The Bronze Bull

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything new. Basically, I haven’t done any painting from the first couple of days of October until about two weeks ago, mostly spurred on by playing a lot of Zombicide with the group, and Tarmor coming over to do some painting.

Today’s topic, though, is the Bronze Bull. I ordered this from Wargames Foundry, along with a pile of other Mythological Greeks for Marouda’s Mythic Greek KoW army a couple of weeks ago, and it turned up a few days ago. Since it’s going to be one of the centrepieces of the force, and it’s not an especially complex model, I thought it was a good idea for her to do most of the painting (with me just doing the base and some details that she was less confident with. I mounted it on a GW 40mm base and added putty, slate and an appropriate spare shield, then sprayed it on Friday. All painting done yesterday (Saturday). Always nice to get something started and finished in a day!

Wargames Foundry Bronze Bull (WG434)

Wargames Foundry Bronze Bull (WG434)

Wargames Foundry Bronze Bull (WG434)

Wargames Foundry Bronze Bull (WG434)

Colours were straightforward. Various copper, brass and silver tones from Vallejo’s ranges, and P3’s Brass Balls. Some Citadel Technical Nihilakh Oxide over white for the eyes to give a nice subtle glowing effect, and job’s a good’un!

I intend to make another large order to Foundry in another month or so – this time for Jason and many Argonauts and also some more historical Greeks to shore up the army. Later on down the line it’ll be time for my Romans.

16 thoughts on “The Bronze Bull

  1. I found that the model is actually nicer in hand than it looks on Foundry’s website. While it’d be nice if it’s head wasn’t quite so low, it still works. Next up from the Mythological side will either be the Harpies or Centaur Archers – I’m not sure which, yet.


    • It is rather a nice model. Thank you for the kind words as well. Even more than the simplicity and straightforwardness of the ruleset, it’s the scope for such army bashing that attracts me t the game more than anything else. Being able to use all my old Warhammer figures, random fantasy models from most any manufacturer, Historicals, Reaper Bones – even Mantic figures on occasion!

      I’m looking forward to the revised rules in the middle of this year. What I’ve seen from the rules committee looks very positive to make the game even better, and they’re planning to follow it up with some “officially unofficial” lists for (ahem) Ratmen, Broo, Chaotic Barbarians, etc…


  2. A very cool miniature, that would suit a number of settings. I think your depiction of copper or bronze is excellent and looks very realistic, with subtle shading and highlighting. I am biased, but I would love to see some verdigris on this one.


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