Technical August ’18 – Community Round-Up

Faust’s Beholder finally gets a base!

Faust’s weathered Necromunda bases with hazard stripes.

Faust’s Necomunda bulkheads with rust and glowy bits

After a bit of a delay, I’m finally getting this post finished. Better late than never, right?

The first Technical maestro for this month is Faust, from Doubledowndice. He’s been busy in August, having figured out a way to mount that grinning Shapeways Beholder to a base, and has also been working on hazard stripes and rust effects as well as glowing (radioactive) drops to add additional depth and interest to his Necromunda scenery and bases.


Pandoras Bitz Box’ “The Five Day Duel”.

Pandora’s Bitz Box from Krakendoomcool did something new in creating an action vignette featuring an Imperial Fist and a Genestealer locked in Mortal Kombat mortal combat. There’s a lot going on here – snow basing, blood (and ichor) spatter, a bolter round mid-flight as well as some reposing work (often something overlooked). All of this combines with some wonderful paint to create something really evocative.


Pandora’s Bitz Box’ Bran Redmaw

PBB also finished this conversion of Space Wolves Wolf Lord, Bran Redmaw in August – which is basically a complete (re)build with extensive greenstuff work. If you ask me, it looks like a bought one!


WestRider’s Noise Marine Dreadnought.

Alexis “Westrider” West (depending on which blog/comments you’re reading) from Cascadian Grimdark completed this Noise Marine Dreadnought, featuring a fair bit of work in kitbashing elements from several different kits along with putty work in a few spots. I’m not sure what that one, pink-ended tentacle is supposed to be, but I’ll probably be alright not knowing exactly what it is. The shoulder-riding slave/master is also magnetised for use as an objective marker or scenario play. The window panels on the legs (and on the arm) feature a marbling effect which was an additional “something new” for Westrider and Technical August.


Thomas’ Tzaangor Twistbray

And the “dark shot”.

Thomas from High Times on the Eastern Fringe completed a pretty awesome Tzaangor Twistbray (Shaman) Voidgazer conversion, including a scrying stone that has some really nice layered effects on it with almost translucent paints – really giving it some nice depth. As you can see from both the light and dark shots above, the use of yellow-green flames really give the model an unusual effect that really looks magical while standing out in a really nice way.


Krautscientist’s Freehand Marine Shoulder Pads.

Krautscientist from Eternal Hunt did some lovely freehand work on a pair of his WIP Deathwatch Kill-Team Members. It’s certainly shaping up to be one impressive unit, both in terms of uniqueness, build and paint!


Alex’ Malal Pantheon of Chaos Champion.

Alex of Leadbaloony fame painted this Chaos Champion (possibly of Malal) from the Panthenon of Chaos Kickstarter. He used a series of washes over a silver armour base in order to create the Deep Purple shades that work so effectively here.


Ellen’s Space Wolf Kill Team.

Ellen from Lavender Miniatures and Gaming created a Space Wolf Kill Team, personalising her models by sculpting wolf pelts onto the unadorned models of the Primaris Reivers using greenstuff. (Along with Space Wolfy headswaps and the addition of other wolfy detail pieces!) Ellen also experimented with several kinds of material in order to give then snowy, winter bases. To top it off, this was Ellen’s first attempt at sculpting using greenstuff. They look bloody good, and that’s a pretty amazing result for the first time doing so!


Mark Morin’s Armorcast 3-Crater Set

Mark Morin began a major overhaul of his gaming table with the addition, modelling and painting of some terrain from Armorcast. The first set being this 3-Crater Set that he based, added materials to blend them in with their new bases and then went to town using a variety of Vallejo pigments and some experimentation with different fixatives. Seeing them as they came over on Mark’s blog and the photo I’ve posted here really shows how successful he’s been here.

Mark’s Armorcast Rusted Sci-Fi Walls…

…and Mark’s Armorcast Ruined Buildings.

Mark also started these walls and ruins in August, but didn’t get them finished until this month (September). Since this Community Round-Up post is so late, I’m fine with adding these in as an honourable mention.


Carlo’s old-school Necromunda Van Saar Juve.

Carlo from Deuteros Games‘ model is both old-school and very contemporary, all at once. It of course is a Van Saar Juve Ganger from the original release of Necromunda. Carlo has done a pretty sweet job of a highly detailed base, featuring cables as well as weathered hazard striping, section edge highlighting and blending across the entire model and even a tint of pink to the Juve’s hair.


Argent Badger’s Trollkin Warders.

Argent Badger of The Bovine Overlord has gone all Warmahordes for the August Challenge. Specifically a unit of Trollkin Warders that show him taking on that bugbear of many of us painters – yellow! Judging from these models, he’s clearly conquered that particular foe, and soundly added the techniques to his personal painting toolkit.


Dreadaxegames’ Relictor plasma gunners.

Dreadaxegames (Dreadaxe?) from Dreadaxegames has gotten his Relictors project up and running – his work for Technical August was on plasma glow. He’s used different shades to differentiate between the traitor weapon and the loyalist plasma cannon. The other new technique he’s used here has been gluing and painting sand and the addition of tufts on the bases of his models.


Imperialrebelork’s Freehand Rose.

Imperial Rebel Ork stretched his comfort zone with this lovely little freehand rose. IRO has described it as a nerve-wracking experience, but I think you’d agree, he’s done a great job on it, and it hardly looks like a first attempt. May there be many more! 🙂


The Imperfect Modeller’s Duel between a Crusader Champion and a Red Dragon.

Last for August, but by no means least is The Imperfect Modeller‘s diorama featuring a pair of Reaper Miniatures’ figures – a Crusader Champion and a Red Dragon. together on a piece titled “The Dragon Slayer”. He’s got OSL lava glow, modelled lava flow, and also the assembly and painting of a Dragon going here as personal challenges. Something that would be very easy to miss on this model is that TIM is typically pretty much a historical modeller, and that he has only recently begun to dip into Fantasy and other more fantastical genres.


And bringing up the rear is my own rather meagre stuff from Technical August. Though while replying to Faust I realised that the Jawa’s eyes were done with an off the cuff experiment on using a new method that I hadn’t done before of the “hmm.. I wonder if THIS will work?” type. Ah well, I’m not taking the photos again!

As always with these things, it’s very easy to accidentally miss someone’s post, so if I missed your unit post, or one of your units, please prompt me in the comments (with a link!) and I’ll edit this post ASAP! Linking to the initial challenge post with your posts always makes thing easier for me – I can just follow the pingbacks when assembling these round-up posts and it’s far harder to miss anyone!

49 thoughts on “Technical August ’18 – Community Round-Up

  1. Another nice variety of posts for me to comb through again. I haven’t started my September one yet, possibly fully emphasising the true meaning of “neglected” model. Maybe this post should serve as a reminder to me that I don’t exist outside of time and I CAN run out of it. I’ll try to make a start tonight…

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  2. A very nice line up in deed. Faust and Mark Morin really got stuck in with some cool gear. I did do one too… sniff… cough… sniff… how could you forget my tiny freehand rose… SOB!!! Haha nah my bad, I probably didn’t link it so not to worry. Congrats to everyone. Great work!!!

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  3. Excellent stuff again this month! My faves are the Fist/Stealer Duel, and the Trollkin Warders.

    I have no idea what that fleshy thing on the end of the one scourge arm is either, but it’s on there because the end of that particular arm broke, and I couldn’t get it back together, so I just wodged some leftover greenstuff on the end, since it’s mutated and techno-organic anyhow.

    I think of the woman on top as a groupie, since I think of my Noise Marines in heavy metal band terms 😉 She’s magnetized on, and can also go on to a base as one of my Objective Markers for my Slaanesh force. They’re all seemingly imprisoned women, but they’ve all got knives or other weapons hidden and ready for when someone tries to rescue them and they can show their true allegiance!

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  4. It is so nice to see these summary posts of everyone’s participation for the month. Well done to everyone for joining in, and especially (as always) to Azazel for inspiring us all. This month, I particularly like the range of new techniques on show: technical paints and treacherous freehand all the way to basing in various forms.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks mate – it was nice to see so many people try new things ans stretch their comfort zones a little. The biggest thing I found personally was that I “just do” new stuff pretty regularly, but trying to find/think of new things to do ran into that problem of trying to have the models finished enough to show in a specific month.


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