Dave Stone’s Season of Scenery Challenge 2021 – Personal Wrap-Up

Another rather belated post here, but here’s my round-up from the 2021 edition of Dave Stone’s Season of Scenery Challenge. As you can see, I leant rather heavily into the “vehicles also count” aspect of the challenge. I actually intended to get a ton of regular scenery done, but I started by using the challenge as motivation to finish the three Bolt Action/28mm/1:56 Valentine tanks that had sat, base coated for a few years, and then decided to paint the trio of Shermans for TANKS!, and then the Panther/Jagdpanther kits for TANKS! and then followed up by using it as motivation to finish the armour of my long-forgotten Flames of War DAK force, and then started to finish the infantry, and then decided to bring the force up to modern scratch, and so down that rabbit hole I fell.

I did at least get a few actual pieces of “proper” terrain done, even if they’re only some relatively small scatter items, but overall, I have to credit/blame Dave (and his challenge) for finally completing my DAK force, and then for deciding that it was not actually complete and needed more models (and then getting those painted!)

I’m certainly looking forward to next year’s edition, and hopefully I can get a bit more variety done in 2022. I’ve since missed a couple of October Challenges (Orctober/Zombtober) and so now I’m wondering if anything is running in November or December that will fit into my plans…