Zombicide Survivors “Ned” and “Grindlock”

Zombicide Survivors “Ned” and “Grindlock” Glenn Danzig Misfits

My first models for 2022 weren’t the D&D ones shown the other day – they were actually this pair of Zombicide survivors – Ned and then Grindlock. Unfortunately, due to the heat we’ve been experiencing, I wanted to wait until a cooler morning was available so I could add in the blood spatter, so I got it done this weekend.

Zombicide Survivors “Ned”

Ned is one of the original Zombicide core box survivors. I’ve seen (on BGG) people speculating that he’s based on George Romero which (I guess) is due to him having a beard and glasses, though he appears to have lacked the long hair, so I imagine that was just people desperately drawing at straws when so many other characters are either obvious or (slightly) more subtle homages.

The model lacks the “Comedian” badge from Watchmen that the art features, and I didn’t feel like trying to paint one in at that scale. Maybe I’ll go back and see if I can leave an impression of one.

Zombicide Survivors “Ned”

He’s come up a bit shinier in these pics than in hand for some reason, but after so many years it’s good to have another one of the original core models finally painted – two more of those to go!

Zombicide Survivors “Grindlock” Glenn Danzig Misfits

The next model is from the Prison Outbreak box, the Metal Dude, Grindlock.

Grindlock here looks like he may well have been inspired by Nathan Explosion from the Adult Swim series Metalocalypse, but at the same time they’re both obviously part of the same “heavy metal dude” stereotype as many others. I went in a slightly different direction with my paint, however…

Yeah, I went for a 90’s-era Glenn Danzig, though the living verison had to cover up those rippling pecs with a T-Shirt, I went slightly retro with it and gave him the more recognisable Misfits skull rather than the later Samhain/Danzig skull. And yes, I chose Danzig and carved off the “H” looking logo just so I could paint the Misfits skull on the model.

Zombicide Survivors “Grindlock” Glenn Danzig Misfits

Painting that tattoo was a bitch, though. It’s a bad tattoo, and then the blood spatter covered up most of it in the end. Maybe it’s for the best…

Zombicide Survivors “Grindlock” Glenn Danzig Misfits

Looking at these pics, perhaps I should also go and add some blood to those slash-type lines on his back. I don’t know how I missed those…

And that’s all for this update.