Ow! My Eyeball! ME-61 Throne of Sauron (without Sauron!)

Yeah, so I haven’t been blogging for awhile now. It happens around this time of year – from September to the start of December work really heats up. This year, I’ve pretty much been working every day at work, after work, on days off and on the weekends for the past few weeks – so I’m tired as <pick your profanity> right now.

What I did manage to do for the first month or so was keep on painting, if not blogging or taking many photos, or being active online. This is one of the things I managed to finish. The Reaper Bones pillars I worked on in October were in many ways a lead-in to this model, which I’ve painted for Tarmor, from the Dragons of Lancasm blog. At this point it’s actually been painted for… well, over a month. 6 weeks perhaps? I dunno. We don’t manage to catch up often due to work and conflicting schedules, and so hobby things tend to go between via some mutual friends, and with work the way it’s been I’ve seen less of them lately, and kept forgetting to pass it on when I have…

Almost every time I see this model, the above Simpsons quote pops into my head.

Dating from about 1985, This model is something of a rare breed these days – something I’ve painted for someone else, which is pretty much something I never do anymore. I just don’t have the time these days, and I have way too many models of my own – and I certainly don’t need the money that I used to get for commissions back in the 90’s anymore.

Citadel ME-61 Throne of Sauron

When I first saw the model, my initial thoughts were to do it in what I guess is a pretty “traditional” manner – painting the spine in bone, and firey red-orange bodies and tentacles crawling around the red eye. After a bit of quick reflection, I visualised pretty much the exact scheme I’ve actually painted it in. The spine and ribs sculpted out of a dark green marble, while ethereal spirits writhe around the eye of Sauron, which sucks the light from the creatures around it – providing a nice contrast, and an ersatz eye socket effect.

Citadel ME-61 Throne of Sauron

As the ethereals and the throne itself create a rather cold feel, the warm colours of the eye – the redness of the iris and the yellowed eyeball – create a nice contrast that makes The Eye of Sauron really stand out.

Citadel ME-61 Throne of Sauron

While basing is an important thing to consider, there was a kind of dichotomy at play here. I used a rolled-edge base as I wanted the throne to be raised up a little to represent its importance and also to protect the model – old lead chips easily. At the same time, I wanted the floor to be rather understated and generic – both so the model can be used in different settings and also so the actual throne remains the complete focus to the eye. To this end, I went with a simple texture on a rather dull grey. It will fit into dungeons and the like, or also outside if needed, with only a slight greenish tinge/glow to where the floor meets the edges of the ethereals.

Now I just need to get the thing across town to him…

8 thoughts on “Ow! My Eyeball! ME-61 Throne of Sauron (without Sauron!)

    • Thanks mate – it’s the chair that watches TV for you! I’m happy with how the marble effect turned out, though I’m sure I can keep refining it as I do more. Just not an especially common thing to need to paint!

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  1. Hiya – That looks fantastic! Thanks! (I’d pretty much forgotten about it since Zombicide BP) The dark marble back makes a great contrast with the front. I didn’t actually notice the base until you mentioned it in text – I was so drawn to the throne itself.
    I’m very sorry we haven’t caught up for a long time, but nearly everything you said fits for me too. My work is normally close to dead in November, but this year we are still flat-out. We need a gaming get-together after Christmas!

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    • No problem. I didn’t see the guys at all last summer from the start of Dec until about March or later, so hopefully getting some gaming in works a little better this year.


  2. Nice to see you back posting. I missed your content in the feed. I think your newest creation is once again very evocative. The combination of dark green marbel and the etheral qualities of the front really work well together. I think it is mostly due to the green shadows you used for the ghostly summons, taking up the colour from the marble. The eye in the middle with the “socket” effect is very unsettling and the detailing down to the strange iris is spot on. It is a very weird sculpt, but nevertheless a truly phantastical take on a throne and brought to life with your equally fantastic paint job.

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    • Thanks – hopefully I’ll be back “properly” this time. One of the difficulties in getting my blog mojo back up to speed is trying to catch up on everyone else’s first after my long stretch away.
      High praise on the throne. The shadows around the eye weren’t planned, but once the parts were coming together I felt I needed to create more contrast so that the eye would stand out. Definitely a weird model and very much a product of its time insofar as it representing the Throne of Sauron of all things!


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