February Terrain Challenge – Sector Mechanicus #1

As part of February’s terrain challenge, I’d hoped to get a ton of Sector Mechanicus terrain done. Clearly, that hasn’t happened, but I have gotten a few smaller test pieces done so far. Here’s the first one I completed. I used the crackle medium again, to see what kinds of effects I could get on this stuff after the recent Ork debris pieces. I also used some Ryza Rust to give some texture to the rust effects in spots. I also used different washes to add to both the rusted and grimy effects (thanks to Dave Kay for the heads-up on those 200ml Vallejo Wash jars!)

On the downside, the spray cans weren’t especially kind to the test pieces that I worked on, with some puckering occurring here and there on some of the pieces (my own damn fault – don’t prime heavy at night!), and I’m not entirely happy with the “speckled” effects of the different layers of the metallic sprays. Even though it’s a bit nitpicky, it’s just something for me to be aware of. On grungy terrain pieces like this one, it all fits in well enough and passes for good enough.

11 thoughts on “February Terrain Challenge – Sector Mechanicus #1

  1. I thought winter had finally passed but the autumn sting is truly upon me. Yesterday it got up over 36 and today it’s about 2 degrees cooler, which is a long way from cool.

    I like the colours on your terrain piece though, very catching!

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    • Thanks Dave – and you’re not wrong. I had a look at the 7-day forecast after reading your comment yesterday and saw that next week, we’re back up to the 30s here in Melbourne as well. Though today it seems to have changed down to the high 20’s. Which is much more palatable.

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  2. Looks great! I can see how you’d have problems with those results from the sprays on something that was supposed to be newer and less worn, but here, it actually works out just fine.

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    • Yeah, it’s a matter of taking these results and working out how to work around them in future pieces (when needed). But as you say, on *this* one, they’re fine.


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