December 2020 – Personal Painting Round-Up

Just two posts for December’s models (plus this one). I didn’t get a lot of painting time in, but the time I did have was spent on models I enjoyed completing. All six of these Astartes had been in limbo for years and it was satisfying to finally complete them. I wasn’t actively painting at this time last year, but my usual hobby goals (not resolutions) for each year going have been to get the little SM and CSM forces I have going in my head up to a small, but playable state. I guess at this point in time we’d once again call them “Combat Patrols” as we did in the past.

I’ve wanted to do similar for my Bolt Action WWII forces as well, but one of the biggest monkeys on my back for that sort of thing has been the idea of starting work on large numbers of models for games that – let’s face it – I’m unlikely to be playing anytime soon. Like, evenm less so than the various Warhammers. Most of what I’ve painted this year has been either the endless numbers of models I’ve started and then left idle months or (mostly) years ago – or the relatively easy fodder of board game models like zombies and D&D critters – which at least I have been using via isolation board gaming. I mean “paint 30 board game zombies” or “paint PVC D&D boardgame models” would never have been in my painting goals in years past!

I’ll get back to goals momentarily, but I guess I should wrap up my tally for 2020 first:

I had completed 431 models by the end of November, and these 6 bring me to 437. Not too shabby, even though a fuckton of them are in fact the aforementioned PVC boardgame zombies and D&D critters. While It would be nice to gather all of the models from 2020 together for a group shot, I just don’t have the time or enthusiuasm to figure out where everything is and then set everything up for a shot. it’s hot, and from prior experience, it takes about a day to do.

So looking further into 2021, aside from, you know, surviving the sequel to 2020, my (hobby) goals are to:

  • Finish painting all the models from at least one more D&D boardgame. Drizzt should be doable at least, but anything past that, I’ll call gravy. Also – heroes are non-mandatory since their quality varies widly and I can often sub in better models from GW or Reaper.
  • Finish painting all of my Last Night On Earth Models. At this point, it’s just a bunch of hero models. If I want to “stretch goal” this, I can move onto the stuff from LNoE’s sister game – Invasion from Outer Space.
  • Similarly, it was pretty satisfying to finish all of the models from the core LNoE box, so I may try to do another boardgame or two completely. Less likely to be one of those huge CMoN monstrosities, but I have some more, sanely-scaled board games like Doom and Gears that could be contenders.
  • Keep plugging away at my Marine and Chaos Marine “Combat Patrols” of 2 squads + hero, vehicle and Dreadnought – as well as adding to the forces that are past that point. I’d make a list of factions for this, as I have in the past, but there’s really no point.
  • Finish my Orc and Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl Teams that have been WIP/Semi-complete since the 1990’s. Then I can either move onto more of the classic models, or delve into some of the “new” teams. (from 2016+) Actually, I also have that custom Tomb Kings team I started that needs to be completed….
  • Sort out a couple of cars finally for Gaslands.
  • Get a couple of survivor gangs done for and have a ganme or three of Last Days.
  • I wanted to work on the Warhammer Fortress over summer, but now that Summer’s finally here, I have no real interest in it. Nonetheless, I’d like to get at least one of my much larger terrain projects done (tile sets, castles, etc)
  • Paint 2-4 Warhammer Underworlds warbands, so I can finally start playing the game.
  • Get as many of my part-painted models completed. Which really ties in strongly with so much of what’s already written above.
  • Do something with/for War Cry.
  • Actually PLAY some Blood Bowl and/or Blitz Bowl. May as well throw small-scale 40k and getting some Kings of War, War Cry, Combat Patrol, Middle-Earth SBG, Kill-Team, Gaslands, etc going here as well. I have lots of small-scale and skirmish games. It’d be nice to play some of them.

Funny, that’s quite some list – but at the same time it barely scratches the surface of the stuff I want/need to get painted…