WizKids WK73532 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures Treant (D&D Monster Manual 60) #Monstermarch5

Dungeons and Dragons, WizKids WK73532 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures Treant

Legolas and Aenur, Sword of Twilight provide scale.

Yet Another intro here from Azazel – Mostly I’m pointing out that this is the thirs and final of Marouda’s Models for the Month of March. This model is once again for both Swordmaster’s Monster March and Ann’s “Neglected But Not Forgotten” painting challenges

More from me at the end.

Marouda – Azazel asked me if I wanted to paint the tree man when he bought it several months ago. I said I was interested and then when Monster March rolled around Azazel said if I don’t paint him that he will. “Do you want me to paint him? It won’t take me long.

Dungeons and Dragons, WizKids WK73532 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures Treant

So anyway it was the Monster March challenge that got me motivated so instead I said yes sure and before I knew it there were 3 models in front of me to get started on. Now my usual output has been 1 model every 3 years or so. So 3 models over a week or 2 is an amazing goal for me.

I am very much a beginner painter so my description is more about my experience with learning and using basic techniques.

Dry brushing:
Was scared to do as this was such a large model. Azazel told me not to worry as wood is difficult to stuff up. I was very light initally like I was trying to remove dust off the model as I was scared I would remove the previous coat of paint off the model but Azazel demonstrated I could be much more heavy handed. I quite enjoyed the drybrushing of different shades and highlighting the model. I didnt want to cover up the paintwork too much with foliage.

Applying wash:
Initally I was just painting it on the whole model but Azazel then demonstrated you sort of blob it on and let the capillary action draw it down and into all the crevices and if too much pools I can wick it away with the brush from areas it has pooled too much and apply that elsewhere on the model.

Applying Contrast Paint:
the basecolour was done with contrast paint and I had to work in sections and quickly as it dried fast it was very thick and the consistency of honey when applying.

Applying Bling/Trimmings:
I wanted to use as little as possible and was worried about overdoing it as I was very happy with my drybrushing.

Applying Static Grass.
Clumping Foliage
Made the model look like a stalk of broccoli

Dungeons and Dragons, WizKids WK73532 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures Treant

I quite like how bright his eyes turned out I managed to do okay with the right eye but panicked with the left eye as the paint didnt go on as straight forward as I liked and again Azazel thinned down the paint so it would just flow into the whole eye area rather than having to brush it in completely.

I think once I started on the model at leasst it was started and it was easier to work on it little by little. I think I was quite anxious initally looking at the 3 unpainted models but as paint was applied it looked less intimidating and acheivable.

In the last year i have been dabbling with watercolour painting and with pencil colouring techniques so I think I have developed a steadier hand for painting and some paint/brush knowledge
that I was able to apply to miniature painting, or at least a bit more confidence with giving miniature painting more of a chance. I certainly learned the patience needed to let layers dry
with my watercolour colouring/painting.

I also understand why Azazel needs to own all the paint/art supplies in the world as my own art supply collection has grown. Azazel did the nicest thing for me just before Christmas he got a custom built desk with storage underneath for all my art supplies as I was lugging them up and down the stairs or keeping them in stacks on the floor. I ended up purchasing plastic tubs and labelling them so I can easily access what I need.

I sort of tried to start my own blog ‘Marouda’s Musings’ but got overwhelmed with trying to figure out all the tech aspects so hasn’t quite gotten off the ground. So I will be posting every now and then on the Bitz Box if Azazel does not mind.

Dungeons and Dragons, WizKids WK73532 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures Treant, Bad Squiddo Games – Giant Iguana, Reaper Bones 44021: Maggotcrown Bonesack

Marouda’s three models for Ann and Swordmaster’s Painting Challenges of March 2021.

Azazel again – So that’s a wrap from Marouda for March! This post serves as the display post for the Treant, as well as her round-ups for Neglected But Not Forgotten, Monster March, and, well, March of 2021.

I’ll have my own Monster March Wrap-Up post up very shortly – just after Midnight AU time, as I know that Swordmaster is pretty quick with his round-ups (unlike myself!) Following that, I’ll have my last few models from March, then my own March/Neglected summary, and then onto some April models…

D&D Monster Manual 44: Temple of Elemental Evil – Salamander

Dungeons and Dragons D&D Temple of Elemental Evil - Salamander

And now we’re back to regular models. Though I’m still playing catch-up posts from August into September. Yesterday and today were hell days for work – even though I”m (mostly) working remotely with some flexibility, there’s a deadline for next Tuesday so I pulled a late-nighter-early-morninger to get it all done, then headed in, then did my excercise when I got home, then crashed like the Hindenberg. (Too soon?) So this should have gone up yesterday, but you gets it now.

This thing is apparently a Salamander from D&D. Though I did that thing that I sometimes do, and didn’t bother to look up how the model “should” look (officially, at least) and just went with how it looked to me. And some of you may have already twigged, it looked to me like a Naga from World of Warcraft – one of my most despised types of enemies. So I looked up some examples of WoW’s Naga, and used one of my more commonly-encountered palettes of these over the years as my guide. You can see they’re quite colourful.

Which is kinda funny now, as I’ve literally just looked up what this model and officially looks like is properly called as I started writing this post. (The primer obscures the text underneath these newer figures, post Drizzt). So it’s just now that I’ve seen that it’s a Salamander, which is apparently a fire-based elemental (makes sense for the Temple of Elemental Evil, I guess) and that it should usually and properly be painted all firey and shit. Oops?

Oh well. I’m sure it’ll work just fine as a single model in a boardgame, and the D&D Police aren’t going to try to break down my door anytime soon, so we’ll live with it. 😀

Dungeons and Dragons D&D Temple of Elemental Evil - Salamander

As far as the model itself and painting it went, it’s an “ok” tier model at best, the facial detail is pretty dodgy. So I decided to use it as another Contrast Paint experiment, and also try out the new Tesseract Glow technical paint to see how it works – it’s the green element of the blend of blue through to yellow on the back and crest.

I mean, if I’d realised it was a red, firey elemental beforehand, I would have painted it more canonically, and just used it to try and push something like those black-red blands along the spine, but I don’t care enough to go back and change it or anything. This is the sort of figure I term a “trash model” – which isn’t quite as insulting as it sounds, but it does mean that it’s a model I don’t care about – so options are generally either to:

1) paint the fucker and get it done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

2) use it as a subject to experiment on and build my skills, without any worries that I’ll fuck up a sculpt I care about.

3) a little from 1), and a little from 2).

This model was very much a 3).

Dungeons and Dragons D&D Temple of Elemental Evil - Salamander

So while this model isn’t going to win any painting competitions (not that I enter them), something liek this definitely has valid uses – I know how several of the Contrast Paints look and behave (I like the Bone/Yellow mix on the underside, not keen on the Teal-Blue on the arms, but it looks ok on the tail, some messing around with a brand-new paint (the transparent-ish green) – and I have another painted model for a board game! (even if it’s the wrong colours!) 😀