October 2020 – Personal Painting Round-Up

Hey all! Hoping that you had as good a Christmas as possible, and that most of you are at least able to have a bit of a rest this week before heading back to work soon and into what will hopefully be a better year than the dumpster fire in a shitstorm that was 2020.

Speaking for myself, I’m finally getting a bit of a break from 2020 now at the end of December, and so it’s time to post again while I have a bit of energy. I’ll get caught up on things (comments, other people’s posts, round-ups, my own posts) as and when I can. Today I’ll share what I finished in October. I only technically touched Orctober this year, but I guess I inadvertently managed to get a little bit of Zomtober-themed stuff done as well, though not nearly as much as in September (or, ironically, November). I did finally finish my Celestial Lions Dreadnought for Dreadtober, though!

As with September, it’s dominated by scenery and board game models. Similarly to September, there were a couple of good reasons for both of those – the tail end of Dave’s Scenery challenge kept on rolling, and the fact that we were actually playing boardgames as opposed to miniatures wargames – and of course both are a little more forgiving when it comes to your concentration and focus not being at 100%. Yes, I recycled most of this paragraph from September’s post, since it also applies to October.

it was at least satisfying to complete that Dread, and those sci-fi crates, and the turret, and those ruined buildings. You know how it is when you’ve had stuff part-painted for a very long time and see it frequently (or simply when you start something and then have to see it in a base-coated condition constantly!) I started a large and (will be) impressive modular terrain project back around then that I stalled completely on while waiting for more parts, and now it’s just still in the way. Maybe I should try to finish it in January when not painting Space Marines or playing videogames…

36 models completed in October, which just scrapes by my unofficial monthly target of a minimum of 1 model for each day (spoiler alert! I missed this in December!) So assuming I can still perform basic addition correctly, 36 models added to the 361 up to the end of September gives me 397, so I did at least beat my annual target of 365+.

More soon!

26 thoughts on “October 2020 – Personal Painting Round-Up

  1. So good to see you posting again mate, some very cool models in the roundup, and great work as always.
    Hope you have a great new year, and let’s all check the fineprint on 2021 to make sure it’s better than this year ! LOL

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    • Thanks Dave. I took this photo in the same session as the buildings but just haven’t had the motivation to even write up this simple post until now. I got a fair few things finished in November, and have just been finishing a few models now for December.
      7 so far, so not exactly a huge month!

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  2. He’s baaaack! Merry Christmas to you too. Nice to see this roundup, I recognized most of these excellent pieces, but it was nice to see them together. Congrats on the total, I am aiming to get close to 200 this year – can’t imagine 365! But I do have a challenge in 2021 that might get me there (and hoping you jump in on the chance to predict to get a chance to win in Mark’s Conquistador Contest https://markamorin.com/2020/12/14/marks-conquistador-contest-for-my-loyal-blog-followers/ – you ran so many cool challenges that I truly enjoyed, so I’m paying it forward

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    • Thanks Mark! I followed your link when I started answering comments and then got distracted and hadn’t returned until now!
      200 is no small number of models by almost anyone’s standards! And don’t forget how many of mine are essentially just simple scatter like cones or boxes or stars or chairs and the like.
      I’m hoping to get back to running some challenges this year, but it won’t be for awhile at the very least.

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    • Thanks TIM. Let’s hope these vaccines are as good as we’re.. erm.. hoping – and that they’re rolled out fast enough for us to return to a semblance of normalcy. Though it’ll probably take a lot longer for them to get across the world enough for us all to be past it…

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    • The secret is to batch paint all of those bits of scatter that you accumulate. They really beef up the numbers!
      More importantly, they also help a lot with the motivation to keep on plugging away (for me, at least).


  3. Really great to see you back, mate! 🙂 October’s work product looks great to me! I’ve been churning away at terrain myself lately and appreciate the time and effort it can take to get it done. Throwing a dreadnought into the mix only makes it that much more impressive too, I would say! I am hoping 2021 is a much better year for everyone as well. It looks promising but from the US perspective, it is going to take quite a bit of time to undo the damage of 2020, I fear…

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    • Thanks Kuribo! I think I’m mostly ready for a bit of a break from terrain, unless I find some more scatter I feel like belting out for easy wins. Having said that, I’ve got some tiles I wouldn’t mind getting done to take advantage of the good spraying weather we have right now, so I do plan to look into that.
      It’ll be a long while to fix the damage even here, and you guys are in a much worse state in so many ways, let alone poorer countries (though we both manage to have third world elements in our own rich nations). New normal, I guess – times like these make me grateful that I have a secure job.

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      • Well said on COVID and having a job. I’m very lucky that me and my fiancée work for organizations unaffected by the pandemic. I hear you on being tired of working terrain. I can only take so much before I need to get back to painting some minis! Though I fully admit that terrain is an important piece of the puzzle at the same time. I hope you enjoy that summer weather too. It is cold, snowy, and icy here in Chicago so I’m envious!


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