D&D Monster Manual 77: The Legend of Drizzt – Drow Wand Mage & Final Duellist

D&D Monster Manual. The Legend of Drizzt - Drow Wand Mage, Drow Duellists

A few days ago we were discussing which board game to play next. One of the suggestions was The Legend of Drizzt Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Boardgames, since we haven’t played any of these for a couple of years. Given that I’m trying to get the last models for Drizzt painted with the main difficulty being motivation, I knew getting back into the game would be the best way to get that happening. Ergo, some models from the set!

D&D Monster Manual. The Legend of Drizzt - Drow Wand Mage, Drow Duellists

The first two I’ve painted are the “Drow Wand Mage” and the third of the three Drow Duellists (the one that I’d lost and later found).

D&D Monster Manual. The Legend of Drizzt - Drow Wand Mage, Drow Duellists, Hunting Drakes

I forgot to paint in the gemstones on both of these models before I took the photographs, so rest assured that I’ve now painted those in. The Mage has a scaly cloak that I painted in the same manner as the Hunting Drakes from the same set, so emjoy this photograph of the Mage with the Hunting Drakes alongside the now reunited and complete three Drow Duellists. Despite being sculpted with chewing gum, the Mage still managed to have a face slightly reminiscent of Hugo Weaving as Elrond.

16 thoughts on “D&D Monster Manual 77: The Legend of Drizzt – Drow Wand Mage & Final Duellist

  1. Looking good and hope you all enjoy the Drizzt game. I like the teal color of the cloak and it turned out a really nice match with the purple. The Blood Bowl Drow have a weird dragon skin thing and I was never sure what color I would paint that, but I might have to try teal as well. The face on those minis turning out to be anything I think is due more to your painting skills than anything! 😃

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    • I have to say that the whole Purple-Teal-Blue-Gold thing worked out pretty well on these models. I might even have to carry it over to my Fantasy and/or BB Dark Elves or even my Dark Eldar eventually…
      The faces… well, it’s really just adding some highlights, shadows, eyes and a mouth-slit. I can freehand those things pretty well on a flat surface, so it’s just a matter of matching the bumps on these sculpts! 😀

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  2. It is quite evident that the sculpt quality of these miniatures does not entice you to dive into the business of painting… Anyway, you managed to get the best out of them. We especially like the magician, who has richer clothing, even if we don’t understand what he holds in his right hand (a magic wand?) and what exactly are the two cases (?) that he has attached to his waist.

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    • Thank you – I have to assume that it’s a wand given his name of “Drow Wand Mage” – the “holster” thing appears to have one empty and another with a thing in it, so I assumed that they’re wand holders(!) and painted the end of the thing sticking out of the holster as a similar wand to the one in his hand.

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    • Yeah, very much so Dave. Truth be told, quick paint on even these sub-par minis look fine and even quite good on the table, so there’s a satisfaction there that you don’t get at all from the close-up pick in these posts. 😎

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  3. Good on you for getting these done, mate and I’m sure they’ll be fun to use in-game. The color combination you chose really works well and its a shame the sculpts aren’t a little higher quality. There just isn’t a lot more you can do than what you accomplished here, if you know what I mean.

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    • Yup! I should probably have pointed out somewhere in the text that I’ve been aiming for 1 hour each to get these figures done, and even then the hour includes computer breaks to let things dry. Even the few that took longer haven’t been far off, so worthwhile for the time spent painting (even if un-fun) vs use in-game (the payoff).

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