Mass Production

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings SBG Mordor Orcs

So over the Easter break, I resolved to finish off some of the figures that have been sitting around for the last forever or so. Since I’ve been focusing on LOTR stuff, I decided to try and get the first batch of Mordor Orcs finished. As they’re plastics, I’ve not spent an immense amount of time on them, and taken individually they’re nothing special at all, but as a faceless horde, they work quite decently.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings SBG Mordor Orcs

I tried for a mix of the flesh tones found in the films, rather than the GW-over-reliance on greens, but having said that there’s probably more human-flesh-toned figures here than I’d like. Luckily (!?) I have another batch of these little dears to paint up which I picked up recently on the cheap, so I’ll make up for it there. I’ve got a couple of Captains and Standard Bearers I should paint up to lead them. I’ll probably save them as a reward to do after I finish the drudge work of the plastics.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings SBG Mordor Orcs

The most fun I’ve had on them was trying out a nice variety of my new P3 paints, and Coat D’Arms WW2 colours. Both paint ranges are of course made by HMG paints, who were the original makers of Citadel Paint. After using them, I have to say they are smooth, the pigment is dense, the coverage is great. I’ll never buy another one of GW’s current paint range unless it’s an emergency and I have no other immediate choice. I’ll be spending a fair bit of cash on replacing some of my current GW colours with these soon enough, but first I want to get a bunch more of their realistic and earthy tones – colours I used to have to buy in Tamiya or Gunze, sometimes Vallejo (and sorry, I know Vallejo are the paints du jour at the moment, but CDA in my opinion are noticably better.) Don’t get me wrong, Vallejo are still very good, and I won’t be replacing them until they’re used, but when that happens I’ll rep them with CDA.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings SBG Mordor Orcs

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