Celestial Lions Space Marine Terminator Squad

Celestial Lions Space Marine Terminator Squad

I didn’t do a lot of painting in December, but I did pick away at this squad of Celestial Lion Terminators that I managed to finish off on Boxing Day. Well, I say “finish”, but I’m waiting on some decals that I still need to add to those blue kneepads.

Celestial Lions Space Marine Terminator Squad

These models are all “rescue marines”, in that they were aquired secondhand and then repainted (and to some extent, reassembled). The most significant of those being the addition of a Grey Knight’s unhelmeted head, arm and weapon (as well as the Aquila standard) to designate the Sergeant – as well as a Deathwatch shoulder pad.

Celestial Lions Space Marine Terminator Squad

I’ve also added little nods on each of these models to their fellow Sons of Dorn. I plan to eventually be able to combine my small Fist/successor forces into a larger crusade one for larger games.

Celestial Lions Space Marine Terminator Squad

As I finished these models at the end of December, they just edged into the opening days of Dave Stone’s “Paint what you got” challenge” which runs until the end of February, and is all about… well… painting the models that you have!

Celestial Lions Space Marine Terminator Squad, Castaferrum Dreadnought

Here they are alongside the Dreadnought that I finished relatively recently (which helped motivate me to work on these guys again, as they were started over a year ago and pretty much sat in a box for most of that time. I hope to get some more of my long-neglected, half-painted Marines completed over the next period of time. Of course, I’ve started 2021 by mostly painting some entirely different things…

17 thoughts on “Celestial Lions Space Marine Terminator Squad

  1. I am still catching up with your older posts, but I missed a whole bunch of excellent stuff. While I like Instagram and Twitter for promotional purposes I really enjoy the long form stuff on WordPress and especially well painted miniatures with a bit of background as this bunch. I had to fight with a lack of motivation to write longer stuff myself again (very active toddler in the house), but I am glad I am back and also glad you are going even stronger than before. Your output always amazes me. The quality is always top notch and paint schemes etc. imaginative. Looking at your posts last year the one thing I enjoy the most with your stuff is the contrast. Even in the thumbnail I can easily make out the shapes and details.

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  2. Nice work, and I really like that mech mini. Feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a good blue and gold combo. Actually, if I found the right Blood Bowl team, that combo might look nice. Anyways, you pulled it off nicely and I really like the looks of them!

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  3. Those are lovely – the blue and gold works really well together. I do like the look of Celestial Lions, arguably Dorn’s finest sons (although I do have a soft spot for the Black Templars). You must have a fair number of them by now don’t you?

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  4. I think I remember you painting some other minis for this army and I really like the color scheme like everyone else. It is striking and it fits the 40k world really well. I wouldn’t mind seeing some army shots when you’re ready to take them 🙂

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