The Epilogue

As was expected, Mum passed away late last week. Fortunately, Marouda, my father, my sister and myself were able to be there for the final moments of her passing.

I’ve been doing lots of the paperwork since then, and trying to keep as busy as possible to avoid the cracks showing, though the grief and rage bubbles just under the surface. Just got to keep it in check.

I’d like to thank everyone who posted kind thoughts and messages to the previous post. I haven’t read them yet. I tried, but it was too difficult – and I’ve got to keep those emotions under control while there’s work still to be done! I would like to especially thank Orez and Pyro, who have been here, helping myself and Marouda with distractions and also helping us to help my dad.


I’ve been doing a little bit of painting since finishing the Lions, and managed to finally do the finishing off on a small squad of Deathwatch (Irony!) that I started a decade or so ago, putting the final touches literally minutes ago. I’ll try to get them photographed and have a “normal” post up in the next day or two.