…and then I found these links.

Had not seen these before. We all know about Vin Diesel and Robin Williams and such (and Richard Stubbs for the Aussies out there), but Peter Cushing?

I also love HG Wells’ description of Little Wars – it brings a wry smile to my face every time I hear it….



4 thoughts on “…and then I found these links.

  1. Gold! (and +1 for calling out Richard Stubbs). Funny clips, it is hard to tell if the news reels were taking the piss or not, but I would gladly grow a dodgy looking moustache if my wife took up gaming!


  2. Haha! Stubbsy is actually a really nice guy. I’ve met him a few times at the (mostly historicals) club he frequents when the majority of my old gaming group “moved” there from our old haunts. Though there he’s just “Richard” and is treated (and treats others) normally without any kind of media-personality baggage.

    I get the feeling the articles were treating it as straight as they could, but with a healthy serving of playing up for the cameras, as Cushing seemed to be trying hard not to trip over his battlefield that was conveniently arranged at the foot of his chair, and the outfits in the other clip seemed to fit that kind of thing just as well. Still, both were pretty respectful of the hobby and details. I get the feeling that A Current Today Affair Tonight would be far more snarky and tabloid about the weirdo hobby for weird weirdos. 😉

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    • One of the things that I particularly love about that video is the cravat. Presumably Peter only wore that particular cravat when painting/playing: it was his recreational wargaming cravat. He wore other cravats when he left the house or when gardening or putting up shelves I guess 😉

      I first saw that clip a couple if years ago and it has stayed with me since. It’s such a peculiar little snippet, so unmistakably of its time. It’s fantastic.

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