Plasticville USA: O Scale Water Tower #45978

Plasticville USA: O Scale Water Tower #45978

Something else purchased awhile back for my Crisis Protocol games, we have some O Scale train terrain – apparently O Scale is roughly the same as 1:48, and I’ve seen people talk about using O Scale buildings and such for MCP. Since a lot of the better stuff either isn’t available here in Australia or is prohibitively expensive to purchase from the U.S., I picked up a few kits via Amazon that were affordable, although for way more than American shoppers. The first of these is this Water Tower. made of de-sprued HIPS plastic, this kit was simple to assemble, didn’t assemble properly anyway (that ladder is not straight) but such a background piece that I decided that IDGAF. I did texture the concrete by stippling with “AK Easy Cast” texture medium which helped a bit. Pretty simple job with a few layers of drybrushing and washing. I cut away the spout and added a couple of extra pipes made from sprue since I envision this piece being something I might just as easily stick on top of a building or amidst an Industrial sector as in a field since this thing can work reasonably well from any setting from WWII to Modern to Post-Apoc and Fallout-alikes – which is why I’m skipping any form of signage.

The Ariele and Tony Storch minis are here to provide us with scale for 32mm and 40mm. Size 3 for MCP, you reckon?

One more post to go for the February stuff and the final models for Dave Stone’s Paint what You Got challenge. Which this is also a submission for…

26 thoughts on “Plasticville USA: O Scale Water Tower #45978

    • Thanks Dave. I’ve got a couple of their other kits. One I’ve started on, and the other waiting it’s turn. I may pick up a couple of others down the line, depending on how these others look when complete..

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  1. This came out really nicely, mate! I know people do use Plasticville with Fallout but I’ve not looked at it much for sourcing terrain. Seeing how nice this looks, I may have to reconsider! 🙂

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    • The kits are very simple an even a bit janky in my (very) limited experience and from looking at pics online – but a simple paint job (by our standards) and maybe a few little add-on details can really lift them to working well as terrain in the background.

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    • No worries Mick. I heard about the O scale stuff and this was what I found that was accessable (to me here in Au) and moderately affordable. I’ve got another couple kits to get done as well. 🙂


  2. We just searched the web shops for Plasticville water tower, after seeing your result – but are you sure they are the same thing? We are amazed how you managed to transform a horrendous mass of plastic into a realistic and impactful scenic element. The only advantage of having your purchase placed directly on the game table without painting would have been that Cthulhu himself would have stopped chasing his victims and would have stared at the object, even more hallucinatory than him… 😆

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    • Haha you’re too kind as always. The thing is really that the kit is ok quality – not what I would call “good”, but solidly “OK” and also very simple to assemble. Because of this it takes very little work to make it look good enough for our tables, and also this particular kit lends itself easily to easy and rough weathering.


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