Orktober 2017 Finale: Group Shot!

Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Orks, Oldhammer, Brian Nelson 40k Slugga Boyz

A quick and dirty post today – Just something fun to show off all of the Orks that I’ve recently painted in a group shot. Da Boyz are certainly back in town! By the time their codex comes out, I’m hoping that I should be well on my way to a small (points-wise) but playable force. I’m quite pleased how well the Orks from such different eras work together as a group. Consistent basing and an overall shared palette/theme really make a difference!

21 thoughts on “Orktober 2017 Finale: Group Shot!

      • Yes, I could see where they might object to that. Thought Codex Creep was bad … imagine having to tell some smart-arsed Dark Vengeance boxed set boy, “Sure I’m small not but back in my day even Ultramarines trembled at our mighty Waaagh!” … and now you are in danger of being mistaken for a grot.

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      • I’ve literally just picked out another pair of old RT Orks to clean up, base and get into the queue. It’s nice having a couple (not too many at a time!) of those mixed in, as I always find it much easier to paint individual models than a unit at a time. These guys are on the smaller side, so I’ll see how they look on 32s before going all the way with the tiny RTB02s…

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  1. Brilliant effort mate, great to see this lot assembled & ready to cause some mayhem. I’m a big fan of the use of camouflage schemes throughout, and the unity this achieves – while still keeping each boy an individual of course! Spot on.

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