Zombicide: Black Plague – Necromancer (Mo’vember ’21)

Zombicide: Black Plague - Necromancer

A second model I finished alongside for this month’s challenge put out by Roger from Under the Wargames Table‘s  “Mo’vember” painting challenge – was this model – which was also sitting half-painted and needing completion. The Necromancer from the Zombicide: Black Plague board game.

Zombicide: Black Plague - Necromancer

While typing this, I’ve just noticed that I forgot to paint the gem on the Necromancer’s belt buckle, so I’ll hit that with one of GW’s gemstone paints. I gave him slightly glowing red eyes, though seeing these close-up pics I may have to go back and add a little more yellow to the centre glow when I add in the gemstone.

Rather than following a similar scheme to the artwork, I basically just went with a (still unimaginative) “Necromancer” palette around a purple robe. I kept the palette pretty limited excepting the bright green vials (and when I go back and drop in the gem). I haven’t played Black Plague (or Green Horde) in quite awhile now, but whenever I do actually return to them, I’ve got another key model done!

18 thoughts on “Zombicide: Black Plague – Necromancer (Mo’vember ’21)

  1. We also find the color scheme successful: the predominant purple robe goes well with the brown of the skintone and with the armour underneath the clothes, which – if we can see well from the pictures – also has a purplish tinge. Nice is the contrast with the bright green of the bottles on the belt: with which color did you make it?

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  2. Nice work, mate! From what I know, the Necromancers are the key enemy to watch out for in the game so I’m sure he’ll hit the table when you play. This is a dangerous question but how many more Zombicide minis do you have to paint? You’ve made a lot of progress on the game since I started following your work now so that got me thinking 🙂

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    • Thanks mate! Yeah we played through at least the core Black Plague campaign somectime ago and proxied a Warhammer necro model in.
      As for how many more models….. hundreds?
      There are so many models in each core set, and so many sets, and so many add-ons, and so many kickstarter freebies, and on and on they go….

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      • Hundreds!? That definitely scares me with Zombicide and Kickstarter. It seems like a burden you carry with you until you’re a zombie yourself! 😉 I commend you for sticking with some of these massive projects!

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      • It’s not so bad, since the game is completly playable and enoyable with unpainted models. I’ve just started painting a few of the Zombies really, working from the most important antagonists down, so I’ve done a bunch of Abominations from different versions of the game, and now working on some of the fatties.
        Ultimately, the survivors are more important to paint, and those are much more of a project really in my mind. The zombies are more in line with “I feel like having a fun muck around painting my way through a bunch of fatties”.


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