Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress: UR-025 – Man of Iron

Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress: UR-025 - Man of Iron

Another shift in gears for today’s post – we have the first of my Blackstone Fortress models painted – UR-025, the “Man of Iron“. No prizes for guessing why I went with something other than the “official” scheme, nor where I took inspiration from. As it happens, the Red, Gold and Black also work well to fit in with old UR’s cover story of Mechanicus/Mechanicum allegiance.

Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress: UR-025 - Man of Iron

I started this model over a year ago, but being a newer GW model it’s one that kinda wants to be painted in sub-assemblies, which sucks for a board game model. Unfortunately, while trying to get in there behind his right arm, I ended up snapping the whole arm off – which did wonders for my enthusiasm.

Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress: UR-025 - Man of Iron

At that pont, it ended up being one of those models that just sits on the paint desk for months and months, glaring at me while I glare back at them. So when I finished (or paused) my recent hardcore run of painting Zombies and Zombicide models, I decided to get this damned thing finished finally – along with a few other models that will be shown in the next few posts.

Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress: UR-025 - Man of Iron

I do have another of this sculpt, and so when I get around to painting it I may well go with the “official” version as an alternate. For now, I’m happy to have completed this model and we’re one closer to being able to one day actually play Blackstone Fortress! Being a model that’s been in the started and paused for roughly forever category, it certainly counts for Dave Stone’s Paint what You Got challenge.

13 thoughts on “Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress: UR-025 – Man of Iron

  1. Nice work on him – I remember the model being tricky as I also failed to note how awkward the painting would be if I assembled the whole model first.

    Also, for some reason I smile at the thought of a twenty-first century billionaire finally achieving upload… only to survive into the 41st millennium by pretending to be a servant!

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  2. Haha, you made my day with this one 😀
    The scheme suits the ini more than it should, that’s suspicious! No, great, job, seriously.
    PS: If you have another model of this Man of Iron, you may want to reconsider that it is a Machine of War… Just saying 😛


  3. Great job and another one down! Gotta love the sub-assemblies! One thing I don’t miss about working with GW models is all that damned assembly! I did really like this model when it first came out though, and I’ve thought about picking up Blackstone so many times, but I think I’m finally past that now. Yep, not going to buy it. Not ever. Nope.


  4. While this sculpt is simple for GW, I think it is a really cool one. I like your alternate color scheme quite a bit and I’m sorry to hear about your troubles painting it. I usually paint GW stuff in sub-assemblies but I only do so for display purposes so that is no sweat. Having to do so for gaming minis does sound like a bit of a nuisance to me.


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