From the Painting Desk #11 – A Week’s End/Easter Weekend LotR Challenge

After the last one of these helped motivate me to finish a whole lot of (mostly tedious) stuff done in a reasonably fast (for me) timeframe, I’ve decided to go again.

(Slightly NSFW at the end)

This week’s end/weekend project – See if I can finish off these figures by Sunday night:

This Week’s End Paint Challenge

Again I’ve also posted these in a LotR forum’s monthly army painting challenge pledge thing, because they’re almost all LotR models. 8 Moria Goblin Archers that I got half-painted and am ending up giving a full repaint to (already did the bases), and 7 metals that will act as Captains or at the very least, KoW unit leaders. For pleasure, there’s a Dwarven Slayer and C23 Ogre that were both started 10+ years ago which I’ve started doing some work on again lately. Time to get those suckers finished!

If I manage to get these done in time, I’ve got 2 units of cavalry I want to get rid of, since they’re taking up valuable space by being half-painted in one of my cabinets. But that’s my next self-challenge.

Update 1: 8 Archers completed so far…

Update 2: …and five of the 7 Captains/Metals…