Star Wars Imperial Assault: Wookiee Warriors

Star Wars Imperial Assault Wookiee Warriors

A nice, simple update today – just a pair of Wookiees from Imperial Assault. This pair work as a pair of player allies in the game in the campaign game, or a pair of troopers in the “vs” Miniatures Rules. We haven’t yet used them in any context, but I imagine they’d be rather nasty in melee.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Wookiee Warriors

There’s not a great deal to discuss here. After rebasing onto 32mm round bases (which they still manage to overhang in that pose) The paint was an interesting exercise as I wanted to create some interesting fur tones with some depth and variation, while making them distinct from one another as well as from Gaarkhan and …any other Wookiees I may have been painting at the time. *cough*

So I’m pretty happy with how that turned out. More practise on things like fur variation is never unwelcome for model painting, so there it is!

34 thoughts on “Star Wars Imperial Assault: Wookiee Warriors

  1. Very nice work on the different fur colours. One of my (many) painting sins is being too lazy with fur/hair colours and application. I need more shades of brown still.

    P.S.: Prior to this post it hadn’t really occurred to me that Wookiees don’t wear pants.

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  2. Nice job getting some variation in there. Also, I really like those blades they’ve got in their right hands. Remind me of Tonfa, which were my favourite weapons back when I was doing martial arts.

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    • Yeah, I still have mine here, which I keep handy near the front door (just in case!) – though here they’ve gone the typical fantasy/sci-fi route by making them bladed. Because of course, plain looking blunt weapons can’t hurt anything…


  3. Who doesn’t like a Wookiee!
    Thread jacking, let me know when you get your twisted catacombs bits. Im
    one of the last backers so I’m sure you’ll get yours way before me and I’m a bit out out the new kickstarter is happening before everything is shipped as I was pretty interested in it but not before I’ve had my pledge delivered on this one.

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    • I’m right down the end as well. I watched it without backing until the last minute instead of backing early for a buck, so I have a horrible high number. I honestly don’t expect that they will have gotten all of us the models in hand this year now that they are fucking around with their focus on another campaign.

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      • Yeah, I just extrapolated from their actual shipping time and rate so far to get to December – so based on that it would be awhile as it is without being distracted a lot for a month, and then constantly distracted somewhat for the rest of the year.. they still have 1/3 of their pledges to get out the door, yet they’re claiming “almost done” as they launch a new campaign. Smells like something their Minotaurs would be leaving on the ground if you ask me…

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    • Thanks! It was tempting to just do that, but since they’re large models and basically just fursuits. I added thectonal differences beyond just going with one light and one dark.


    • Thank you Curis, though I feel like I’m still very much on the road to mastering browns and fur. The good part of that is I can see when I’m learning new things and getting better, which is always a nice feeling!


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