Warriors of Minas Tirith – Swordsmen (6-Month Tale of Gamers Challenge)

Another unspectacular update today. I’ve finished the next Gondor unit for my Tale of Gamers challenge – my completed submission for March. A dozen WoMT swordsmen for LotR SBG, or a regiment of Kingdoms of Men “Shield Wall” in my Gondor/Minas Tirith army for Kings of War.

Swordsmen of Minas Tirith in SBG/Skirmish formation.

I started these last month, and it looked like they might have ended up as a “painting stretch goal” for February, but it didn’t work out, as I do the tedious highlighting of their black robes at work. Well, I’m another dozen models closer to finishing this army. They look pretty damn boring taken as individuals, but they do look good en masse. I’m also working on some alternative unit trays. Probably lipless MDF cut to regiment size, possibly with a simple texture over the top (if I can find textured spray paint). Still unspectacular, but more uniform across the army.

Archers of Minas Tirith – Kings of War “Regiment” formation.

I’ve put the Knights of Minas Tirith that I didn’t manage to finish in January onto my painting desk now. I might get them done as a March stretch if I’m lucky! At work in the meantime I’m working on my Undead goal for March. As work through the stages, I’m also taking pics for a Skeleton painting tutorial in my “warm” style as requested by Imperialrebelork, so that should go up shortly after I finish the first batch of Skellymans.



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