Realm of Chaos – Citadel Chaos Warhounds #Monstermarch7

Citadel Chaos Warhounds

My next batch of models are a set that I started over 10 years ago. I distinctly recall sitting on the floor of the lounge room of Howard Street, assembling these models and trying to cut off some of the extra protuberences of their horns to make them look less… well.. shit.

Citadel Chaos Warhounds

The plan at the time, was to use them as Warg Proxies in Lord of the Rings SBG. (now Middle-Earth SBG). As I’d long left WHFB behind, and KoW’s rules were only a pamphlet in a box of disappointing plastic Orcs and Elves at this point in time.

Citadel Chaos Warhounds

I had then intended to use my can of what we called “the dip”. Something I’d used on a small group of Tyranids in our previous rental in Carlyle with the assistance of a hand drill. Just paint in the base colours and the dip would take care of everything else, bar the final matt spraydown and basing.

Citadel Chaos Warhounds

For whatever reason, I got distracted and that never happened. Instead, these models got loaded into a KR Multicase and came along to the next stop and then… nothing for almost a decade. I guess I must have taken them out and based them at some point, but it wasn’t until recently when I accidently found them again in that case and decided that I should finish painting them.

Completing these models at this stage was then just a matter of knucking down wih the “get’er’done” mentality and powering through them. Individually they’re nothing special, but they look reasonably good as a group – which is the point of them, really.

Citadel Chaos Warhounds, Reaper Miniatures 50153 Berkeley Zombie Survivor

When I found them I did decide that the upcoming (at the time) Monster March would be the ideal bit of motivation to get them done, since Swordmaster is always quite flexible in his approach, and every year someone is painting a regiment for WHFB/9th Age or Kings of War. Here Berkeley provides scale – I figure a bunch of 40mm-based critters composed of spikes, teeth and claws that are twice the heft of a human should count as monsters, right?

Citadel Chaos Warhounds, Chaos Beastmen, Chaos Beastman Shaman, Chaos Minotaur Lord

At this point, I’m very unlikely to use them as Wargs, as I now have a whole bunch of actual Warg models – so they’ll instead be used to bump up my slowly-growing Beastmen warband – either for skirmish games, AoS, or (eventually) a KoW “The Herd” army (once added to a MDF multibase rectangle or three). As such they also count toward my broader painting goals for 2023!

Citadel Chaos Warhounds

I do have some metal Chaos Hounds to get painted eventually. They’ll require a bit more work to rebase onto something other than the old-school ugly rectangular horse bases they’re on right now, so not something I’ll be working on anytime soon…

17 thoughts on “Realm of Chaos – Citadel Chaos Warhounds #Monstermarch7

  1. Excellent work on the hounds mate, the variation in fur tone adds to the effect and make them look a lot less like clones. I remember seeing these when they came out, and was glad I’d actually got all the previous metal ones I needed. On mass the should look awesome as part of your beastmen herd

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    • Thanks Dave. I’ve got a small unit each of the proper old school ones from WHFB3 as well as the ones that directly predated these plastics
      …just missing a few legs and horns here and there.

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  2. Very nice as ever! Worrying my first thought when I saw them was “Oh cool, Azazal has painted some of the new chaos warhounds”. Then I read your post, thought “they’ve been out for *how* long?!” and now I feel positively elderly.

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    • Thanks mate. Wasn’t a big fan of mouths on the end of their horns and suchlike. I’d have honestly preferred them not to have any horns at all but I’m funny like that with my doggies…

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  3. While they could work as Wargs in LOTR, I agree that they look great alongside the Beastmen you’ve already finished. More importantly, you did a great job painting these. I like how you kept them from looking the same. I think that is quite an accomplishment considering the sculpts are pretty straightforward.

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    • Thank you! I do like a bit of variation in units of things that aren’t essentially units of clones (or close enough to them, like Marines) so this way they look like they all fit together while *not* looking like clones… 😀

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