November 2020 – Personal Painting Round-Up

Zombie Beholders, Berserker Zombie Fatties, Last Night on Earth Zombies with Grave Weapons, Ptera-Folk

Well, that was November’s painting posted up quickly. 34 Boardgame models. 21 Zombies, 9 Mutant Zombies, 2 Beholder Zombies and 2 board game pterodactyl people. I think it’s explained pretty easily in that when you’re having a rough time and maybe can’t concentrate well enough for those fine details that you enjoy – but still want to paint, some of the best stuff you can work on are terrain, zombies and board game models. Board game models for the reason that (excepting ones from GW and the like) they tend to be a bit less detailed and so a bit more forgiving. After a good solid run of several months dominated by scenery, November was the third month when my model output was dominated by board game models. And let’s face it – zombies are some of the most forgiving models you can choose to paint!

The fact that we were also playing the D&D boardgames, Last Night on Earth and some Zombicide also helped with the motivation to paint models in this vein as well.

Zombie Beholders, Berserker Zombie Fatties, Last Night on Earth Zombies with Grave Weapons, Ptera-Folk

Continuing the count, 34 models completed in November added to the 397 up to the end of October brought me 431 by the end of November. Damn those bright orange prison jumpsuits really pop in these photos!

Only a couple of posts for December as I had basically stopped painting from mid-late November through to just before Christmas – so I’ll get through those quickly once again.

12 thoughts on “November 2020 – Personal Painting Round-Up

  1. This might be one of the most themed monthly round-ups I’ve seen in that everything is a monster and strangely, the colors kind of work together too! It is neat seeing that motley crew altogether and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what else you’ve gotten up to in recent days and weeks too 🙂

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