Plasticville USA: O Scale Water Tower #45978

Plasticville USA: O Scale Water Tower #45978

Something else purchased awhile back for my Crisis Protocol games, we have some O Scale train terrain – apparently O Scale is roughly the same as 1:48, and I’ve seen people talk about using O Scale buildings and such for MCP. Since a lot of the better stuff either isn’t available here in Australia or is prohibitively expensive to purchase from the U.S., I picked up a few kits via Amazon that were affordable, although for way more than American shoppers. The first of these is this Water Tower. made of de-sprued HIPS plastic, this kit was simple to assemble, didn’t assemble properly anyway (that ladder is not straight) but such a background piece that I decided that IDGAF. I did texture the concrete by stippling with “AK Easy Cast” texture medium which helped a bit. Pretty simple job with a few layers of drybrushing and washing. I cut away the spout and added a couple of extra pipes made from sprue since I envision this piece being something I might just as easily stick on top of a building or amidst an Industrial sector as in a field since this thing can work reasonably well from any setting from WWII to Modern to Post-Apoc and Fallout-alikes – which is why I’m skipping any form of signage.

The Ariele and Tony Storch minis are here to provide us with scale for 32mm and 40mm. Size 3 for MCP, you reckon?

One more post to go for the February stuff and the final models for Dave Stone’s Paint what You Got challenge. Which this is also a submission for…