Cthulhu: Death May Die – Machinist’s Mate Tony Boyle & Ahmed Yasin

Cthulhu: Death May Die - Machinist's Mate Tony Boyle & Ahmed Yasin

A couple more grounded models with this next pair of Death May Die investigators. We have the New Yorker, Machinist’s Mate Tony Boyle as well as the Turkish “Doctor”, Ahmed Yasin. The artwork for Tony looks a fair bit better than the sculpt, both in terms of the pose as well as the details – like Tony’s webbing belt only having holes on the front because the sculptor obviously didn’t understand what he was looking at in the artwork.

Cthulhu: Death May Die - Machinist's Mate Tony Boyle & Ahmed Yasin

Tony was a pretty straightforward paint job, and even his tattoos are more of a “feel” than a “detail” as they’re undefined in the artwork, so they were pretty easy to paint in. Ahmed’s sculpt works pretty well, and in paint terms, his suit turned out perhaps a little darker than I originally intended, but I’m still pretty happy with it. Another pair of investigators done!

26 thoughts on “Cthulhu: Death May Die – Machinist’s Mate Tony Boyle & Ahmed Yasin

    • Thanks Dave! Doing realistic tats at this scale was actually pretty simple as they’re too small to be able to tell what anything is, so just getting reeealy thin blue-greenish squiggly lines was enough to give the impression.

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    • We’ve got the Season 1 and 2 boxes, but not the whole KS caboodle, nor the comic extras, so that’s around 18 or so investigators and a whole pile of cultists and cthulhus afterwards, so not much chance of finishing them all too quickly…

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  1. Yes, we agree with you that both of these miniatures fall short of the artwork (especially Boyle, who also shows a bit stiff body pose). However, they have been a further training ground for perfecting your already very high level of clothes. New heroes against Cthulhu, increasingly different in terms of geographical origin and social extraction; even if the sailor and the learned doctor of foreign origin are classics of Lovecraft’s universe.

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    • Thanks mate. That’s true, though I can’t really see it being a thing outside of this game. I guess we could make some custom Zombicide Survivor profiles to get use from some of these models that are a bit more generic-in-time like this pair or the last pair…

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  2. Oh, I love the tatoos, that’s quite something to learn! At first sight, Ahmed Yasin really reminded me of Sallah from the Indiana Jones movies (and I’m saying that as a compliment!). Lovely work!

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    • Thank you, I did have that thought myself, but John Rhys-Davies seemed a little heavier than this fellow – at least in the artwork. The mini might actually work!


  3. Man, these are great. Isn’t about time for you to teach a master class on clothing?! Lovely work! I would expect an anchor tattoo on the inner forearm of the sailor, but doesn’t look like there is much room there to do anything elaborate.

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