglings. Once they’re located, I’ll paint some up and place them on appropriate models – this model for example, will only get 2nd-gen metal Nurglings.

Oh, there’s now also THIS guy on the horizon. Not for awhile though, as I want to finish all my Nurgle metal and resin before starting on the plastic. When this guy becomes a thing, this old Great Unclean One will probably have to be demoted to Daemon Prince of Nurgle – just as the OG Realm of Chaos GUO will be once he’s rebased. The size discrepancy will just be way too much.

For now, I’m happy to let him lord it over his minions…

Community Painting Challenges for 2018

Leonard the Cat and LPS Bub look to the future of painting challenges.

So as Painting Decembuary seems to have been reasonably successful for those of us participating, I’ve been asked about other challenges. I have an idea that I think manages to keep it simple but hopefully focused enough to keep it interesting for anyone who chooses to participate.

February and March will be small challenges. I may or may not have an initial round-up post at the start of the month and a single wrap-up post for each of these two – but no more than that.

Mega-City One Judge. Adeptus Arbites in Power Armour, RTB01 Marine.

This guy was REALLY neglected. For over a decade.

February will be “Finish a neglected model” month. Simply complete a single model (or more if you want) that you started painting at least 6 months ago, but still sits unfinished.

A game-legal unit of Minotaur Space Marine Devastators wot I finished.

March will be “Finish a legal unit” month. I don’t care if or when you started the unit – or even how many models are in it. Just finish it. It could be 100 goblins or one Space Marine Medic. As long as it’s a legal unit for a game, then it counts.

Example photo from (Mine are in a box in the shed!) Look at all those sprues! Euggggh!

April will be “Assembly-Easter”. Where we celebrate not with chocolate eggs but by assembling something largish that you’ve been putting off for months or longer. I’m sure we’ve all got something like that. Depending on interest, I might do semi-regular updates as with Decembuary.

May and June will probably repeat the “neglected model” and “legal unit” challenges – simple and easily-achievable things that can nonetheless help to motivate us to get some more stuff finished – before another more “Main” Painting challenge in July. We’ll figure that out later, depending on interest – along with anything further through the year.

For a small donation of time this coming month, you can give your neglected models some paint and flock so they can find a new home on your shelf instead of thrown in a box.

If Un-Neglect February strikes your fancy, then start thinking about what poor neglected model(s) you might have hanging around that you might be motivated to pull out of that cabinet, out of that figure case, out of that box, out of that sandwich bag – and get them finally finished off.

The criteria for February: Simply complete a single model (or more if you want) that you started painting at least 6 months ago, but still sits unfinished.

If you’d like to participate, please let me know in the comments here. Or don’t, if you prefer – but I can’t include you in round-ups if I don’t know you’re out there. I’ll do an intro post next week, then post your updates on your own blogs at your own pace. I’ll than do a wrap-up post at the end of next month.