The Week of Iron: Part One

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

Yesterday I finished adding the transfers to a batch of figures. The figures in this case were the last of my “Legacy” Iron Warriors – those being the set I converted over 10 years ago because I thought the IW looked good, and because I thought that basically weathered silver armour would be a fast army to paint. Little did I know…

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

Every one of the initial set of models was converted – using the parts available at the time. This meant bits from the plastic MK7 Space Marines kit circa 3rd edition, stuff from the (still current) Chaos Space Marines kit and the (even more sadly still current) Khorne Berserkers kit. I added in additional bits from the Metal shoulderpads that were available around 2nd-3rd edition and metal parts from what are now the Iron Warriors and Iron Hands Squad boxed sets, both of which are still sort-of available now as upgrade packs. But without the shoulder pads for the IW.

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

The circular saw arm comes from the same (Not-Orks) “Org” from that game I still can’t recall the name of, while the right shoulder is a metal one. His head is an Iron Warriors head with lots of cybernetic implants. The rest of him comes from the plastic kits of the day. As with many of the other models, I kept a link to the Legion with the IV added to his left shoulderpad.

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

His partner also features a mixture of parts. Torso and Head are from the metal Iron Warriors parts, though with the horns removed. I’m not huge on the whole “Iron Warriors as Space Vikings” thing.

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

Both arms and weapons are from the Khorne Berserker sprue, though the bolt pistol was added to the right hand and the angle was chained on the chainsword hand for a more open pose.

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

Once again, we’ve got one metal shoulderpad (got to be economical!) which is the Chaos star one. I could paint that central point in as a gem, though I’m not entirely sure if I should do so or just leave it. Red? Brass? Or just leave it as a large (iron) stud?

Converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines

The left leg is from the Iron Hands kit, and the right is from an Assault Marine. I cut the IH leg pair in half so as to get two unique bionic leg sets from the one piece. I said economy, didn’t I? Finally, it’s backed up by a 2nd Edition-era plastic SM Backpack.

That’s it for now. See you in a couple of days for the next pair!

8 thoughts on “The Week of Iron: Part One

  1. Very cool, and a very smart and economical use of bits too! I’d go with brass for that central stud btw – a gem wouldn’t feel right I don’t think, but a bit of contrast would look good there 😉

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    • Thanks Alex. These days I can be less tight with the bits, due to things like Anvil Industry’s bionic bits (of which I’ve purchased quite a few) and even some FW Iron Warriors parts.

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  2. What Alex said. Also, the circular saw arm is probably my favourite bit, although the chain sword is a close contender due to the lovely danger stripes. I am with you on chopping off Chaos Space Marine horns by default.

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  3. These guys are as good as their mates. Once again excellent metal, weathering and just enough stripes etc. to keep the eye engaged. The saw attachment opens up a whole world of one liners: “The saw is a part of me and now, I am going to make it part of you!”, “Where is my Ork boss?”, “Oh, he had to split”.

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