An Embarassing Discovery…

So while on a visit to a new FLGS that opened up locally, I was checking out the new Citadel Paint range, and I decided to pick up a couple of the new Base (Foundation) colours. I got a couple of the reds and also a yellow, as they looked to be much more vibrant than the previous versions, which only got limited use (and the Yellow really wasn’t a good base for painting yellow). I was surprised when the paint was smooth and went on nicely, without the “glug”, over-thickness or slight sandy texture that the previous ones often had/have. After that experience, I also picked up a few of the regular colours, and dammit, they’re good as well. I do understand that the new paints are made in the UK rather than China or France, and so it’s very possible that they’re made by HMG – maker of the original Citadel Paints, P3, and Coat D’Arms ranges.

They’re still overpriced of course at $6 a pot, (I’m in Australia, where GW likes to gouge heavily). But while I have alternate sources for my GW models, I don’t mind supporting the FLGS with a few paint purchases. Getting up to $100 worth of the GW paints now though! I’m thinking of stopping past the shop tonight to pick up some of the new yellows, in that never-ending search for a good yellow paint. I’m now also interested in trying some of the glazes.

I know “the thing” to do is hate them, simply because they’re GW and all that, but they are actually really good paints in my experience so far. I won’t stop using any of the other brands, Vallejo still makes the entire “old” GW range which will keep me in the older colours, but now that I’ve gotten over my irrational hate, I’m viewing them in the same way that I do Model Colour, or P3 or CDA’s Historical ranges – new and interesting shaes to compliment what I have rather than to replace it. So after trying it, I’m going to treat the new paint range maturely. Yeah, how embarassing!


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