Impact Miniatures Fantasy Football Kickstarter – Blood Bowl friendly!

Clearly, these figures can be used for a range of Fantasy Football games, including Blood Bowl as the big one. While they obviously can’t mention Blood Bowl, I certainly can, and I do so in exactly the same way that I might talk about using My Judge Dredd figures as Adeptus Arbites, or my many Warhammer Fantasy Battles Ogres, High and Dark Elves to play Kings of War.

So anyway, the campaign is over on Kickstarter right now, and it’s just on the edge of funding. It was funded, but a couple of people who appear to be Kickstarter trolls pulled some huge pledges right after it was funded. Casting is being done by Ed Forte of Trollforged, which I have to admit does make me a little nervous, since the abortion that Tre Manor’s Red Box Games Kickstarter turned into, not to mention his own Alien Assimilation Host which I’m expecting I might have my figures from early next year at this rate.

So with this in mind, why am I interested enough in this KS to pimp it on my blog?


Well, Impact are one of the groups that are still keeping the Blood Bowl flag flying after years of neglect and worse by Games Workshop (though credit to them for keeping the LRB up for quite a long time until the recent revamp of their website). The teams are a real mix. From figures that I wouldn’t ever put down on a table I own, to some decent ones to a couple that look quite nice indeed. Not sure why “looks like the 90’s” is such a popular insult – Jes Goodwin’s 1988 Blood bowl figures look better than almost any of the ones that came later or since!

So back to why I give a shit about these. Well, the main reason is this:

Impact Miniatures Chaotic Alliance Team

This team is based on Phil Lewis’ Chaos All-Stars team that was featured in White Dwarf

Phil Lewis’ Chaos All-Stars

Now, before you ask – the figures offered by Impact are not recasts of the Citadel models. They are newer sculpts based on those original Phil Lewis conversions. Now before anyone starts getting up in arms about “ripping off GW”, I’ll just quickly say HR Giger (RIP), Michael Moorcock, Broo. Now, because people are whiny bitches, we can’t always have nice things, and so some of the above resculpts were sold as limited editions in metal some time ago, and now a couple of the above-mentioned KS trolls have cited them being recast in a different material as the reason for their thousands of dollars worth of dropped pledges. The result is that Impact are resculpting the figures in question, and some other cool stuff won’t be sculpted at all (since sculpting isn’t free).


So anyway, if you have a passing interest in Blood Bowl or Fantasy Football, I’d suggest you check this one out. There’s quite a few figures in there that could have …other uses besides.


10 thoughts on “Impact Miniatures Fantasy Football Kickstarter – Blood Bowl friendly!

  1. A set of Chaos All Stars would be very cool and very retro. Very tempting.

    As an FYI those Skaven are from 88, not 98: I have had mine since 1990 or so. Thats an error on that linked page. All the 90s BB models were Gary Morley sculpts although some others did some during the CJ/Fanatic era. No Goodwins at all IIRC.


    • Whoops – and so you are correct. I should have picked that up myself, since I still own quite a few of them purchased in 1989 to go with Blood Bowl 2nd Edition. Got the boxed game for Christmas 1988 and played 2 games on Boxing Day with a mate – Ahh memories. I still have my Astrogranite, too!
      I also agree on the relative merits of Goodwin vs Morley. 😉
      Now I’m going to go fix that mistake in the body of the post.


      • Morley has made a fair few doggy models, but he has made a few nice ones too.

        I like his entertainingly cheesy Vlad and in particular Isabella Von Carstein (and vampires should always be cheesy, the melodramatic tools), his “Elvis” Necromunda Bounty Hunter and Karloth Valois in particular.


      • Yeah, I’ve read Morley’s side of the Nagash story, and some of his models are quite decent – but at his best, he’s still no Goodwin. A real shame that Jes seems to have been promoted out of sculpting roles these days…


  2. I always felt the “lack of support” from GW was more of a blessing than a curse. No team power creep, no scale creep, just a rules update every few years from people who actually cared about the game.


    • I’ll pay that. Still though – It would have been nice for it to have had mature support, though – keeping the game in production, keeping the teams available at retail, the odd article in WD, etc. That sort of thing. Or hell, at this point even just rewinding a year or so for the teams to be available online with the rules nested/hidden on the GW site would be better than what we have now.


  3. I have to admit, this is one kickstarter that may finally be enought o get me to splash out on them….
    Mind you, I’ve a list of impact miniatures on my wish list that will find their way into either mine, or the wife’s collection…



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