Reaper 14405: Dwarf Miner (Tom Mason – Mo’vember ’21)

Reaper 14405: Dwarf Miner, Tom Mason

As readers will no doubt have noticed, my painting focus recently has been pretty well set in the Western Desert of World War II. While that’s going to continue for awhile yet, I will be dipping into other genres here and there again – and after realising that I’d entirely blanked on a couple of months worth of community painting challenges and finding out that Roger from Under the Wargames Table is running a “Mo’vember” painting challenge – where the focus is to paint model(s) featuring facial hair of some description, I scanned the overflowing tray on my painting desk for something that would be appropriate. This guy – alrteady half painted – fit the bill, so I dusted him off (literally) and got to finishing him!

Reaper 14405: Dwarf Miner, Tom Mason

I present you all with…. Dwarf Miner, from Reaper Miniatures. Such an evocative and interesting name! Despite this, when I first saw it, I thought the model’s sculpt looked pretty nice while being something quitre different to the typical Games Workshop-style depiction of Dwarf Miners – not that there’s anything wrong with that – but yeah, I liked the look of this guy. I painted his armour some time ago when GW released their new metallic paint – Canoptek Alloy – and wash – Cryptek Arourshade Gloss – (that’s a mouthful!) alongside 40k 9th Edition Indomitus because I liked the look of them and wanted to try them out on something that was essentially an inconsequential model – so the steel armour I’d been working on previously became the base coat for the new paints. I call the model inconsequential as it’s not part of a unit of similar models and is very much an individual, I did still use the same basic cloth colours that I’ve used on previous Dwarf individial “adventurer” types, so aside from RPGs and Board Games, I’ll potentially use him in a unit of “adventurers” in WH/AoS/KoW/etc.

22 thoughts on “Reaper 14405: Dwarf Miner (Tom Mason – Mo’vember ’21)

  1. Its nice see you taking a break from the tanks to knock out a dwarf. This is more my speed and you did a great job painting up this little guy. Maybe now you’ll go on a streak of fantasy or better yet, LOTR minis now 😉

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    • …not to mention the armour! And yeah, it’s very much a pick, but more like the ones you’d see on an (actual) warhammer. Ah well, I didn’t even pick up on the miner thing initially – just though it was a nice looking dwarf model.


  2. We also feel more at home in fantasy, although we do not know how happy the dwarf miner is to have found himself on your table right in the middle of the traffic of your tanks … However, the general appearance of the miniature is very particular and blue works well with the metal of the armour. We’d say he looks very bright and clean for a miner – more likely, as you suggest, to have surveillance duties. The appearance of some fellow adventurers could bring him out of the mine into the big world out there!

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    • I think any model should(!) be happy just to get painted and completed and out of the leadpile/pile of shame, regardless of the cohort they’re a part of. 😀 Besides, on the scale of it, this fellow would be a giant. If I were to use him as a “miner” myself (as opposed to just using the name Reaper gave him for the post title) I’d have dirtied him up a lot more, but for me he’s much more the adventurer.
      As for Fantasy models – there’ll always be more of them to come, but while my focus has largely been on WWII and tanks for a couple of months, there’s a good decade of posts before that with a solid focus on fantasy and 40k and anything else that had taken my interest, so if you’re interested, just have a look through the categories sidebar on the right and gloss over the tanks for the time being. 🙂


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