Reaper Bones 77498: Werearmadillo (Neglected Model September ’18)

Today I have the next of this month’s Neglected Models – a somewhat random Reaper Bones model of a Werearmadillo. I’m not sure if this is a D&D-type thing (since many Reaper models are unofficial D&D critters) or just one of the really random things that Reaper puts out. Either way, it came out of a tub of Bones models several months ago when I was looking for something else because it looked easy to paint, then it got started, then pushed aside, neglected for months. I mean – just look at it – it’s not the most inspiring or exciting model out there – especially if you don’t specifically need an anthropomorphic armadillo for something and you’re just painting it as a random thing.

So I made myself get the lead out and get the thing finished so I could get it out of here. The model is on a 50mm rolled-edge base to get around how very warped it was, so it’s not an especially small model, though it’s far from tall due to its hunched posture. The integral base was more than a little awkward to clip down so I ended up leaving part of it and painting it as a rocky outcrop that it’s walking over. There’s nothing particularly interesting happening here, and I didn’t even look up photos of real armadillos. I just went with a couple of appropriate looking tones to differentiate the “armour” and the heavy, thick looking skin of the beast. Rather than going for blood dripping off the claws, I decided to instead dirty up the limbs and the claws with weathering powders, to represent that the creature likely spends a fair bit of time digging in the dirt.

So… yeah. No idea what I’d ever use this model for aside from the “maybe while playing Pathfinder or some other RPG or GMing a miniatures game where I need a random-ish monster one day” catch-all disclaimer. Ah well. Another model done!

37 thoughts on “Reaper Bones 77498: Werearmadillo (Neglected Model September ’18)

    • Thanks mate. I suspect that it’ll sit out on a shelf for awhile before being carefully placed into a figure case, to come out when I have a use for it and also remember I have it, or alternatively never.

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    • Yeah, they’ve clearly gone for sort-of gorilla proportions with some odd musculature underneath. I have to admit I’m not especially familiar with Armadillos so I have no idea if it’s based on any physiology of theirs, or just the sculptor’s imagination.

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  1. That’s certainly an odd one. I haven’t kept up much on D&D, but for awhile they had classifications, so it’s conceivable that there was a Lycanthrope (Were-) class that could be applied to any human/animal combo.

    Painting wise, I think it looks really good, and without pulling up a pic of an Armadillo (which usually includes pics of roadkill, which I will avoid this morning), I’d say it looks pretty spot on. The weathering powders turned out really nice, especially on the underside of his left hand.

    I think I would be tempted to rip his head off and put something else a bit more monstrous there. Maybe magnetize it, so I could switch back to ‘Were-Armadillo’ mode if I really needed to. But the pose and look of the mini (minus the head), reminds me of a lot of monstrous hulking creatures. If you end up seeing a similar looking creature on my site someday, you’ll know where I got it from! 😉

    Reaper Bones bases, ugh. Yea, I tried converting some of their Trolls for Blood Bowl, and trimming the bases away from splayed toes, can be a major pain. But Bones are cheap, so I can’t really do too much complaining.

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  2. The model does seem a bit crude in places, but none of that matters because someone was awesome enough to make an actual freaking Armadillo monster — brilliant! 🙂

    On a related note, it would seem this guy does not content himself with getting rolled up in dangerous situations 😉

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    • Yeah, the thing I like the most about it isn’t the model itself, but the freedom that it speaks of afforded to the sculptors over at Reaper to create all sorts of weird and wonderful things without a literally strict and intense need to fit it in perfectly with sales targets and an army within a specific wargame or two.


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  3. “…especially if you don’t specifically need an anthropomorphic armadillo for something…” How do you not need a werearmadillo just on general principles? XD

    I know the sculpt ain’t much, but I love the concept. Also, since they’re carriers of leprosy, they could be pretty scary as antagonists.

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  4. Yup, I’m in full agreement with Krautscientist and Alexis here, the creation of a weremadillo is an act of pure genius – what sensible person wouldn’t want such a thing in their life? The duff model is simply the balancing of the karmic scales against the brilliance of the concept – and at least you’ve done a good job of painting it 🙂

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    • Alright then. I expect to see a series of Werearmadillos painted and posted up on all of your blogs within, say, six months then. They’re cheap enough on Reaper’s site.. …so, off you go! 😉

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    • Thanks mate. Pretty much guesswork as to what an Armadillo would look like. As I said, I usually go to google, but in this case I wasn’t even inspired enough to do that for some reason…


  5. Nice paint job, though giant armadillos maybe would be glyptodons? (Hmmm, maybe I’ve painted a few…)…so wereglyptodon does sound fun? As for wildlife, every wildlife documentary I see about your continent describes a myriad of wildlife (from small deadly jellyfish to aggressive poisonous spiders to your well known crocs) so I’m assuming you were being facetious about that, no?

    He would be good as a randomly encountered burrow dweller I think?

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      • Wow, that’s a lot of snakes. We have very few as New England and our winters are not great for reptiles, even with hibernation. There are small pockets of timber rattlers, but not anywhere near here. Eastern copperheads are rare but around, but I’ve never heard of anyone getting bitten. We also have a the more common (but non-venomous) garter snakes and black racers. I’m in a small town so occasionally I see black bear, coyotes, moose, bobcat, and fox. Nothing that would be likely to kill me for sure!

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      • Sorry had to run yesterday so didn’t get to finish my comment. If I ever do need something as random as a WereArmadilloGlyptodon, I’ve got it, but I think it’s mostly going to remain an unused oddity that’s painted rather than unpainted.
        Non-venomous snakes seem like a really odd thing to me. I mean, I’ve known that they exist all my life, but then all of the ones we have here in Victoria are venomous, and a couple of them are top-world-tier dangerous, so snakes have always been a “fuck-off” be super careful type animal for me. Not that you see them all that often, but depends on where in the city you live or work.
        My workplace is near enough to a river that you need to keep an eye open depending on where in the grounds you are, and I’ve got work colleagues who have had them in their backyards occasionally. (You can see foxes at work occasionally, in the morning or evening when the place is almost empty.)
        See, Black Bears… -those- would probably freak me out!

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      • I still think you painted it well.

        As for black bears, they are rare. I’ve seen maybe 4 or 5, but I can tell you from seeing them in action that there is no way you can outrun them. They avoid people and we have to take in our bird feeders or they show up and destroy them. They can get up to 200-300 lbs.

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      • Thanks. I’m happy enough with the paint on this model, it’s just that it’s nothing too special/especially useful for me as a model. 🙂
        I guess the bears have learned that humans tend to shoot them. I was watching something 2 nights ago that explained how mountain lions/cougars in the US are now absolutely terrified of humans and will leave a kill just on hearing calm, benign sounding human voices – and may not ever return for it – even days later.
        Still, I wouldn’t want to mess with either them or the bears!


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