Small Scenics: Objective Marker and Teleport Homers

40k Objective Marker

I’ll lead this post off with an objective marker that I just completed. It’s actually the previous base that the Mentor Legion Dreadnought was based on, before I pried it off for a fresh start. I considered prying the dead Chaos Marine off it as well, but then figured that it would be easier and probably more effective to just glue some more crap down to the base – so it received a munitions crate and a half-buried barrel, courtesy of some of the recent GW basing and terrain kits.

40k Objective Marker

I’m in two minds as to whether I should add some tufts to fill in some of the empty space. I don’t mind it looking a bit more sparse and generic. Anyone have any opinions on that?

40k Objective Marker

I’m also thinking that perhaps I should rim the base – either in black or brown so it’s consistent. Maybe go over the dirtied-up crate with some dry pigment? Hm…

Then again, I could well be overthinking a small, fairly insignificant bit of table fodder.

40k Objective Marker

Some 40k figures to provide with a fuller sense of scale. I’m sure it’ll all end well with these three on site.

40k Teleport Homers

I’ve also done these Teleport Homers recently-ish, so I thought I’d throw them in here. More or-less one at a time as I’ve found them on sprues and amongst other junk, just copying the same scheme, and varying the colour of the lights – just in case I ever use them for anything and need to  distinguish them from one another. I guess I could even use them as objective markers from time to time, especially since Terminators don’t actually need them anymore in 8th edition.

40k Teleport Homers, Black Templar Terminators

Here are some RT-era Black Templar terminators doing their rendition of “Tiptoe Through the Tulips.” Again for scale. (And I guess, context?)