Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak – Berserker Zombie Fatties

Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak - Berserker Zombie Fatties

I worked on a bunch of Zombies during November. We were playing a bit of the Zombicide Night of the Living Dead side-game, and so I finally got working on the Fatties for Zombicide that had been sidelined for ages after cleaning and priming them. The colour scheme follows the same one I used on the Berserker Abominations a year or so earlier. Somehow, one of these models got lost and despite looking for it a few times over several months, I haven’t had any luck.

I’ve got some more zombies to show that have already been painted, and a bunch of Zombicide and LNoE survivors to finish (and start!), but the next batch of zombies I actually start will probably either be the Toxic Fatties or the Black and White ones from Night of the Living Dead…