September 2021 – Personal Painting Round-Up

This post, we have my painting round-up for September. I thought given the nature of the painting that I got done over that month I’d simply wrap everything into the one post. As you can plainly see, I kept a very tight thematic focus on the month’s completed work. I’ll talk you through the models, from the viewer’s left to right.

First up, we have Frodo the Hobbit from the Lord of the Rings wearing The One Ring. Next to him, we have Sam Gamgee, Bilbo Baggins and then of course, Sméagol/Gollum, also all depicted wearing The Ring in turn. Next we have Casper the Friendly Ghost, and comtinuing the theme, the Poltergeist from the film of the same name – and continung that cinematic theme, The Invisible Man from the eponymous film, though in his shower outfit rather than the more traditional “mummy wraps and sunglasses” look. The next figure is a rare one, a WWE figure of God, from the time that Vince McMahon decided to have a wrestling match against God as part of his feud with Shawn Michaels.

So jokes aside, September was the month where I spent a lot of time dealing with some RL family issues and broke my knee, and as a result of both of those things spent a lot of time playing The Division 2. Hobby-wise, I assembled a whole lot of models but spent almost three weeks waiting on delivery of a spray paint order so I could get started on them because COVID makes the supply chains move a lot more slowly – and in the end, I simply didn’t complete the painting on a single model – even though I have a lot of models I could have just finished – as my hobby focus was really on building the kits I’d chosen to work on. That all left me with the same total in September as I’d had at the end of August – 355 for the year to date.