Happy New Year 2015!

Just a short post here for the New Year. Firstly, a Happy New Year to those who read this blog.

Secondly, a bit of an update on the state of my miniature painting and hobby work, since it’s been dark for some time now.

Leonard is now a requirement of my New Year posts.

I haven’t painted a thing since the start of October, and have had very little desire to do so. A mixture of painting burnout, work requirements cranking up massively as always from October to December, fatigue, and an increasing amount of annoyance at things like Kickstarters (especially Mantic’s rolling incompetence in getting KS order fulfilment right) – along with new consoles renewing my interest in electronic entertainment and looking into older games in the backlog – and not actually having done any wargaming in months now all combined to put the wargaming stuff on hiatus.

So I’ve been writing up some videogaming reviews for something different, and in some cases, enjoying the act of writing more than the games themselves which is a bit of an indictment on the quality of some of those videogame releases.

While I was well on my way to completing my goal of finishing 365 figures this year, the final quarter and burnout stopped me dead in my tracks. For 2015, my goal(s) will be firstly to beat this year’s output, and secondly hopefully hit that 365 – which is only going to be possible via batch painting units and scenery to balance out the character models and such that I’ll take more time on. And yes, I count repaints, touch-ups an rebasing older figures to today’s standards to be “finishing” figures.

Tanks for the Memories, 2014. Also, for the awful pun!

Here’s what I got finished this year. Many of these made it to the blog, but quite a few didn’t – particularly the Gondor figures, which I intend to share in unit form once the army is more complete. No links to specific entries, but I’ve thrown in a few semi-random shots of some of this year’s graduates.

Jan ???
3 SWM Orange Plastic Jersey Barriers
5 SWM Hesco Barriers

Jan 22:
30 DUST Zombies

Jan 31:
Bones Treeman

Feb 1:
3 DUST Quonset huts

Feb 2:
2 DE Reaper Bolt Throwers

Feb 3:
10 WarZone Zombies
5 sets of Barrels finished (3)

Feb 6:
4 Statues (updated)

Feb 7:
2 Trapdoors (completed)
Tank Turret Scenery
Rolled Ute Scenery

March 1:
7 Dryads
6 Tombstones (scenery)

March 2:
Resin Crypt
Resin Large Grave
2 Warhammer Siege Ladders
Warhammer Siege Ram
Warhammer Siege Wheelbarrow
Resin sewer grate (Helm’s Deep!)
Armorcast 2-storey ruined brick building

An ogre musician proudly displays his increasingly popular “sea urchins”.

March 8:
1 Set of Barrels
2 individual WHS Barrels
2 Tool Boxes
1 Wheeled Battering Ram.
1 WHS Bucket

March 9:
2 WHS Buckets
WHS Stone Dropper
Resin WarZone/Chaos Throne
Resin Porticullus
1 Tool Box
8 Flesh Hounds (touch-ups, bases, finishing)

March 10 or thereabouts:
2 Metal barrels

April 19:
6 Ogres (rebased, touched up)
4 Mummies (rebased)

April 26:
26 Men of Gondor (touch-ups, flocking bases)

May 18:
5 Gondor Archers
1 Ghoul/Zombie (rebased, touched up)

May 23:
11 Orcs (rebased, touched up)

May 24:
3 Undead (rebased, touched up)
1 Orc (rebased, touched up)
1 Wardancer (rebased, touched up)
1 Gladiator (rebased, touched up)

I ain’t easy… you know the song.

May 26:
1 Orc Musician (rebased, touched up)
1 Orc (rebased, touched up)
2 Goblin Fanatics (rebased, touched up)
2 Goblins (rebased, touched up)
1 Goblin Musician (rebased, touched up)
2 Swordsmen of Gondor

May 27:
1 Dwarven Slayer (rebased, touched up)
1 Dwarf Champion (rebased, touched up)

May 31:
1 Dwarf Warrior
1 Female Adventurer
5 Gondor Spearmen

June 1:
2 Gondor Captains
1 Space Adventurer (highlights)

June 2:
3 crates

July 3:
Cthulhu Statue
2 Goblin Squig Hoppers (finish/touch-up)
Dark Angels Dreadnought

That Dreadnought. This is him.

July 14:
11 Gondor Scouts
1 Rackham Scenery

July 21:
9 Gondor Scouts

July 22:
9 Landmines
3 Adobe Buildings

August 3:
9 Gondor Bowmen

August 4:
6 Minefield Signs

August 20:
6 Bones Skeleton Archers
1 Skeleton Repaint

August 25:
Ogre Thug Mod & repaint
Necromancer touch up rebase
Army of the Dead Standard

August 26:
6 Gondor Warmachine Crew
12 Gondor Archers

Have I mentioned Gondor enough yet?

August 30:
2 Familiars (rebased)

August 31:
5 Gondor Swordsmen

Sept 1:
Gondor Avenger Bolt Thrower

Sept 8:
5 Craters

Sept 22:
12 Ghosts

Sept 23:
8 Walls

Sept 24:
3 T-34/85 Tanks

Sept 25:
6 Dragon’s Teeth

Sept 26:
Grendel Leech-Slug

Who you gon’ call?

Sept 27:
T-34/85 Commander
2 Gondor Musicians
4 Gondor Swordsmen

Sept 28:
6 Gondor Swordsmen

Sept 30:
6 Gondor Swordsmen

Oct 2:
Confrontation Hill Ruins #2 (Dark)
LotR Ruins.

Day 275:
319 Figures Completed

Right now my urge/desire is to paint up a bunch of Warlord/Foundry Romans and Greeks for Kings of War, but first I’ll make myself finish off the many things taking up the space on my painting desk. We’ll see how it works out.